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  1. Cbg84

    Double batch of mayo?

    I always make my mayo in my food processor. (It's insanely easy thay way) I've doubled it many times by exactly doubling the ingredients and never had any problems. Of course im planningto make some today, watch it be a total fail. . .
  2. If you are worried about the mercury level, see if you can find Safe Catch tuna. They were on shark tank the other night, and while their pitch didnt go over very well, I've been buying he tuna for a few months and its delicious! My local Whole Foods doesn't have it but my Luckys Market does. They even have an elite one that is supposedly safe for pregnant women.
  3. Cbg84

    Are dates killing my Whole 30?

    Congrats on the NSV! That is amazing in itself. I could be wrong, but I think that any food that is labeled as a "treat" may not be the best thing for a whole 30. Why do you feel the need for these dates? Could you replace them with a non food related treat (like a bubble bath maybe?)
  4. I'm lucky enough to have an Asian geared grocery store across the street from my work that has different veggies like okra, Bok Choy, and Japanese sweet potatoes at very reasonable prices. Japanese sweet potatoes mashed with ghee and coconut milk have become one of my absolute favorite special occasion side dishes. They are slightly sweeter/nuttier than regular sweet potatoes, and personally I have decided I like them more than your normal mash. I highly recommend trying these if your can find them!
  5. Cbg84

    La Croix?

    I actually found the cherry lime flavor at Aldi last week way cheaper than I usually buy it for at target. That flavor is delicious (though coconut is still my favorite). So keep your eye out at Aldi
  6. Cbg84

    Veggies with Breakfast

    Put a blended soup in a thermos and take it with you. Warm, delicious, and you can do any veggies really. The golden cauliflower one from well fed, nom nom paleo quick tomato soup, and a cream of onion and mushroom one I just came up with one afternoon have been my personal favorites, but there are tons of easy recipes online or you can come up with your own When I have soups though I do have another vegetable along with it since soups tend to digest a little quicker. So maybe baby carrots or roasted broccoli and a few cups of Well Fed silky ginger zucchini soup?!
  7. Cbg84

    Spinach Spinach and More Spinach

    My boyfriend buys huge tubs of spinach at Sams all the time but rarely uses it. (I think he likes the idea of vegetables more than he like vegetables but that is a whole other discussion.) I put heaping handfuls into every scramble, bake, casserole or soup I make (when I do blended soups the immersion blender doesn't get it too well and leaves green specks but it doesn't affect taste at all). Or I often eat my protein on a bed of spinach and it wilts down a bit and becomes tender and yummy. (Though greens do cook down so much that I never count this as part of my 1 to 3 cups - I just look at it as bonus.) The spinach and meat muffins gf Chris mentioned are awesome, though I have only done them with frozen spinach. I'll be following to see if there are any other great ideas I hadn't thought of
  8. Cbg84

    Anyone fancy a Well Fed challenge?

    I made the cottage pie last night and just had a big serving of leftovers tonight too. Sooooo good! It might have replaced chocolate chili as my favorite meal. But I do currently have cinnamon beef stew simmering for tomorrow that smells incredible too. . . When I made the salmon cakes I found them a bit too salty (and I love salt). I wonder if it was the salmon I used. I recently made the coconut almond green beans and I said the same thing - that sauce would be amazing on anything! Spinach/meat muffins are also one of my favorites!! So simple, so many ways to change them up, and easy to eat cold on the go.
  9. Cbg84

    New breakfast ideas

    Well fed spinach & meat muffins are my current easy meal favorite! I love them hot or cold (usually for lunch b/c that's just how my schedule goes) and my boyfriend eats them for breakfast on his way out the door. So simple, so many changes you can do (different meats, spices, greens etc). I especially love them topped with homemade mayo (but I love EVERYTHING with homemade mayo)
  10. Cbg84

    Starting 1/4/16

    I can't believe tomorrow is day 30 already! Congrats to all of us for starting out 2016 in a healthy way. It sounds like everyone has a pretty good handle on what they would like to do for reintros, but I'm not really sure what to do. The only thing I really miss is wine. I've never liked beans, I'm already weird about cheese (I'm pretty sure dairy and I don't agree), and I'm more into salty foods than sweets anyway. Pasta and bread are good but I can do without. And honestly in the past 29 days there were really only 2 times that I really really wanted a drink. (One was terrible, stupid PMS, but some olives and my sister helped me through it and I am now stronger for knowing I can deal). We are celebrating my mom's birthday at a winery this weekend and while I havent decided definitely I will probably have a glass or two. I honestly think I am strong enough to keep it at 2 and say no to cheese and cake. It definitely helps that I'm planning to pack a picnic and will have plenty of delicious whole 30 compliant food to share. After that I may go back to strict whole 30 for a while. I know I feel better when I eat like this, and I think I have some more healing to do. But then on the other hand, I would like to go to a restaurant again at some point and not have to question everything, and know for sure what I should steer clear of. Maybe I should go ahead and do reintros now and I can always come back to another whole 30 anytime. I guess I'm just going to take it day by day for now. No matter what happens, I'm sooooo glad I started when I did!
  11. Cbg84

    Starting 1/4/16

    Alot can happen in the next ten days, so I wouldn't get too worried. More importantly, have either of you experienced any NSVs? (Better sleep, better digestion, clearer skin?) Try to focus on those. Lastly I don't think he's eating enough. When eggs are your sole source of protein you should eat as many as you can hold in one hand. (My boyfriend can hold almost an entire carton.) For me, I can eat 4 eggs, 2 cups sauteed broccoli and 2 spoons of mayo for breakfast and be satisfied and I'm a 5 foot 4 female. Also, most of the fat that you cook with stays in the pan, so he should probably be adding an extra fat in at each meal. I think I read somewhere on the forum that if you aren't eating enough your body will go into like a protection mode and save all the fat it can. Try to get him to follow the meal template and put the scale where he can't find it. There's also sooooo much information on these forums. If you have the time to read around similar situations have probably been addressed before. No matter what happens, it's awesome that he was willing to give this a try with you and I hope he doesn't quit.
  12. Cbg84

    Is Hot Pot safe?

    If you are talking about Hotpot in St Louis I love that place! However I have not eaten there during a whole30 and I have noticed that their menu changes somewhat frequently. They do have a paleo section with sweet potato and zoodle options, but I couldn't tell you what is in their sauces. The owner is extremely friendly though, and I would bet that if you called ahead or went at a slower time and talked with her she would be more than happy to direct you to compliant options or even create something for you if necessary.
  13. Hello from a fellow industry worker!I'm currently on my second whole 30 also but my schedule was totally different last time. Currently I usually work lunch shifts that go from 10 or 11 until about 5 and Ive been trying to figure out the best way to deal with my lunch. The other day I pulled out my salmon cakes and of course got hit with 6 new tables right then lol.I was pretty grumpy by the time I even had a second to think about myself. I'm curious to see what a moderator has to say about splitting your meal in half, but Im thinking it should be ok. Either way, congrats on committing to a whole 30 when you are in this crazy lifestyle. I know how tough it can seem sometimes and would be happy to commiserate with you anytime! Oops I must have been typing at the same time as Tom. Glad he chimed in
  14. Cbg84

    Starting 1/4/16

    Yay that's definitely anot NSV!! Also, every time you talk about the food you make (the shrimp earlier, the kale and pineapple the other day) it sounds sooooo good!!