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  1. So, I made him that milkshake today, and he basically drank about half and didn't want to drink the rest! He quickly learned that milk made him feel awful. I was trying to get him to verbalize exactly what he felt, but he couldn't quite pick the words. Bloated was definitely one of the feelings. I told him to remember that feeling so that he could decide in the future how he might feel eating a dairy filled treat.
  2. Weeell, I was hoping to have at least one reply by now , but my son is totally stressing about the party, so we've decided to end early (I'm still very proud of him for having gotten this far! ) and introduce dairy (I'll make him a banana milkshake with banana, milk, & ice), and see how it goes. He's not entirely thrilled about ending early, but he seems more stressed at the fact that he'll be at a party where everyone will be eating everything in sight, so I'm hoping his ending a few days early, he'll still get to see some effects from reintroduction. Our plan hereafter is to mainly eat W30 but allow legumes & non-gluten grains, limiting sugar as much as possible, and continuing trying to avoid gluten & dairy most days. My husband and I will continue our 30 and reintro's as scheduled.
  3. I should add, that aside from sugar, the two food groups I suspect will be a problem for him (based on past observations of his symptoms and backed up by my experiences having completed W30 earlier in the year), are wheat (gluten in general) and dairy. I considered doing reintroduction of all 4 groups in recommended order, but since we have been on the lookout for quite some time and never really noticed a reaction to legumes or non-gluten grains, I thought that maybe I can save those for the end (or maybe even reintroducing as the opportunity presents itself), suspecting those would not be an issue. Additional questions, Has anyone singled out the reintroduction of sugar for a child? Experiences? I can't decide to specifically reintroduce so he can see the effects or simply agree that there is no place for sugar in our regular diet and that sugary 'treats' should be limited to few and far between. Finally, if my son does eat a combination of foods on day 31, just for the party, and afterwards he takes a couple days back on W30, can he reintroduce food groups on the regular schedule from scratch on day 34? Thoughts?
  4. My 9 year old son is on day 25!! It hasn't been easy, but it hasn't been a nightmare either. I took the advice of many to allow swypo foods, which allowed him to have a treat or two each week, and a couple times I allowed some fries/chips cooked in compliant oils (eeek!). Other than that, he ate pretty much what the adults ate and did just fine. As we approach day 30, I looked at his schedule and realized that his theatre troupe's cast party would be happening on day 31 (nooo!!). I'm at a conundrum about what to do. I was hoping to reintroduce foods systematically, but I'm not sure what to allow him to eat at the party. There will be gluten-free items there, but will likely contain sugar & dairy. I considered ending his a few days early, to be able to reintroduce a food (either wheat or dairy), to get a good gauge of his body's reactions to it before the party. Even if I do that, I'm not sure I'd be able to easily avoid a combination of ingredients if I allow him to partake in party treats. How critical is it for a child to complete the full 30 days before reintroduction? Can I end a few days early and still get fairly accurate results? If I reintroduce one item early, can I then combine that item with another on the second reintroduction and be able to assess the new food group? We all know sugar is not good for us. How critical is it to single out a food group with the absence of sugar in order to get an accurate assessment of his reaction to it? i.e. If he has bread for his reintroduction of gluten grains, and they all contain sugar and dairy, then he has a negative reaction, would it be safe to say he has problems with gluten or would it be the combination of dairy & sugar as well? Any ideas on how to navigate party food on day 31 for a child?
  5. Just updating on our progress: We've allowed some swypo foods, like banana/egg pancakes (I call them 'banana flaps') but mainly good clean eating. He's been eating smaller portions and snacking less. The hardest has been twice being offered birthday treats in class and having to turn them down. I think my strategy next time he's in that situation, will be to have him help me make a swypo treat so he doesn't feel entirely deprived. He has been a bit of a drama queen regarding treats like chocolate and bread, but hasn't been hungry enough to just eat a piece of fruit, so he's survived. In fact, I think anytime a craving hits, I will suggest we make a swypo treat. 1) it will distract him for the time it takes for the craving to pass 2) empower him to feel like he is in control of the food he eats 3) teach him that delicious treats don't always have to come from a package and can be made from real foods. Although I'm really hoping he'll hold off until the end, I have given him permission to stop anytime after 14 days. I tell ya, those first 10 days or so were rough for him! He considered quitting after day 14, but it helps that my husband has been doing it as well and was going to keep going. The hardest has been when we go out to a restaurant, which my husband loves to do on the weekends. I'd recommend keeping those to a minimum if possible, especially with kids! We are on day 20 now, and the last week or so has been pretty calm (boring, but calm). I'm hoping this last week will be even better. The last few days will be a busy one for my son, so he may get to 30 and not even realize it came and went.
