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  1. ninetoze

    Post Your Jan Day 1 Meal 1

    For Meal 1: I sautéed mushrooms, potato and spinach in Ghee and then added a sprinkle of Mexican oregano, garlic powder & onion powder and a bunch of eggs. I split them with my fiancee. We each had a small bowl with half a banana and half a grapefruit on the side.
  2. ninetoze


    Hi All, I'm new to Whole 30 challenge. I am looking forward to getting rid of my addiction to sugar. Namely, cookies and sweets. I've been eating more and more healthy but not whole30 by any means. Will be hard to skip the breads, beans and rice and such but I think know it will all be good for me and welcome the change and this challenge as a commitment to myself to follow through, even if just for 30 days to see that I can. And what improvements in my health and lifestyle it brings. I have both books, It Starts With Food acquired this summer and the Whole30 added to my Christmas list and I was fortunate enough that someone got it for me as it pointed me to this website where I found out about the challenge starting in about 24 hours! I've read or skimmed the whole book and I have started working on me and my house and I've bought some of the foods that will help me through the next 30 days. I will make another trip in the next day or so for some of the fresher items. My shopping trip yesterday created several questions that I hope to find answers to in the forum. Otherwise, I believe I can do this and hope to give and receive encouragement here and find ideas from others posts that will help me on this journey! I am also going to do the Barre3 Challenge that begins on the 4th as my other main goal this year is to work on my strength. I am a regular user of Sparkpeople and will wrap this challenge up as the team and challenge I am on there will be getting started. Lots of things to keep me healthy and strong well in to 2016. Wishing everyone success in their goals for the Whole30 challenge. Stats: Female, 45 Engaged/living together (he supports me but won't follow it beyond what I prepare). suffer from sugar induced headaches and hunger headaches gas and bloating - causes unknown (but not for long!) Erin in Austin, TX (Need to go figure out how to do the signature part!)
  3. ninetoze

    Starting Jan 3rd! I have GHEE!

    I've got me ghee, too! My first Whole30 starts Friday. Wishing you much success!