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    GBR reacted to SugarcubeOD in carb quantity & hair loss   
    I just had a look at your log... it looks like you're eating at least one serving of starchy carb per day... I would recommend that you up your vegetable content in general (not just starchy carbs but non starches as well) and you could probably do with more fat but it's hard to tell as there are no portion sizes noted.  
    It sounds like your hair loss could be attributed to many things... sure, maybe it's also got something to do with carbs but with all you list that has been going on for you in the last year, it would be near impossible for anyone to say for sure it is or is not related.
    Keep going with your whole30, make sure you're making all your meals to fit the template (linked below), drink lots of water and get good sleep... it may or may not help with your hairloss but following that 'prescription' isn't going to make you worse!