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  1. KTH1010

    Starting my Whole30 Monday

    I'll join you! Really excited to start another round.
  2. KTH1010

    Starting Oct 1

    I responded in the other Oct 1 thread as well, but I'll be joining you all! I am 21 weeks pregnant and the aversions are gone but the bad habits have stayed. This will be my 4th or 5th round, I'm really looking forward to starting again.
  3. KTH1010

    Newbie, starting October 1st

    Count me in! This will be round 4 for me, I am 21 weeks pregnant right now, aversions are no longer an issue but the not-so-helpful food habits I picked up in the first trimester have stuck with me. I'm ready to feel better, I always feel absolutely amazing on the whole30! Looks like we have a sizable group forming here, exciting!
  4. KTH1010

    coming back to whole30 after miscarriage :(

    Thank you so much, Sugarcube. I am starting to feel a lot better, and much of that is thanks to the whole30. Eating this way is such an incredible support for my body and mood, it feels like a rock to hold on to during this awful time. Thanks again.
  5. KTH1010

    Which cookbook do you like better?

    I also have to highly recommend Mel Joulwan's cookbooks. They are such great resources, for more than just fantastic recipes -- her meal prep system and info about sourcing food and meal ideas are invaluable. I love her website but have found having hard copies of her cookbooks to be a huge help. They live on my kitchen counter alongside the whole30 book!
  6. Hello everyone! My husband and I were absolutely overjoyed to find out we were expecting baby 4. I got a positive test on 4/19, at a day past 4 weeks pregnant. At 5.5 weeks, I started spotting. It continued, and I got a blood test which showed a devastatingly low HCG count. By what would have been 6 weeks, I was bleeding heavily and a couple days later, my HCG was back down to 1. As of a couple days ago (my 36th birthday, the day I would have been 7 weeks), the bleeding has stopped, and I feel like I'm just starting to see my way forward through the black cloud of grief that has enveloped me for the past 2 weeks or so. I have no words for how devastating this has been... I've always been worried about about miscarriage, but I had NO IDEA how heartbreaking it truly is. I oscillate between wanting to binge on comfort food because I am in total "f it" mode and wanting to go gung ho and commit to whole30/exercise/general personal rules for wellness that I've cultivated over the years. Today I am feeling committed to whole30, and I know deep down I want to stay on this path. I am on day 4 now and feeling steady. Not necessarily strong, but steady I suppose. I really want to have a strong and healthy body that can support a pregnancy. And I am also terrified of being pregnant again because of how devastating the loss was. I don't know if I can go through that again. So if anyone has any words of wisdom, or success stories with pregnancy after loss... I could use those things very much right now. Thank you all in advance. Katie
  7. KTH1010

    Day 21 Ready to Quit

    11 kids!!! That is amazing! I wish I'd met my husband much earlier, so we could have such a big family I have 3 and people act like that's a ton, ha! I am nursing my 19-month-old, and have been nursing nonstop (often tandem, when I have a newborn) since November 2011, when my first was born. I am with you 100% on the sleep deprivation!!! I will say that I eat white potatoes almost daily and TONS OF FAT (like, more mayo and ghee and coconut cream in my tea than I can even put into words) and those two things are the key to my tiger blood despite crap sleep. This is my third whole30 and I'm feeling the tiger blood already on day 2 and I really do think it's all because I eat SO much fat and carb-rich vegetables. I eat a LOT of salt and protein, too. I have always been crazy for salt and I do not hold back with the whole30. I have only had trouble when I don't get enough fat, though; that seems to be THE number one factor in my feeling great in this crazy mom-to-small-kids life. As for feeding kids what I'm eating, my kids are small enough that they just kind of... get what they get, and often the toddler just sits on my lap and shares what I eat from my bowl/plate. Also meals are SIMPLE here (compliant sausage and fried potatoes with tons of ghee/mayo, side of raw pepper or greens or olives maybe, or ground beef/chicken with chopped veggies and potatoes/sweet potatoes)... lots of one-pan simple things I throw together. Then maybe the older kids eat theirs with a little ketchup, too. But my kids are not picky and unless things are super spicy they'll usually just eat it if it's what I'm serving them... I really hope you feel better soon!
  8. KTH1010

