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  1. Unobserved_Journey

    Starting February 22, 2016

    Glad to see the fog has lifted. Sounds like things are coming together & I love that your hubby and kids are joining in on the fun. I don't have children but I completely understand the desire to set good habits and not support diet trends. I feel that way toward my nieces, they are part of what inspired me to make smart & healthy decisions when it comes to food and nutrition. I'm 60lbs overweight and started packing on the pounds after an abusive relationship. They watched my personal transformation from bad to worse to great. As I get older, I believe in the importance of teaching younger generations (really, ANY generation!) how to cook and eat food from the earth. I'm having a hard time embracing a few of the other more psychological changes with Whole30. I never grew up with family dinners and now that I live alone, eating dinner at the table isn't desirable. I used to go out to eat alone (never having issues sharing a table for one with a good book), but doing it at home somehow feels different. It doesn't feel like a tradition. I try to focus on the food and the act of eating, but find my mind wandering towards more depressing topics. Being single. Loneliness. Being overweight. Dysfunctional family relationships. These are not topics that otherwise impact me in this way. It's rare I feel lonely - I prefer to be solo most of the time. Maybe I need to further explore my mental & emotional relationship to food. This weekend was probably the most challenging I've had since I started eating Whole30 on February 1st. It's been a little over a week since I restarted Whole30 after learning corn is off plan. Surprisingly I haven't had many battles with my sugar dragon or the desire to cheat. Except for today. Last night, I was in a snacking mood. I stayed up bingeing on Netflix later than my normal bedtime and ended up eating an apple around 11pm to quiet the 'beast'. Today my body is going through something. Fighting a migraine. Dealing with killer cramps and an upset stomach. Nausea. Now that my migraine has dulled (not disappeared), I want bad food. I want a greasy cheeseburger. Or something fried. Scratch that - MANY things fried. I want cake. Cupcakes. Cookies. My mind thinks it'll make me feel better. My thoughts almost whispering to me that I need this bad food, it's the cure for what ails my body today. As if bad food will cure me and eating smart the past 28 days has brought this pain and agony upon me today. Sorry for the long rant - thanks for letting me vent. I wanted to ask your thoughts about medication & Whole30. I was forced to take tums and Advil this weekend, both which have a form of sugar listed in the ingredients. What do you do for ailments while on the Whole30 (as your body adjusts and heals itself from YEARS of bad habits)?
  2. Unobserved_Journey

    Starting February 22, 2016

    TerraZ, thanks so much for sharing, I may try those this weekend! busymama07, is there something specific on your mind or is it just cloudy/foggy/hard to focus? When I first started Whole30 (before the corn incident), I had a day or two within the first week where my mind just wasn't right. I wasn't thinking about food, but finding it hard to concentrate on any one thing. My brain felt foggy and tired. It didn't last long and I noticed a slight energy boost shortly thereafter. It was MUCH easier to focus (way better than before I started Whole30), which I attribute to eating smart. Last night, I got a whiff of chocolate cake powder mix. It was SO specific and trust me - THERE IS NO CAKE MIX in my house! It was right before I went to bed, I just caught a slight scent that my brain immediately recognized. And of course, I thought "CAKE!". My brain thought it. My heart thought it. My belly wanted it. I read that you get strange food dreams but thought that was random. I didn't get those in my first few weeks on Whole30 and surprised they popped up last night. And NO, I'm not preggers. I had a moment of desire last week at the grocery store. They put fresh baked bread right in front of the check out lane. So you stood agony..smelling freshly baked bread. I did have a twinge inside (I loooooove bread) but was happy (and proud) of myself for the healthy veggies and organic meats in my cart. Who else has had any food dreams or pulls towards "cheating"?? Hope everyone is feeling some positive effects this weekend!
  3. Unobserved_Journey

    whole30 PCOS

    Def not weird that you miss it. Sometimes I feel like it reminds me I'm a woman so when it stays away for so long, I stay looking out the window waiting for the car lights to appear so I know it's home. LOL
  4. Unobserved_Journey

    Starting February 22, 2016

    Yummm, tacos. Have a favorite go-to taco recipe to share?
  5. Unobserved_Journey

    Starting February 22, 2016

    Yay! Glad to see there's a collective forming. There are so many threads on this forum it's hard to establish consistent relationships It's also great to hear everyone is doing well and seeing some changes. I restarted my Whole30 on February 19th after learning corn wasn't on the acceptable veggies list (silly me). It's still so easy and I'm finally getting a handle on grocery shopping. I couldn't quite balance my shopping with my budget. So now I spend my money at Whole Foods on meats & fish, guacamole (they make a great guac), salsa, and coconut milk. Then I buy all my veggies at the local grocery store. Each week, I try to introduce one new food or recipe into my meals. Last week, it was the red pepper sauce with zucchini noodles and chicken. I even spiralized a butternut squash! Anyone have tips on stretching your grocery budget? Who's tried something new in the kitchen this week as a result of Whole30?
  6. Unobserved_Journey