  6. I really do have to get a spiralizer! He helps sometimes, but I could definitely use a little more help from him. I like the idea of having him make his own swypo cookies/treats! Maybe giving him the power to make something when he gets a craving 1) will distract him long enough for the craving to pass 2) help him become more aware of what healthy ingredients go in to quality food 3) allow him to feel more in control of his food choices. Thanks for the tips!!
  7. All in all, DS has a pretty wide palate of foods that he enjoys. The only odd thing is that his appetite has decreased since starting, and where he used to eat more produce, now he mainly eats the protein on his plate and chooses not to eat veggies. When I offer up fruit, he'll usually turn it down. However, that's usually after he's asked for a sweet treat, so maybe it's just his way of pouting about not having junk. So, in general, I just wonder if he's in fact getting all he needs from the foods he chooses, or if I need to be on top of him to get a good balance so that his hormones get back in order (which is mainly why I had him start W30). I will review the book again and look for a list of NSV's that he can reflect upon. Since we're just on day 16, we're getting into the Tiger Blood stage, so maybe it'll come. I think the day 15 dreaming of junk food and getting frustrated about not having it phase was pretty rough with him, so maybe that's all it was. His first week was pretty darn good (I made sure to cook my butt off and made sure he was well fed and not hungry), but the second week wasn't as consistent, so maybe that made matters worse.
  8. He's not 15, he's a 9 year old, we were just on day 15. Nothing going on at school, we homeschool, aside from the birthday treats at drama rehearsal. However, he has had very little SWYPO foods. I did make him some banana "flaps" for breakfast a couple times, which he enjoyed, but I worry that his sugar dragon may be worse than mine and not sure how comfortable I am with including those foods in his diet on a regular basis. I did look up some paleo cupcake recipes though that use W30 compliant ingredients, so I will probably make some for him to make him feel better about having had to turn down treats the other day.
  9. We're on day 15, and my son has been pretty good, with a meltdown here and there. He still craves all the things "he can't have on this diet", especially after being strong enough to turn down birthday treats 2-3 times in the last two weeks. I was hoping the cravings would have subsided more by now. I have noticed that his appetite is less, and mainly eats his protein, and less so of vegetables & fruits. I try to offer up fruit or nuts as an alternative to breads & sweets, thinking that if he's craving junk that maybe he's simply hungry, and it would be good to develop the better habit of reaching for whole foods rather than processed ones, but he generally turns them down and pouts that he can't give in to his cravings. Maybe he's just not hungry and is merely complaining? or is he not getting enough produce in his diet? I haven't necessarily seen a spike in his energy levels or a huge drop in his waistline, so I'm worried that I need to change my approach. I almost feel like he was more open to eating his produce before we started on the program. I did take the initiative to cut up some berries & kiwi and he seemed to eat that up, so maybe I have to stop asking him what he wants and just prepare it for him to eat regularly (and being o.k. to save it or eat it myself if he chooses not to eat it). The meltdowns have increased in the last few days, so I'm considering ending his challenge early, though I really would like to see it through to get accurate results. I'd love for his cravings to subside, and for him to properly introduce foods and observe how his body reacts. I don't know if, chemically, that can be done after only two weeks of the program. Also, being a bit of a misnomer, Whole 30 is more like 42 days of restrictions after taking into consideration reintroductions, which will be an incredibly long time for him. So, if anyone can answer these questions, I'd be very grateful: Is it typical for some kids to focus on protein during Whole30? Can their energy / mood be negatively affected if they are not getting sufficient veggies & fruit? or increase the urge for cravings? Thoughts about ending early for a child? maybe Whole 21? What types of modifications can be made to make the process easier to bear? adding legumes like hummus? can I make him a paleo sweet treat?
