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  1. jolong

    Northern Ladies Starting January 23rd

    Good for you @OHMaryF for starting this journey! I think that is the hardest part! What is the Real Plans you are talking about? Is this a paid service that gives you meal plan ideas? Last night we had our monthly book club meeting and we always have a dessert after our discussion. With this being my 4th round I'm used to just declining and breaking out my apple with almond butter. This was @donnamc2016's first time around though, but it appeared to go well! We spent a lot of our after discussion discussion talking about the Whole 30 and the reason why we're doing it, since half of us were not indulging on the dessert. Day 11...less than 20 days to go! Woohoo! It felt like I slept pretty good last night. I'm used to waking up and looking at that clock almost every hour, but I felt pretty rested this morning. I hope everyone else is doing well on their journey!
  2. jolong

    Northern Ladies Starting January 23rd

    Day 5! 25 days to go! I dread when I have to travel during Whole 30, but I survived. My meals were a little out of whack with my travels, but with the help of a couple of compliant snacks I made it through. I snacking isn't recommended, but when I started my 3 1/2 hour drive at 4:30, I knew I was going to need a little something to get me through to dinner. So I had a couple of boiled eggs, some olives, and almonds during my drive. When I got to my hotel and settled in it was probably 8:30 before I had my salad delivered at the restaurant. My salad was very sad was iceberg lettuce, with tomato, boiled egg, and grilled chicken breast. I thought it looked super naked as they forgot my chicken breast! WHAT???? So while she went to get my chicken breast I poured my own dressing over it and started to eat...blah. When she finally brought the chicken breast I knew it wasn't going to be satisfying, so was just looking forward to getting this done so I could get back to my room and finish my meal with some carrots and salsa, more black olives, and then finish it off with a banana. I ended up having a little snack of apple and almond butter after that. I know it's more fruit than I should have had, but I knew my meals would be out of whack so just staying compliant is what I was focusing on. The next morning I knew I would be good as I packed a frittata for breakfast. When I went to eat it I realized I forgot my fork! So I was eating my frittata with my steak knife! lol Oh was quite delicious! For lunch that day a taco bar was served for our meeting. So I went out to my car and grabbed my cooler, opened my can of chicken and put that over the taco fixings. I had my own salsa so I used that too...that worked out great! I could have used a little bit more of a carb dense veggie, as I found I needed another snack for my drive home. I managed to limit myself to a boiled egg and a mini larabar-cashew cookie. I was very hesitant about the larabar as I've been seeing that they really can wake your sugar dragon, but this one I didn't think was too sweet at all...and it was a mini...just one! I was home by 6:30, so I had plenty of leftovers there to make myself a scrumptious and satisfying never tasted soooo good! LOL My husband was laughing at me as I was moaning with pleasure with almost every bite! The funny thing is, I was so focused on packing enough food that I forgot deodorant!!! So those are my Whole 30 travel woes...just wanted to share! I was registered for a conference next month that would have been from Days 25-27, but thankfully I was able to cancel that one!
  3. jolong

    Northern Ladies Starting January 23rd

    Well this weekend I made ghee out of the Kerrygold butter for the first time so I am excited to try that. I also made the Pioneer Woman hamburger soup, and wow, was that a big batch! That was my lunch today along with a spinach salad and it was quite tasty. Breakfast was just an egg scramble with some potatoes and spinach. I didn't have any meat to put in my scramble today so I used 3 eggs to be sure I had enough protein. I didn't have any fruit this morning, but I did have a few grapes with my lunch today. Great idea about sharing recipes and such @VictoriaChristine! Because of copywriting issues I think we need to be sure that we provide the link to a recipe rather than the actual recipe. You girls with all these stores available are so lucky! Here in Northern Wisconsin we have the one grocery store and Wal-Mart! We definitely need to put more time into the preparation of things. Not too much longer and Day 1 will be over!!!!
  4. jolong

