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    Retired, learning to crochet, hiker-back packer and Zumba dancer. Musician-piano, guitar, Celtic harp, recorders and about to joins woman's chorus. Caring for spry elders, mother of 4 and grandmother of one and that one trumps everything else! Whole 30 inspiration: my beautiful 33 yo daughter!
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    a big pan of stuffed cabbage (riced cauliflower) is coming out of the oven in a few minutes. And I'm about to come out of the 'whole30 oven' tomorrow. To say it was life changing... Well you know. I didn't take supplements during the month. And I felt wonderfully better. I did however have an episode of HA with bowel sluggishness, sinus flair up and neck/shoulder pain. It's my signature malaise. So I got to wondering if I could reintroduce supplements first, to see if they have a protective effect. I have periodically taken L-carnetine, co enzyme q-10 and vit b complex. My hope has been to see if my headache and related symptoms might be related to a mitochondrial disfunction. My adult child has been diagnosed with Cyclic vomiting syndrome which is thought to be one of a constellation of conditions related to mitochondrial dysfunction. So long story short, I think I will add the supplements and continue with whole 30 another 30 days. Can I go 30 days without a headache? I'll see.
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    Hi everyone, the lovely post from runcolorado37 asked about goals we might have in the spirit of whole9 which got me thinkin'. (Thank you). I'm 60 yrs old, a 'newbie' and getting fantastic results as of day 12..... Our kind moderator advised magnesium in the evening, which I tried with good results last night. So in a nutshell, all your wonderful posts charge me with good ideas and good results. But back to goals. I hope to use the concepts for re-entering all those avoided foods so I can really get a handle on where the problems are. I have no problem stay within the whole 30 plan while I introduce items. And if they all cause my symptoms, so be it. I am already significantly healing from years of chronic sinusitis, shoulder and neck pain, periodic asthma, and have seen no signs of those devastating headaches. So my motivation is strong. I totally know I cannot have "just a little" sugar. And I know sugar makes me physically suffer. And I'm a sugaraholic. I just going to have to raise my hand and say those words. So: goal to end my relationship with sugar? Yep. (Saying that feels like stepping off a cliff). One more Goal. I want more expansive social time with all the good people around me. There. Now I just have to do it.
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    Day 9. I's tired. No good reason either. Whole 30 you say? Okay. One thing stands out today. I feel No. Skeletal. Pain. None. I can't remember a day like this in recent memory. I'll take the tired. Armed with a huge winter squash and root vegetable salad, I'm going off to 7 yr old granddaughters bday party. So I've got my plan. Taking a cut of meat to bbq. Life is good. But I'm tired. So tired. I like all the ideas you all are sharing in this forum. I learn something every time I open it. I have Its All About Food coming in the mail. So many firsts in this last week. And I find I like dried mushrooms with eggs for breakfast. That was a surprise. Let's keep on keeping on.
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    Accidentally licked son's baby food!

    Hi JMorgan45, i giggled when I read your post, with recognition. I have had many near misses since my start date on January 1st! I wanted to share that I started following the program in earnest the week before, just to have that learning curve.... So chalk it up to a learning curve moment right? It's so awesome that you are doing this with young children in the mix!! I'm thrilled to be here, reading your post and doing the whole 30 days together!!
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    I too started Whole 30 January first. Influenced by my adult daughter, I finally saw the light. I already can smell and taste my food after years of sinus inflammation. Duh! As a sugar addict, I've know for years that I can't have "just a little". Whole 30 gets it right; NO added sugar period. So, I'm dreaming of donuts (even though donuts really aren't my thing!) and feel a kind of fear in the grocery store, that one or the millions of sugar laced foods on the shelves is going to slide accidentally into my mouth. I recently retired so I'm spending time in the kitchen that I wouldn't have had a year ago. I'm so happy with all the recipes I've tried in my whole 30 book! This weekend I'm tackling a couple of social engagements armed with whole 30 advise to bring my foods to share and make light mention only when asked. I'm excited to share this experience with all of you! Here's to day 7!!