  10. Meltdown success stories?

    Anyone know what that preservative is called in the US? My son consumes his fair share of baked goods, and I've noticed more moodiness than usual (though it could be his age, 9, and wanting more independence!).
  11. After having my first successful run with Whole30 in January, I have encouraged my family to try it with me starting the day after Mother's Day! DH is finally onboard and ready to commit. DS is willing to give it a go, but a little scared, especially the thought of having to commit to 30 days (he did a 7 day sugar/gluten cleanse when I started my W30 in Jan). My main reason for pursuing this with my family is to alleviate some symptoms I've noticed in my son's health (low energy, weight gain, moodiness, mild gluten allergy, dairy intolerance, not hungry in the a.m., adult-sized appetite). Aside from the usual advice about reading the Whole9 literature about Kids doing the program, I would love some general tips and tricks from those of you that have had success with Kids' Whole30 or are in the process right now. Is there a mantra that helped you guide your kids through the program? A kid-friendly recipe website you couldn't live without? Did you modify the program at all for your kids? How did you explain the program to your kids to motivate and educate them? How did you manage slip ups? Any other words of wisdom to help with a 9 year old? Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated!!
  12. Anyone else doing W30 with their kids? We are starting our program as a family on May 1st (I've completed one round back in Jan; DS did a sugar/gluten free challenge the same week I started W30, and did great; First time for DH but he is ready, suffers from gout occasionally). My main fear is ensuring success for my 9 year old son. He has mild gluten allergies, sensitivity to dairy, and craves sweets, also is overweight and has low energy. He's got a good appetite, likes to try new foods and eats a good variety, but I know he's dependent on certain non-compliant foods, so 30 days seems very daunting for him right now. I've got quite a bit of reading to do, but I'm trying to find strategies to use, with him particularly, to get him to do the program for as long as we can. DH has suffered from gout periodically, sometimes severely, and is overweight. His diet relies mainly on grains & legumes, but he has been mostly vegan for about a year and a half, so eating more veggies won't be too hard for him. He likes meat but was advised to avoid it due to his gout, so we'll see how the W30 way of eating sits with his body. I've had great success with my experience - lost over 15 lbs and continue to lose and managed to pinpoint troubling foods in my diet. I do feel myself slipping a bit, but I'm motivated to start again mostly to motivate my family. Hope to hear from others looking to redirect their kids' eating habits towards a more healthful, conscious way of life!
  13. Starting my new life on May 1, 2016

    We are revisiting W30 this May. This time with my husband and son. Crossing my fingers everyone stays on track. Is there an official May 1st thread?
  14. Starting 1/4/16

    I guess I'll be doing a combo of fast track & slow track reintroductions. I don't want to reintroduce as the opportunities present themselves - I know if I did that, most likely, it would be a double, triple, or quadruple punch. So, I plan to skip the alcohol reintro (I don't really need to know how I feel with alcohol since I already know it makes me sleepy!), start with garbanzos, wait, black beans, wait, rice, wait, other GF grains, wait, then dairy, wait, and skip gluten altogether (I knew from before it made my joints stiff and made me sleepy). I'm not sure how to approach sugar though. My goal is to avoid it for the most part, but I do want to have some chocolate at Valentine's Day, cuz - hello! Anyway, I'm not sure if I should isolate that one or just add it later. And, if I do isolate it, should I start with sugar or leave it for the end. Decisions, decisions...
  15. Starting 1/4/16

    Thinking ahead to next week's reintroduction phase - who is doing the slow reintro and who is doing the quick track? I haven't entirely decided for myself, though I am in no hurry to reintroduce alcohol (I really only drink on special occasions and every once-in-a-great-while for dinner when I've has a stressful day, but since I haven't been as stressed since I've been eating better, I probably won't crave it.), but I would like to see how I do with legumes (I think that's the first reintroduction on the fast track). For those who have done this before, do you have any thoughts one way or another regarding which speed you reintroduce foods?