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  1. Oh my gosh, I fell off the radar! I am also gonna go for a second round, I am actually on day 31 today (started last day of December) and broke my w30 fast with rice and instantly felt like garbage. Maybe it was mostly emotional, but my stomach isn't happy. I just do best when I eat whole30. Unlike @Lorna from Canada , I actually am going to be MORE strict this second round -- I was not totally compliant with meal templates etc, and relied way too much on snacking, which is not the end of the world, but I feel more ready now than I did a month ago to just dive in to the whole thing 10
  2. @Rebecca001wow that looks so good! Yes, insomnia has been a huge issue for me since childhood. Can not seem to get on top of it. And now while pregnant it's much worse, as I get hormonal insomnia with pregnancy too. But if I go to bed early enough I manage ok. And the whole30 makes me feel so good it doesn't seem to matter.
  3. As far as exercise goes, I'm hooked on barre3. It's been all online since March, but especially during pregnancy it's so great.
  4. omg that looks so good! I love shrimp! I am 38 and this is my 4th whole30. I started Jan 1 too, and my favorite thing about the whole30 is that the tiger blood kicks in for me almost immediately (in the first 2-3 days) which is such a huge help as I am a busy full-time mom to 4 kids (ages 1-9) with one on the way due this spring. I do need to focus on more balanced meals and less snacking, as I do get lazy with the template especially between breakfast and dinner. How is everyone feeling?
  5. Awesome everyone! On day 5 over here and feeling pretty good. My kids are happy to eat a can of sardines for a snack (I know, I don't even know how I got so lucky - but on the flip side they don't sleep for sh*t so I guess there's always something) so I feel like I can stock the house with compliant things and not be surrounded by temptation. I also find once I get past day 3 or so it's relatively easy to avoid temptations and cravings aren't as strong.
  6. Yay! I had a false start a few months back but am now on day 3 of my fourth whole30. Every single time I feel so incredible right away, I don't know why I don't just eat this way all the time (well, yes I do...) I am 38 years old and 24 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby. My other kids are 1 (2 next month), 4, 6, and 9. They'll eat whatever I make so it's easy to just change everyone's diet when I embark on this. Very grateful for that. So excited to start 2021 on this foot.
  7. I am starting on Monday oct 26. My husband will follow me a couple days later as he has a colonoscopy (ugh!) on Tuesday.
  8. I don't know for sure but I think that sounds ok? I'm doing split pea and bacon soup tonight with a side of sweet potatoes (the Japanese kind - my absolute favorite) with chipotle mayo for the potatoes... I know bacon is technically a fat source so I think the soup totally counts as a complete whole30 meal!
  9. Hi @CGinDC!! We are actually starting in a couple days as we had some things we have to finish off that aren't entirely compliant. But we're right behind you! How are you feeling today?
  10. Oh my gosh @BabyBear, I am so sorry that happened! I am so excited to start this whole30, I'm also hoping to get my husband on board too, he's had a lot of challenges with fatigue and GI stuff and migraines and I think this would help him a lot. I am so glad to be on the other side of the crippling exhaustion and nausea and food aversions!
  11. @BabyBear so cool you are expecting number 5 too, congratulations! How was your first trimester? this one was the roughest for me by far, but I also don't have the usual outlets I've had in the past (socializing at school drop-off, barre3 classes, etc). So much nausea and rage and fatigue. Morning nausea still lingers (I'm 12+1 now) but everything else is way better. @ChristyJ, yes I've done 3 and kind of 4 whole30s but only one that felt like I was really in control and didn't "cheat" with just having a bunch of whole30-compatible snacks all day. I'm so ready to dive in again, esp
  12. Hi Mama! I am a mom of 4 and pregnant with baby 5 due in April 2021. I am so sorry for your stressful year! I am starting October 26, which would make the 30 days end the day before Thanksgiving. Planning to have our thanksgiving foods use whole30 ingredients but not necessarily in the "spirit" of the whole30 (think rolls made with almond flour, etc). I am so happy to do this with you. How does that start date sound? Katie