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    Question for Type 2 Diabetics

    I am so glad and encouraged to find this thread. I am type 2 and am doing this because my doctor told me to. (I switched doctors when the last one said the only thing he had in his toolbox was insulin...I wanted other options) I really appreciate everyone's input. I am on Day 2 and yesterday really crashed at 3:30. I will carry an RX bar for sure and that protein salad at lunch will probably double! I think the suggestions of no fruit in the morning is a good one for me. THANKS y'all. And Happy New Year
  2. PNewll


    Hi. I have actually started today because I just couldn't wait. I am really encouraged reading forum posts but am also nervous--why does everyone have bowls of candy on their desks and checkout counters??? My best friend who lives 800 miles away started yesterday. We are doing an email daily to update each other. And this will help. I am impressed with the amount of planning and prep and OMG label reading! I thought I had done my job but wow. There's more to do. So far I have a one week menu plan and I changed it up on the first meal. Ha. I can't wait for leftovers. Thanks for being there. oh and I am 58, live in Western North Carolina, am doing this on the suggestion of my dr.--hoping to change bloodwork results and just need to get real about eating and aging.