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  1. LisaZ

    Change in taste buds!

    What did you find out about cravings? I am finding my tastebuds are reset so much too, in that fruit tastes like candy, and my black tea that I used to HAVE to have a little bit of sugar in now tastes almost too sweet without any sugar at all. It's weird! I'm nervous about reintroducing any sugars because I love this new, sugar-dragon-free me, but I know I'll eat something like dark chocolate at some point. I just don't want to go back down the slippery slope.
  2. LisaZ

    Success for Women over age 50?

    This is such an interesting thread! Thanks to all who have contributed. I'm "just" 45 and still pre-menopausal so I don't really quality for this thread, but I find all of your stories inspiring. We're changing our lives with this amazing way of eating!