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  1. Carlz

    Anxiety ideas?

    When my anxiety used to be so bad to the point where I couldn't sleep, my therapist recommended I listen to these meditations. They are great for beginners because she talks you through the whole thing. You can just pop your headphones in no matter where you are and calm your mind I would also suggest making a "feel good" playlist to listen to while going for a walk. Hope this helps!
  2. Carlz

    Senior in College Starting Jan 2016

    Thank you everyone! I'm still home for the holidays until the end of this week but normally I live in an apartment at school and cook all of my own meals. Most of the meals I make are extremely healthy. I'm more worried about putting an end to snacking and overcoming my sugar addictions. While i love vegetables, i also loveeee chocolate..and baked goods & CHEESE! all snacks in general are just very tempting.. I'm hoping that eating larger meals will help me feel more satisfied and thus, snack less. I used to eat small meals in an attempt to lose weight but that hasn't worked at all for me for the past 4 months and just leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I also believe that I was under a lot of stress last semester with my classes and homework load and that contributed to my unhealthy snacking. I expect for the first couple of weeks of classes to be lighter and I am also taking much easier courses. I will try to be more organized so that I do not find myself in a stressful situation and ruin my whole30! I was able to get my mom on board (yay!) and we are starting tomorrow 1/4 and both very excited. I'm making the 7.5 hour drive back to school this Saturday 1/9 and am trying to plan out my road trip food. I was thinking I'd leave around 9 a.m. and eat a filling veggie omelette right before I go. Then maybe I'll buy a lunchbox that keeps food cold and make a tuna salad on top of greens and bring a banana and handful of cashews in case I get hungry later? I'm driving myself so I can stop and eat whenever I need to. What do you guys think? Any road trip snack ideas? Thanks!
  3. Carlz

    Senior in College Starting Jan 2016

    Would love to help keep each other on track! I'm actually starting tomorrow 1/ 4 now. Hope your whole30 is going well so far!
  4. I'm looking to start the whole30 the first week of January. I've been trying to get my health back on track ever since I came back from a semester abroad in May. I had a great time enjoying the food in Spain, but created some poor habits that I have not been able to break 7 months later. I gained 10 lbs abroad and literally haven't lost one.. or i'd lose a few and gain twice as much by the end of the week due to my sugar cravings and alcohol. I'm ready to take on this challenge. I know it will be hard because I am about to start my last semester of college. I hang out with people who drink often and who will probably think I'm nuts to take 30 days off. But it won't be impossible and I know it will be so worth it in the end. I am a Pure Barre fanatic and also want to get 4 classes in a week while on the whole30. If anyone has tips for someone who is in college I'd love to hear them! Excited to begin this journey to improved health