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    South America and respiratory illnesses

    Hiking ladyshanny, Thank you for your prompt response. I agree, seeing a medical professional is always a good idea. I think my topic name is misleading: I haven't been exposed to a deadly tropical disease ("South America") or nor have I developed pneumonia ("respiratory illness"), just a common cold. Maybe there's general advice on how to prevent colds? Maybe along the lines of http://whole30.com/2015/02/surgery/or http://whole9life.com/2010/09/supplements-part-ii/? I'm sorry for my clumsiness; I'm still trying to figure out how the forum works! Rachael
  2. Four months ago I've relocated to the Ecuador coast, and I'm perplexed that I've gotten my second cold in six weeks (at least I think it's cold, maybe allergies)! In the US I never got the flu and I hadn't had a cold in years. Last time I lived here (after recently completing my first whole30) I didn't get any respiratory illness. Any advice on how I can strengthen my defenses? Some of my foreigner friends here tell me my immune system is simply not accustomed to the different bacteria and It'll eventually adapt. Diet: struggled to eat whole30 style when I lived with friends for 3 months. Sleep: also a challenge when I lived with friends. Stress: almost nonexistent since I've arrived. Probiotics: really, really missing my daily GT ginger Kombucha; no probiotics for the past four months. Other health issues: the usual travelers' sickness when I apparently don't sanitize my produce well-enough. Thanks much, Rachael