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  1. pakapoa2

    GMO salmon coming

    anyway eventually more crops will be genetically modified and the living things that consume will be to. It's the future
  2. pakapoa2

    GMO salmon coming

    You lost credibility after Africa.
  3. pakapoa2

    GMO salmon coming

    Well I will be the devils advocate and say I find nothing wrong with gmo because they thrive and grow. Look at this mothers having multiple babies at one 8. It's impossible to have 6 or 8 babies naturally! And beside the gene modification happens before the salmon grows because it will not do anything for an old salmon. The fruits the same, alter the seed and boom longer lasting Apple. I mean we are already formed and our gene already in place and it's very hard to rewrite mature genes just by eating foods that has been altered. A mature DNA starts at conception. When science can rewrite mature DNA we can magically reverse cancer, Down syndrome and genetic disorders.