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  1. Selcazare

    Starting January 1st

    I am doing the same! I love a January Whole 30, especially when they first falls on a Monday.
  2. Selcazare

    How often do you grocery shop?

    I do one large shop on Friday to three to four stores depending on sales (which I go over and start meal planning on Tuesday/Wednesday) and I do meal prep/weekly cook-up on Friday night and Saturday morning. If I need fresh produce we have a conventional grocery store that has a good organic section very close to our home, so my husband will stop there after work as needed.
  3. Selcazare

    Committing to an October 1 start.

    I am also starting on October 1st after my September non-starter.
  4. Selcazare

    Caesar Salad Dressing Tips or Recipe?

    Their creamy ranch is my favorite salad dressing, hands down.
  5. Selcazare

    Alternative to cheesecloth for clarified butter?

    I use a piece of an old white cotton tee-shirt, wash with kitchen towels and fold away for using with the next batch.
  6. Selcazare


    I am in for September! I had an amazing Whole 30 in May but the past three weeks have been a detour into Bad Habit City. Right now I am working on prepping stuff for the freezer, specifically then pounds of Crockpot caramelized onions and beef and bell pepper chili that I love to serve over a roasted potato.
  7. When I did my Whole 30 in May, I started drinking my coffee with Aroy-D coconut milk and it was the game changer I was desperately searching for. It's become my coffee default and I find coffee with dairy and sugar (drank when not on a Whole 30) to be gross.
  8. Selcazare

    What did you have for supper last night?

    I was ecstatic to finally try Michelle Tam's Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Chicken and Gravy! I admit, we spend a ton of money on Whole Foods rotisserie chickens and it's just so much cheaper to buy an organic chicken and make it at home. This chicken is so much better than rotisserie plus I get gravy. Husband agrees that it's something we're going to make 2-3 times a month now. There is also a slow cooker version if you don't have a pressure cooker: Slow Cooker Roast Chicken and Gravy.
  9. Selcazare

    Trader Joes

    As ArtFossil said be sure to check ingredients every time you buy an item. I like: canned coconut cream, frozen artichoke hearts, frozen riced cauliflower, fresh riced broccoli, fresh mirepoix, fresh diced onion, fresh shredded cabbage, heirloom carrots, fresh herbs, Japanese sweet potatoes, raw almonds, raw sunflower seeds, frozen wild scallops, frozen cooked crab meat, bagged butter lettuce.
  10. Selcazare

    Coconut milk? Coconot!

    A blend of bone broth, white potatoes, onion and garlic puréed until smooth makes a lovely cream sauce that can be used just about anywhere. I only like coconut milk in dishes where I want coconut flavor.
  11. Selcazare

    Why No Rice or Oats? / Energy Low

    The Grain Manifesto from Whole 9 Life is the Cliff Notes version.
  12. Selcazare

    Once A Month Cooking (OAMC)

    I do large batches of certain foods that freeze well once a month, like crockpot caramelized onions, cherry ginger sauce, barbecue sauces, ketchup, marinara, but overall I prefer to cook on the weekends and eat all week. I may reconsider once we buy a stand-up full freezer where I could do more of a "tv dinner" OAMC.
  13. Selcazare

    Your Whole30 Island

    Beef, various cuts Chicken, whole Ghee EVOO Eggs Collard greens Sweet potatoes Cabbage Eggplant Peaches