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  1. RealFoodCZick

    Before you start

    I am on Day 53 of Paleo lifestyle, so I have done my best not to completely blow my efforts over the holidays/last days of December, but I am definitely "loading" before Jan 1st. Oh, and no, I am not waiting to feel hungry before I eat another snack. My pre-Whole30 guilty pleasures: dark chocolate, nuts & nut butters, cheese & yogurt, bananas.
  2. RealFoodCZick

    PDX Whole 30

    SE Portland here as well.
  3. RealFoodCZick


    Hi SharynP, Looks like we have a few things in common - our location, our sugar/chocolate addiction, being new to Whole30, and enjoying sleeping in our own room after sharing one for ? years. Let's stay in touch and let's do this!!
  4. RealFoodCZick


    Greetings! A first-timer Sofie from the beautiful Pacific NW here. Going to give Whole30 my best shot, starting Jan 1st. So great to do this with a group of like-minded people! I already posted my intro in the Log section, so here is a shortened version: I have never been able to follow a strict diet for more than 14 days, but I am currently experimenting with Paleo lifestyle and changing my mindset from a "temporary restrictive diet" to a "real-food lifestyle change". A brief intro: Female Mid 40s Sugar addict (especially a week before that special monthly event ) Explorer of a wide variety of diets since 19 y.o. Experienced yo-yo dieter Former believer that fat, meat, and eggs are bad and grain is good Current believer that I finally have the maturity to understand that I don't have to be skinny, but I do have to eat well and be healthy.
  5. RealFoodCZick

    Starting on Jan 1

    So awesome to see so many like-minded people! I learned about Whole30 a couple of days ago, did some research, and landed here. I will be starting my first Whole30 on Jan 1st as well. I am not expecting it to be easy, but seeing all the enthusiasm on this forum is making me excited and motivated!
  6. RealFoodCZick

    PDX Whole 30

    Hello Cajun Gypsy, Another Portlandian here! I am starting Whole30 on Jan 1st as well - my first time. I am definitely interested in being connected locally as well.