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  1. Neck pain

    I think you might be right about the almond butter. I stopped eating the almond butter and I started feeling better within a couple of days. I have never had an issue with eating almonds, at least I don't think, but maybe I just never realized how they affected me when I was eating them because I was still eating dairy, wheat, etc. Thank you.
  2. Neck pain

    Hello! For the past 20+ years I have suffered from degenerative disc disease in my neck. I spent a lot of years in pain, but over the past year +, I have miraculously felt better, but I attributed that to lower stress in my life and elimination of wheat from my diet. That is until recently. When I was following a low carb diet, my neck rarely bothered me, but since starting the Whole 30 almost 2 weeks ago, my neck is stiff and painful every day. Could it be something I am eating? I used to use full fat cream in my coffee, but switched to canned coconut milk, mostly the fat from it. Other than coconut, which I know some people can be sensitive to, why would my neck pain have come back suddenly after several years of quiet? Prior to whole 30, I did have some coconut products, but mainly coconut oil and not every day. The only other things that I have been eating in any quantity is an apple, sweet potatoes and almond butter. I cannot think of anything else that I was not already eating pretty regularly. Any ideas? I have searched all over the internet for information on foods that cause inflammation, but other than foods that cause inflammation, but nothing stands out. For example, I was already eating nightshades, so I don't think those are the culprit. Obviously, I have increased my carb intake from really low lot to moderate. I eat maybe one fruit serving a day.
  3. Whole30 Newbie - Starting Today!

    May first day went well, especially considering the sugar binge from the day before. Today, I am heading to the store to stock up on the groceries I will need for the week. I intend to make some meals ahead, so I have things I can grab on the go. Work is always the hardest challenge for me, because of the on-site cafe and never ending potlucks. Let me know how your first day went.
  4. I just finished reading It Starts with Food, and I am making my way through the Whole30 book. This is my first time starting the Whole30 and I am really excited to get started. I spent most of my morning cleaning out the fridge and pantry, and I am feeling really good about this program. I even got my mom to give it a try. I look forward to taking this journey with the rest of you all and can't wait to hear about your successes as well as struggles.