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  1. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hi I'm starting today!
  2. Starting on Labor Day

    Hi! I will join you - today is day one! I have completed two whole30s, one in May 2015 and one that ended just a few weeks ago... but really they both were more like 30 days of compliant food and not true whole30s. The first time I simply didn't have all the information; I'd heard about whole30 from a friend and did a quick search of what foods were on plan and just stuck to those foods for a month without any real adherence to the template. This most recent round I knew better but honestly just didn't really try very hard. Think multiple rx bars on many days (and sometimes as meal replacements), lots of snacks, no real effort to slay the sugar/snack dragon. My results were comparable to my efforts: terrifically sub-par. I am nursing my 1-year-old (and often, especially through the night) and I work out 4x a week (crossfit, surprise surprise) which is why I gave myself the green light to snack and bend the rules a little. But of course all that meant was I didn't get the results I could have! So I am really committing to the meal template with snacks only when truly necessary, and for those I plan to make mini meals instead of candy replacements like rx bars. Katie
  3. Sleeping worse!!!!

    Oh and also, I have a hard time eating enough fat, so I'll often just down a couple tablespoons of coconut oil with my meal... sometimes I just kind of have to force down enough fat to stay satiated.
  4. Sleeping worse!!!!

    Mostly I'm just posting to commiserate. I am nursing my 10-month-old... and I have been nursing nonstop since November 2011, when my oldest was born. My almost-3-year-old son and baby wake up so, so much at night, and the baby nurses so much at night, and I am beyond exhausted. I am on day 8 and really struggling with eating enough at meals not to snack all day. I wish whole30 could make up for horrible sleep! I feel you mama.
  5. I have crossfit at 6am twice a week and the rx bar feels like all I can stomach at 5:30am... is it a good pre-WO meal? Or at least a passable one? Thank you!
  6. Starting 5/14

    Hi everyone! Day one 2/3 done... I do crossfit and also nurse my 8-month-old (a LOT, day and many times through the night) and I also am a habitual grazer/snacker, so adhering to the meal template and spacing is a big challenge. Trying to do mini-meals as "snacks" but I'm also maybe too dependent on my coconut chocolate rx bars...
  7. Starting 5/14

    I'm also starting tomorrow! I have had several false starts over the last 2 years (two years!) and many whole3s or whole5s but that's it. I also have an 8-month-old baby who nurses a lot, and I do crossfit 3-4 times a week. My BIGGEST hurdle BY FAR is meal planning and preparation. I cook for myself and the 3 kids ages 5, 2, and 8 months (fortunately my kids eat anything and everything so I will not have to modify for them or make them separate meals). I will be checking in a lot! What's everyone's first meal going to be? I plan on scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, and spinach/kale, all cooked in ghee. Extra ghee added at the end, too, for more fat.
  8. I have not even seen those threads! Thanks I'll find one!
  9. I am so sorry you experienced a traumatic delivery. That is devastating. I am glad you and baby are ok! Is this your first baby? After my first, I became frantic with frustration trying to lose weight. I felt like it would never come off. Then, like magic, around 9 months postpartum, those last 10 pounds just fell off. Breastfeeding really does help with weight loss but it doesn't happen right away. After my second, I never quite got back down to my happy weight, but then I got pregnant again when he was 15 months old and now my youngest is 8 months old and I am trying, once again, to be patient with the weight loss. I started crossfit 2.5 months ago and have seen incredible changes in my arms and legs but still have that discouraging "mom butt" and my tummy is... well, I've had 3 kids, so you can imagine. I keep trying to start a whole30 but can't seem to keep motivated past a day or two. It is very frustrating. Hoping this forum provides the support and push I need to stick with it!
  10. I am 16 weeks pregnant with my third baby, and also still nursing my 17-month-old son throughout the day. The first trimester was plagued with the typical food aversions (you know, to anything remotely healthy) and I survived on bagels and cream cheese and cheese and more cheese... Those first few months are all about survival. A few weeks ago I started feeling better, no aversions to speak of, and after months of terrible eating and being sedentary (I'm in Oregon and it's been the grossest, darkest, wettest winter of all time, and my kids have been sick pretty much 24/7, and we have been stuck inside recovering and hiding from this relentlessly awful weather) I was feeling sluggish and melancholy and just gross. I have tried to start a couple whole30s but within a few days, anything compliant is abhorrent to me and I order pizza and go back to my old ways. I want to break through cause I want to feel better and I want to do better for my baby. Though I can't seem to maintain it I do feel SO much better while eating whole30. And there's no moderation in my life- I'm either eating bread and cheese all day or not at all. Sigh. Any thoughts?
  11. I will be following! I am 16 weeks with baby 3and I've had a horrible time with diet this time. I don't really have the aversions issue anymore but as soon as I go whole30, within 4-5 days I fall off the wagon because anything compliant becomes abhorrent and I order pizza. Eugh. I really want to stick to a plan because I am sick of feeling so crappy. Our weather has also been particularly, record-breakingly horrible this winter (think months on end of dark gray rain day in and day out- I've seen maybe 4 days of sunshine since Christmas) so I know that's contribution to my malaise.
  12. Hey everyone! So I successfully did my first whole30 in May. No slips, no cheating, and I felt great. I have now attempted my second round 7 times. 7! And each time I get to day 4, 5, or 6 and then absolutely can not go on. It's not "boredom"; the thought of anything compliant is actually repellant. I'm not pregnant or under any exceptional stress and I can not figure out why I hit a point and feel like I'd actually rather starve than eat a single egg/meat/vegetable/fat or any combination of said items. The thought is literally revolting. What gives?? I REALLY want to do this again. I'm sick of feeling puffy and tired - and having done this once I know how great I can feel.