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    Trying to conceive

    Hi ladies! I've been TTC a while now myself and hoping Whole30 can help. I started my 3rd in the beginning of January but then my Dad had a stroke and I comforted myself with wine. Then totally got off track in March and my temps were all over the place last month. (I wonder if how I eat is related to my BBT - I suspect it is) I was also getting REALLY stressed. I'm worried my hormones are really out of whack. So I've ordered an AVA bracelet, started going to yoga regularly, and am planning to start a fresh round of Whole 30. Fingers crossed for all of us!
  2. When they go into target to buy a birthday present and almost forget about said present because, frozen veggies are crazy on sale (ooh an excuse to make well fed spinach and meat muffins), and have you seen their selection of la croix?
  3. When there is an egg left out on the counter multiple times a week (and your boyfriend now knows it's because you are making mayo, not because you are flaky!)