    Day 10 NSV

    Woot woot Samianne724! Virtual high five on your win. I'm going into week 3 of my Whole30 (with a recent restart this past Friday when I learned corn is not an acceptable veggie...I know...I know...but in fairness I wasn't aware it's not in plan; just my food ignorance showing) and haven't had many temptations. I loved sweets and baked goods. Only once have I thought about cake, but it was a passing moment. Not a true craving. Then there was one night last week when I couldn't sleep. I kept my tingling hands busy by watching Tasty on FB (the one with the food prep videos that are addicting to watch). I tried to only watch the videos with food I could eat but eventually found myself watching dessert video after baked goods video. Surprisingly, it didn't give me cravings and I didn't throw on my tennis shoes and head to the nearest gas station to stock up on Hostess goodies (as I have in the past no matter the hour of night). Be proud of that moment! And the next one to come!!
  7. Unobserved_Journey

    whole30 PCOS

    I have PCOS and read lots of good information about Whole30. It all falls in line with what doctors have told me over the years. Grains are bad, mmmkay? Dairy is bad, mmkay? Currently, I'm going on 18 months since my last cycle (I average one about every 9-12 months). In the past, when I've lost weight (about 20lbs) my period would occur naturally. I'm on week 3 of my very first Whole30 and started spotting and cramping hard on Friday. I was had been a LONG time since my last cycle. A few spots and then nothing. I still have very strong cramping from time to time, but nothing appears. I've taken progesterone and several other hormones (including BC) in the past to regulate my cycle (or to just get the damn thing to show its face)....but with no luck. The older I get, the more worried I become. I'm truly hoping the Whole30 will help rid my body of chemicals and additives affecting my hormones. Let me know if anyone has experienced significant changes with their PCOS while doing Whole30 or shortly thereafter. Thanks! Amanda
  8. Unobserved_Journey

    Starting February 22, 2016

    Howdy! I had to restart my first Whole30 on Friday, after learning that corn was not an allowed vegetable. Read that book and read it again! I'm new to foods and obviously didn't know enough to understand corn would be off limits. I started on February 1st and stayed on track without breaking a sweat. It was MUCH easier and more natural to follow than I expected. I added corn to a few dinner dishes last week and decided to read the Whole30 book again just to refresh my motivation. One tiny sentence stood out: ....corn...not allowed. Since I know this is a new lifelong way of eating, I didn't hesitate to restart my Whole30 the very next day. I'm looking forward to feeling the benefits of completing the whole 30 days In my first few days, I experienced a clear mind. Something I've not encountered on previous 'diet' attempts. By my 3rd week, I had no desire to weigh myself (though I could feel I was losing water weight) and no sweet tooth/cravings. I was a bit sluggish and more exhausted than usual. The book says this is common around day 10 or 11. I have hormone issues so I'm sure my reaction times will vary from what the book suggests. Jenn - don't be discouraged by your husband's lack of support. How does he view the Whole30? In his eyes, is this yet another "diet attempt"? Or does it feel like too many hoops to jump through? Keep us posted on how your first Sunday family lunch went. You're doing a great thing - it's not to be frowned upon! Melissa - Whole30 is teaching me to cook lol I love cooking but never 'fell in love with cooking'. I watched a few Canadian cuisine cooking videos on YouTube and learned some cooking basics. My 2 favorite moments were when I zested a lemon for the first time and when I made my first batch of mayo. I couldn't BELIEVE how easy it was! And delicious! I then made my own batch of ranch - OMG SO GOOD! I prefer mine much more than any store bought. Good luck to you both & thanks for sharing the first step in your journey to a new way of Amanda
  9. Unobserved_Journey


    Whole30 first timer!! My start date is January 1st and I am R-E-A-D-Y. Well, not quite lol I will be handling my pre-planning steps tomorrow in preparation to change my life on January 1st. I have a number of medical issues and excess weight motivating me to change. Nothing else has worked and I'm beginning to embrace the psychology of my relationship to food. Whole30 has brought this to the forefront for me & I'm confident it will incite REAL change. Cheers to all the January Whole30 folks!!
  10. Unobserved_Journey

    Before you start

    I'm having a hard time with wasting the food currently in my pantry & fridge. At least the stuff I can't drop off at the food bank. So my plan is to just eat what I can (without going crazy) until I begin on January 1st. I've gone balls to the wall with previous attempts to change my nutritional lifestyle. Never does me good and the satisfaction of those foods is always short lived. This is my first Whole30, book just arrived from Amazon today. I'm ready!