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    jolong reacted to MeadowLily in Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?   
    Let us surmise that someone secretly ate all the things over Thanksgiving. You've told everyone you're doing a Whole 30 and you don't want to lose face. So you secretly keep all of your secrets to yo'self.  Maybe you weigh every single day...secretly, or you eat tiddlywinks on the side, like your favorite pea protein powder, things like that.  
    Secretly, you're doing whatever you want to and calling it a Whole 30.  The truth will find you out. I call that trying to turn the Whole 30 into another diet, secretly.  
    I've been around long enough to see those who don't believe any Reintro is necessary simply dive back into all of their former faves on Day 31. After a few of those wash, rinse and repeats, some will come back around.  Some will start over but many will keep going.
    And the doctor says I must weigh on the scale.  Oooo, bologna. I know that trick, too. 
    So let's surmise that someone went on thrill eating ride over Thanksgiving. You've been eating all of the leftovers and here it is, Monday.  Maybe you have several Whole 30's under your belt and you're tooling along on your own positive food management plan.  
    Don't start another diet.  Don't go on a 30 day potato hack or egg fast to get yourself back together.  Mono-food diets don't work. 
    Take the bull by the horns and resume eating 3 normal meals.  Immediately.
    Don't fast and don't hesitate.  Move on.  Don't look back in the rearview mirror or go check yourself out on the scale.  
    As long as your long term positive food management plan is all dialed-in, you will be back in the saddle in no time.
    Just don't try to pull the wool over your own eyes or anyone else's. Come clean and tell the truth.  If you want to break through all of the barriers of binge eating and secret eating....don't blow smoke.
    Binge or secret eating or simply eating too much creates more false hunger the very next day.  I've learned how to surf through false hunger and emotional cravings.  It's a technique that takes practice and is part of my food addiction recovery.  
    Isn't that the way?