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  1. KTH1010

    Starting October 28

    @kirbz, yeah I don't seem to have any actual food issues or sensitivities whatsoever, I just have very volatile blood sugar (have since I was a kid!) and eliminating grains and added sugars of all kinds really give me the steady stream of energy I need. even dates are fine for me, if I don't eat them alone. I notice the higher the fat I consume, the better I do. As is so often recommended - especially for breastfeeding moms! I do get the tiger blood for SURE when I manage to eat enough, so at least that part is encouraging. How much fat do you manage to eat with your meals? I will straight up swallow a tbsp or 2 of coconut oil when I can. like scoop it into my mouth and swallow with a gulp of water, like it's a vitamin...ha!
  2. KTH1010

    Starting October 28

    Kirbz, it's actually nice to see your day 1 details Yeah, my mom is one of those rare people who just eats very intuitively and slowly and never (like - ever) eats to stuff feelings, etc. She had a horrible childhood and got an ulcer when she was only 11 from the constant anxiety, so I think that probably made food not very comforting from an early age for her Fortunately she's found a great husband and partner in my dad, and has struck a great balance in her life now. She's outrageously active, energetic, and healthy - so it can be done! How are you feeling today? I am very crabby and exhausted, but I think that's all the sleep deprivation more than anything. I think I should quit caffeine (been saying this to myself for the last 7+ years...) but it's one habit that I just can't seem to shake. really hoping to get there this time. I know it seems insane to quit caffeine when I wake with the baby and other kids so much, but with the added insomnia challenge it seems the only thing that might help!
  3. I am breastfeeding as well. I get those Montezuma's "absolute black" chocolate bars from Trader Joe's - they have zero sugar (or fake sugar), and have cocoa nibs. I think it can be hard, with hormones and sleep deprivation (oh god the sleep deprivation) to avoid cravings. I definitely get them badly, especially at night. Good luck, mama!
  4. KTH1010

    Starting October 28

    Hi, Kirbz! this is my 4th whole30, too! for me it's all about mood and energy. Sleep would be a nice bonus, too. I'm a chronic insomniac - it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep every night without fail (been like that since I was a kid) and when I get woken in the night by the baby or one of my kids, I often am awake for a couple hours. It's just brutal! I have 4 young kids who need me at my best and I'm tired of being moody and irritable. I always feel SO MUCH BETTER when I'm doing the whole30. Thanks for sharing recipes! I don't need too much variety day-to-day, just a few go-to favorites. I live in the PNW and love the gorgeous outdoors... my mom is almost 70 and has more energy and less aches and pains than most people I know who are my age. So I want to be like my mom when I grow up, too!
  5. KTH1010

    Starting October 28

    I am too! I was going to do one last month but didn't; I simply wasn't prepared. This will mean we end the day before thanksgiving, right?
  6. KTH1010

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    Hi! I'm Katie, and I'm about to start my 4th whole30 on September 2nd. I start the 2nd because we are having a birthday party for my younger daughter on the 1st and I'm baking her cake I have 4 kids, ages 7, 4 (almost 5), 2 (but she'll be 3 in a few days), and almost 7 months. I always feel flipping amazing on the whole30, really from day 1. It's a wonder I ever stop! Except it's not because we all live in a world where sourdough bread exists, sigh. Looking forward to doing this with everyone!
  7. KTH1010

    Baker's Wife Starting Sept. 2nd

    I'm starting September 2, too! I've done 3 full rounds of whole30 before and I can't even put into words how incredible I feel when I'm doing it.
  8. KTH1010

    You know you're on Whole30 when...

    you worry whether you've eaten ENOUGH mayonnaise with your breakfast
  9. KTH1010

    Starting my Whole30 Monday

    I'll join you! Really excited to start another round.
  10. KTH1010

    Starting Oct 1

    I responded in the other Oct 1 thread as well, but I'll be joining you all! I am 21 weeks pregnant and the aversions are gone but the bad habits have stayed. This will be my 4th or 5th round, I'm really looking forward to starting again.
  11. KTH1010

    Food advice for small kids

    Hey! I second the smoothie suggestion. I also make black tea with collagen peptides (a powder that dissolves super easily) and tons of coconut cream, and my kids love to taste it so much that I make a caffeine-free version for them. tons of protein and good fat!