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    careergirlwhole30 reacted to drmommalaelle in Is the Whole30 safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?   
    I know that is a recommendend template...but I've never seen anywhere that every meal "needs" to follow it. In fact, if one just read the Whole 30 guidelines and not the success guide or It Starts with Food - I don't think it says anything about each meal including a protein + veggies. However, I do know it is not an ideal breakfast to start with fruit AND not include a protein. But for whatever reason, day 10 this morning, and just the thought of eggs, meat and veggies (which I have had for breakfast every morning so far) made me nauseous and gag. Had to trust my body needed something else in that moment and make up for it with a 2 course lunch including lots of meat and veggies - and a cup of homemade chicken stock to help settle my still somewhat queasy stomach.