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  1. life love laughter

    Failed Mayo 101

    I think you should try it again, exactly as before (follow the Whole30 book recipe precisely, using extra-light flavored olive oil) but using your blender. It might be due to the hand mixer, which I'll assume is using 2 beaters or worse, 2 whisks? Beating the mixture may be over-processing (blending) the mixture and breaking down the egg too much? I'm not a culinary scientist, so I can't be positive, but the cage-design of 2 beaters would mean the mixture is passing through 8 rods (more if whisks) and you are stirring all of the bowl simultaneously. While the blender would provide 4 prongs generating a turning motion upward from the base, similar to that of a food processor, just not covering as large of a surface area. I make mine weekly following the Whole30 recipe in a food processor, and it turns out perfect! The only tip I've learned is to let the food processor run a bit longer, until the emulsion is thick enough to flop around with the blade spinning, and then I add the lemon juice and blend for about 30 seconds more. Best of luck!
  2. life love laughter

    Failed Mayo 101

    I made it again, and it came out perfectly! The olive oil is key! I tasted the oil I had used on the previous batch, and it was gross. I used to scrape plain mayo off my sandwiches, and now I eat 1-2 tablespoons with meals, dipping meat and veggies into it, even licking the spoon! I love this mayo! I followed the recipe in the Whole30 book, using Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. I made it in the food processor - mine has a great 'small tube feed' that drizzles the oil in through a tiny hole, and only has 2 buttons - on/off or pulse, so I just let it run for about 3 minutes I think, when I saw the emulsion get thick, and kind of flopping around the sides of the bowl as it spun. It is delicious! Thank you, to everyone on this thread for your advice!
  3. life love laughter

    Failed Mayo 101

    So glad to have come across this thread! I made the mayo per the Whole30 book/Melissa Joulwan's recipe in my food processor with fresh lime juice and "mild & buttery" olive oil (a gourmet orchard brand that I had heard of, but never tried, and this appears to be their 'light' version). It tastes awful! I assume it's the oil, but based on the taste, I haven't mustered up enough desire to taste test the oil alone. I thought the consistency came out okay, but after seeing your picture, I think I need to blend it longer to get a bit more fluff. Like you, I'm not a (commercial) mayo fan - fine for mixing into recipes, not gonna slather it on stuff solo. Now I'm curious, if I will love it when it's made correctly!? Going to pick up the "Bertolli Extra Light oil" and use lemon juice out of a squeeze bottle instead of fresh, as you recommend. Thanks, for being the guinea pig, and for voicing your trials here - helps us newbies!