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  1. I'm in VA too, although close to the mountains. The snow is pretty. Fortunately I have lots of ingredients to make food for the week. I'm in love with the sunshine sauce from Well Fed. think I'll make a zucchini hummus today.
  2. Good morning all, someone on the forum site suggested checking out "2whollyfitchics" on fb....I did and loved their cooking videos. So fun to watch them cook and their excitement is contagious. I bought the cookbook they use, "Everyday Paleo". I'm heading out to the grocery store with new excitement! Happy Saturday !'
  3. So the hot flashes will eventually go away? My Mom said the never do. But she is 81 and I'm fairly certain she isn't having any...she would be complaining if she were!
  4. I've decided to stop taking estrovene, my supplement for hot flashes. One of the ingredients listed is Soy isoflavones. From what I've learned that is not something I want to be taking. I'm hopeful that continuing on whole30 and not having any dairy I will be ok. Do any of you have hot flashes? If so, what has helped you lessen the severity and or frequency of them? By the way, that silken zucchini soup is the bomb! Love it!
  5. Hi Deerobert.... I have experienced horrible hot flashes over the past 2 years. I'm 54, 55 in April. I was taking several supplements for them with some relief. But this past fall they got so bad I couldn't stand it. I stopped all supplements I was so frustrated with it all. I started the Whole30 Jan 1st. and my hot flashes have improved dramatically. I really believe it was by elimanating dairy from my diet because before starting this I ate pretty clean. Organic when possible, grass fed, no wheat or grains. Very little sugar, only the hidden ones. Lol...But I was eating butter and putting cream in my coffee, oh and a little bit of cheese. I measured myself today and haven't lost a thing! I refuse to get on the scale now becaus I feel so good and strong and healthy....I know stepping on that thing and seeing no change would depress me. My husband loves me at 142lbs and even if I want the scale to say 135... it won't I'm staying away from that thing! I'm continuing with the whole 30 as it is....there aren't any foods I miss. I still need to conquer the almond butter habit. Might be why the no loss of inches??? Health and happiness to all !!
  6. Bemcbe

    Success for Women over age 50?

    I'm having a pretty good time on this journey. Day 18 today. Since foregoing dairy I have very few hot flashes and those that I have are mild. I also have noticed that I don't obsess over food. I do eat the same stuff day after day and now am somewhat bored with it all. Poached eggs and 1/2 avocado for breakfast with bacon if we have any. If not I put a few raw cashes in the bowl too. It's kinda weird but good. Lunch is usually a salad with a protein, or butternut squash soup. Dinner is some kind of protein, too often chicken thighs, a veggie stir fry or salad and sometimes a baked sweet potato. I haven't stepped on the scale but I don't feel like I've lost any weight. I'm ok with that though because of the reduction of hot flashes. So are there any other over 50 women out there? I'm 54 by the way. Would like to hear how others are doing.
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    Day 2 coming to a close. It really helps to read all the other posts here. I feel like there is this special connection and support going on. It's a good feeling and I thank you all for your strength as it passes on to each of us.
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    Hey! I'm in... Starting for the first time. I'm determined to give up my love affair with peanut butter! HaHa! It's true though.