    Northern Ladies Starting January 23rd

    Welcome Jenna! Absolutely! I feel your pain about finding compliant foods! When I did my first round a year ago I was jealous of all the items people would post about, but realized with a little extra work it is doable. A couple of us live in a pretty rural community in rural Wisconsin, with one grocery store, a food coop, and a Walmart to shop for items. I look forward to our journey together!
  5. I'm very excited to be starting my 4th round of Whole 30 with some great friends this time! Since starting my first round one year ago today, I have taken control of the food that I put into my body. I have taken my exercise regimen to a new level and ran my first 10K 3 months ago. I think that somehow cut off some oxygen to my brain, because I ended up signing up for a half we will see how that ends up later this year! I didn't hop on the bandwagon and start the Whole 30 on January 1st when everyone else did, but wanted to wait until the time was right for me. I don't like to rush my reintroduction, so this will leave me plenty of time before going on vacation at the end of March. Anyone else starting on January 23rd?
  6. I decided to try adding a couple days of oatmeal for breakfast to lighten up my egg consumption a bit. So a couple nights ago I set out a crockpot full of steel cut oatmeal and boy was that tasty! I've been trying to make wise food choices this week. I did splurge on Tuesday...we had to travel 3 hours for a doctor appointment and when we stopped for dinner I ordered a burger, with the bun, and ate the whole darn thing! Boy, was it tasty! Then yesterday my hubby took me out for lunch and I ordered a burger again, this time I ordered a gluten free bun and that was sure delicious also! The cheese on both of these burgers is really the only dairy I've had this week. I've found that if I limit my dairy and grains my body appreciates that. Tonight we are going out for dinner so we will see what comes of that! Last Friday night I ordered a gnocci that was served with a red sauce, and boy, the next morning it was quite apparent that my body was rejecting it! I don't know if it was the sauce or too much flour in the gnocci, but it was not good! Tomorrow night we have a Christmas dinner at church, and it is catered, not a potluck, so I don't think we will have that many options. I was going to do a mini reset next week, but then realized I have a birthday party next Wednesday, so I think I will do my reset the week after. Is three days long enough for a mini reset?
  7. Well I had my physical earlier this week and I was all excited to see a bunch of positive results come back since I've completed 3 Whole 30's since January. My weight is normal, which is great...but my cholesterol is up! What the heck... It's not dangerously high, but it is borderline. I haven't had bloodwork done for a few years, so it just makes me wonder what my cholesterol level was at a year ago before changing my eating habits. Maybe it was higher yet, but I guess I will never know. I don't think it would be up from the few non-compliant things I had over Thanksgiving. Before I got my test results, the dr. did say that menopause could throw all of my tests off a bit, so I wonder if that has something to do with it. My cholesterol was fine before menopause! lol I've been back to mostly Whole 30 eating this week, but we are going out for dinner tonight so we will see what that brings. I hope everyone else is doing great!
  8. jolong

