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    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Just got my 'Whole30' period last night, 11 days early o.O I have lean PCOS (and suspected endometriosis) so maybe this is a good sign. Although, wow, I didn't know it was coming. Usually I have a week of monster PMS with cramping and crazy sugar cravings (I NEED CHOCOLATE) etc. This time, oh I wanted some extra carbs yesterday. And then I had cramps, and I said to DH 'You know, I think I'm going to get my period in the next week or so, those light cramps are starting." Went to the bathroom 5 minutes later, and there it was! And this morning - the irony - was my first day of tiger blood (it's all about that blood...)! I think I 'tiger blood' was delayed because I was premenstrual. We will be starting fertility treatment (TTC #2, #1 took 2 years to make) this month so interested to see how Whole30 helps with that. Might extend it a bit, as I'm already on day 22 of my Whole30. I'm interested to see how long my period will last too, as last month it was quite long (I started the Whole30 during my period, maybe that's why).