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  1. Starting 9/2 - gearing up

    Hey there!!! Day 3!! How is it going?!?!
  2. Starting 9/2 - gearing up

    SARA!! I am so happy that you are going to be embarking on this Whole30 journey! I LOVED the forum the first time I did a W30. The people are so supportive and share so much in the way of recipes, NSVs and just advice. It helped me to stay accountable and to meet some awesome people having a shared experience. GOOD LUCK!! and please let me know how its going and if you need anything from me Did you read "It Starts With Food" yet? xoxo
  3. Lifetime first: enjoying black coffee!

    This is fantastic!! I really learned to love black coffee on Whole30! I was a sugar and cream addict, and not a little dollop of coconut milk is a "treat" coffee for me! Keep up the fantastic work
  4. My First Whole30, WOW.

    This is amazing Brittany!! Thank you for sharing all these great changes!! Best of luck moving forward
  5. Starting Monday 1/4

    Hi Amy! I am planning on starting Whole30 with my fiance and a coworker on Jan.4th as well. I have never done anything like this, and my diet is nowhere near what yours sounds like, but I am so excited to be doing this. I am spending the next month slowly cleaning up my diet so that it does not seem like such a shock when I go all in, and reading "It Starts with Food", which I just received yesterday! Looking forward to this adventure!!