    Starting on Monday! April 16th

    Hi Kirbz! I'm from Oakland and I loooove Tahoe, how wonderful you get to live there year-round. I used to have a brutal and untamed sweet tooth, and it is so much better now. I will say the biggest reason I started the whole30 in the first place was hoping for better/steadier energy and my GOSH does it deliver in that department! However, I found I have to focus on high protein/high fat and low sugar to feel my best. Though white and sweet potatoes seem to be ok for me, and other carb-rich vegetables, fruit tanks my energy like crazy (which makes me sad cause I looove it). In the summertime I'll indulge in local, in-season fruit (think the blueberries in our back yard!) from time to time but overall I feel amazing when I really prioritize eating tons of fat. It's the only thing that keeps me full for hours at a time, too. I am really glad to be on day 1 and just starting this already. How's everyone feeling today?
  9. KTH1010

    Starting on Monday! April 16th

    Breakfast for me was eggs and tomato with tons of ghee, not sure how many eggs as I was eating leftovers. I ate a can of mackerel too (my son loves it so I shared with him). Then a large mug of black tea with collagen (the "collagen peptides" powder) and lots of coconut cream.
  10. KTH1010

    Food advice for small kids

    Hey! I second the smoothie suggestion. I also make black tea with collagen peptides (a powder that dissolves super easily) and tons of coconut cream, and my kids love to taste it so much that I make a caffeine-free version for them. tons of protein and good fat!
  11. KTH1010

    Trying to conceive

    Tiffany, hello! I am so sorry to hear about your loss, but the BFP is very exciting. How old are your older 2? How long did it take to conceive them? I really hope this is the answer for you. I am starting a whole30 on Monday for the same reason (well, and the fact that it makes me feel freaking fantastic, too). The biggest thing I can emphasize is to maximize FAT. I can't believe how great I feel when I really focus on getting good fat, and lots of it. Ghee and homemade mayo are my favorites. Best of luck to everyone here. I'll be checking in frequently. My husband and I are still casually not preventing, but I am hoping it happens sooner rather than later, and I'm really hoping the whole30 helps us all. I'm also considering extending this whole30, because in the past I've fallen off the wagon completely within days of finishing my whole30, despite my best reintroduction intentions... Again, best of luck to you all.
  12. Hello! I am also a breastfeeding mama (I've been nursing since November 2011, when my first was born, which is just crazy to me!), my youngest is 19 months old. I don't know how much protein etc I eat but for me the biggest thing I can recommend is FAT. When I focus on eating TONS of good fat (especially ghee, ghee makes me happy, and I also add collagen and coconut cream to my tea/coffee) I don't get those horrible blood sugar drops and I stay full for hours. I also love homemade mayo. Really low sugar/carb and tons of fat is the way to go for me, I've found. And I work out 4-5 days a week, too
  13. KTH1010

    Starting on Monday! April 16th

    Oh, and I do have the whole30 day-by-day book and I highly recommend it.
  14. KTH1010

    Starting on Monday! April 16th

    Hello! I will be starting on Monday, too. I have completed 2 whole30s and attempted about 3,000 others. So this will be my third FULL whole30 I eat mostly paleo but absolutely binge on dairy (cheese!!!) and I get myself stuck in that frustrating cycle of eating compliant until like 5pm after which I go off the rails like crazy. Then start fresh the next morning and repeat the pattern. I am also weaning myself off caffeine due to severe anxiety/insomnia/general twitchiness (yikes). I have done this before and feel worlds better and I also know that the systemic support of the whole30 will help me tremendously, as I have SO much more energy and feel overall more upbeat and positive when I'm doing a whole30. I'm really looking forward to doing this again. What are other people doing to prepare? I'm cutting out grain/sugars/dairy and eating compliant ingredients for the days leading up to Monday.
  15. KTH1010

    Trying to conceive

    I can't articulate how great it is to have support in this arena. I have been not feeling this whole30 at ALL. I'm only on day 2 (on day 1, feb 14, I had 2 non-compliant things - gum and melatonin with stevia, without even freaking thinking! - so I had to start another day 1 yesterday) and I am just so uninspired. Part of the issue is the incessant freezing gray drizzle (I live in the PNW), which always tanks my mood... Anyway. How is everyone feeling?