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  1. Thank you for the replies. SugarcubeOD : I do not see the link your are referring to in your email? I am a bit confused between non starches and starchy carbs. Can you give me examples? I m afraid my english is too limited
  2. OK I will do that as soon as I have time to write all that. (You can also refer to my log called "Whole 30 in France" where I have started writing down what I eat... hard for me to write the quantity because I use "gr" and not "cup". But I will try anyway. (please note that I have noticed my hair loss a year ago so if it may be related to the food I used to eat, but it is not related to the whole 30 diet of course... And yes I was very stressed by my job last year, and did not have enough iron, zinc, and magnesium. That can be the cause. Maybe it is not related to carb. But since someone in a forum was talking about carb and hair loss, I wanted to ask)
  3. I have reduced my carb quantity since a year and a half. I almost never eat rice, pasta, bread. I eat sometimes potatoes. I try not to eat any sweet like cookies, ice cream and co but sometimes I have cravings. I tend to limit fruits too but have some at least once a day. => I feel very good, more energy than before, better digestion, better sleep. But my mood is very good some day, very bad some others, And I have lost hair. My doctor has seen a lack of iron, zinc, magnesium => I have taken supplements for 2 months. I have read somewhere that too much nuts were not good => I was eating a lot and have reduced now to just few everyday Do you think it can be related to not enough carb in my diet? I am in the middle of my whole 30. I have no weight issue, my objective is to be healthy. Any advice?
  4. GBR

    Day 14 and depressed...

    Thank you for your answer Drink : about 1liter of water each, mostly through herbal tea Sleep : more than usually since I have started the program. 8 hours Sport: I walk 30 min a day to go to work and come back and since I do not feel like working out since the beginning of the program, I do not do more. Focusing on what I eat/ do not eat is already a challenge for me. B: 2 eggs, 1 banana, almond butter (1/8 cup) L : cabbages, cucumbers, fennel with olive oil (1/8 cup) chicken breast pineapple(1/2 cup) D : crab (3/4 cup), homemade mayo (1/2cup), carotts and turnip (2 cups) with clarified butter (1 spoon) I had also grapes, nuts and coconut flakes after dinner (I have just realized I was "feeding the dragon" with those and will try to stop that) Thank you
  5. GBR

    Day 14 and depressed...

    Hello, I was about to start a new topic : Day 10 and depressed... I did not since have seen Rudyinfante's topics. First of all, I am french, living in France, so excuse any mistake when I write in english. The things I am hopping to change with the Whole 30 is my level of energy, my frequent bad mood and irritation in my hair. I know I have to wait until the end of the program and I was ready for that. However I was no prepared : 1) to be so depressed for no reason (no specific issue in my life right now). I am very negative, I have no patience with my kids, do not want to laugh or smile. Only want to sleep, do nothing and be by myself. It has never happened to me before. - the irritation in my hair are worst. Almost like eczema ... I have read advises that were given to Rudyinfante : starch, vegetables for breakfast and more added fat. I will try to follow that. But if you have any other advises or explanation or words to encourage ... Thanks