    NSV's but little weight loss

    It's funny...I just finished my 3rd round of whole 30 a couple weeks ago and all along I told my friends and myself, " I don't really care if I lose weight this time as I just want to feel great". But when all was said and done I lost 9 pounds, only to gain 2 pounds back just before Thanksgiving! I started doing the Whole 30 back in January when I realized I needed to change my eating wine and Doritos were not cutting it! I'm a 48 year old woman with a year into menopause and if I kept up that habit it was not going to be pretty! Since I have started my first Whole 30 back in January I have lost at least 30 pounds and 2+ pant sizes. The most important thing for me was changing my eating habits and I think I have done that. I can now go to book club and don't feel obligated to eat a dessert...if it doesn't look worth it to me I will pass on that and just eat a snack that I brought along, like a boiled egg or an apple with almond butter. The increased energy has also helped benefit my workouts, and I even enjoy running now! I just did my first 10K last month and signed up for a half marathon next year so hopefully that goes well. So my thought is...maybe the 2 pounds I gained back is where I actually should be...we will see! I plan to do another Whole 30 towards the end of January and if my weight loss is minimal I know I am right where I should be, which is A-OK with me! I really can't afford to keep buying all these new clothes! LOL I am curious about those of you that have minimal weight you have a regular exercise program that you stick with?
  9. I hope everyone survived Thanksgiving! Well I made it through the weekend of travel and being away from home...that was tough! I wasn't as compliant as I would have liked as we went out for dinner twice and also to IHOP for breakfast. It was all quite delicious though! The first night we went out for dinner I just ordered a chicken bacon wrap, without any dressing. So that wasn't too bad, except for the little bit of grain in the tortilla. Then another night we went to Famous Dave's, which we haven't been to in ages, and ordered an American Feast. So I indulged in the chicken, fries, and coleslaw, and didn't get carried away with the bbq sauce. Their cornbread muffins are definitely "worth it" for me! IHOP was probably my biggest downfall as I ordered an omelet that was LOADED with cheese and I also ate half of an order of pancakes! I think I should mention that IHOP and Famous Dave's are both places that are not available to me on a regular basis, so I felt it was ok to enjoy my meals without feeling guilty about it. I would like to say that I'm back to Whole 30 eating today, but since I didn't cook this weekend I don't have any leftovers! So I made my lunch as compliant as I could...except for my piece of Famous Dave's chicken...NO extra bbq sauce this time!
  10. Well here we are with the Thanksgiving weekend ahead of us. I did my dairy reintro yesterday and so far so good. I decided to step on the scale this morning knowing I probably wouldn't do it for about 2 weeks, and I was up 2 pounds from when I finished last Tuesday! My Friday night dinner and all the weekend wine must have provoked this. And the rash around my eye is definitely much less visible today after a couple of days wine-free. hmmmm With Thanksgiving tomorrow I definitely have not been able to do a complete reintroduction. That does bum me out, but it is what it is. I did the best I could and I will try to make good choices about my Thanksgiving dinner. When I get home after the long weekend I plan to be Whole 30 compliant all of next week and then just eat non-compliant items when they are "worth it". I've kept grains out of my life for the most part so I'm sure that will continue as grains are a straight "no brakes" path for me. I hope you all have had a more successful reintroduction than I have! Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Susabella: Chicken salad with homemade mayo over romaine is fabulous! I hope you enjoyed it. I had big plans for a quick reintro but honestly, I think I blew it this weekend! Friday night we went out for dinner and I ordered a pan seared salmon that came covered in a hollandaise sauce. The mashed potatoes I had more than likely had some dairy in them too. That is something I should have had on my dairy reintro! Not to mention that I had at least one glass of red wine every night this last weekend. Besides my slip-up on Friday night, my reintro has been going fine. I did the non-gluten grains on Saturday and today I was going to start dairy, but I wasn't able to pull that together today. So I will plan for dairy tomorrow. After the Thanksgiving weekend I think I will go back to strict Whole 30 eating for about a week and maybe do a slow roll reintro after that. On a side note I had a great workout at boot camp on Saturday morning. I felt pretty good for most of the weekend, but yesterday I did wake up to some redness around my eye. Just before I started my Whole 30 I noticed some redness around the outside of my left's almost like a rash because it is sensitive to the touch. Well yesterday morning when I woke up I washed my face and it was apparent that I had the similar thing happening to my right eye! I've always taken good care of my skin so this is quite surprising to me. I wonder if this could be related to the wine...I didn't plan on having any wine this week, so I will see if it changes. I have a dr. appointment next week so I will ask her if it doesn't clear up. I must say I am excited to go to the dr to see how things have changed since the previous year!
  12. jolong

    October 17th Start

    Hi all! Per Layshanndy's suggestion I started a new thread under Reintroduction called: Continuing After Whole 30 I definitely would like to share how we progress, even after Thanksgiving. Hope you all find this thread ok!
  13. Now that our Whole 30 is over let's start posting our reintroduction results here. I only introduced legumes so far and that went well...still no side effects from those. Tomorrow I plan to pursue non-gluten grains. And I know I shouldn't have but I met a girlfriend for a glass of wine last night...that's two night in a row for red wine! Yesterday morning I was quite exhausted from that, but today I feel ok!
  14. You are right Susabella...popping it in olive oil does make a big difference. We usually do this even when I'm not doing the Whole 30...but maybe we should try the coconut oil! I have a Stir-Crazy popcorn popper that I just love, which has a similar effect to making it on the stove top. I wonder if I could use nutritional yeast though? I think I'm going to look that one up as I feel that I can...just no butter yet. Now I want popcorn right now! lol
  15. jolong

    October 17th Start

    Yes, I think if you look in some of the very early comments of this thread you could find it if interested.