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  1. whatmeworry


    I had problems with avocados and any overdoing on eggs - and tea of any kind. See if you can figure out what sets it off. Generally eat a bit lighter if you are not young and super active.
  2. whatmeworry

    Day 1 May 1

    Sunflower seed butter is a life saver! I also cannot eat avocado, and got thoroughly sick of coconut milk on my 1st whole 30. Sunflower butter was the best - and it is less expensive than nut butters too.
  3. whatmeworry

    Start Date: May 2

    Hi brittrambob! I did my first whole 30 in January, and neither my husband nor son participated - it went fine, I assure you. Of course, I am used to making different meals as there are 2 pescatarians (the girls) and 2 carnivores in the family, so it was not a huge change. My daughter does not live with us anymore (wow!) but the boys are not going to give up their rice and sugar for now. My husband is already gluten free for a long time, so the rest of us respect that in the house for the most part. A lot of pancakes happen when our son is here, though! In any case, you will be surprised how quickly you get used to the restrictions. Every meal is satisfying - just don't worry too terribly much about the amounts at first. The meal template based on your hand is useful, and having special things to make sure you drink enough might be a good idea (sparkling water with lemon, kombucha, or some other mild flavour works really well). I am thinking about doing a second whole 30 starting on the 2nd as well. Will keep you posted! good luck -
  4. whatmeworry


    Day 30 winding down. I got kind of weird feeling today - obsessing over something that had nothing to do with food - so finally I went shopping and prepared some foods ahead to break my non-food obsession! It was odd, but it worked. I feel better now. So tomorrow - wine or lentils? hmmm.
  5. whatmeworry


    Well, tomorrow is the magic #30. I am looking forward to my first lentils on Sunday. I have missed them more than anything else (well, maybe wine). I nice batch of red lentil curry soupy stuff that can be soup or sauce is the first thing I'll make! I like it with any meal, or over anything. Three people told me how great I am looking this morning - they all mentioned skin, and one said I look younger every time she sees me (I'm 62!). It was rather embarrassing, but nice to hear. I do really feel good - and I have kind of re-defined tiger blood. I think I was so used to being cranked up on a kind of hyper energy (stress addict for sure!) that the even and good energy I have now seemed a bit of a let down. Here in these last few days I am saying good bye to that hyperness (and the crashes that followed) and enjoying getting a lot done while staying focussed and strong, but not flying around. tally ho!
  6. whatmeworry


    Day 28 done and dusted - it was a close shave for dinner. I had to go to a reception, knowing there would probably be nothing I would want to eat, but my plan to eat something before going was killed by a meeting that ran overtime. I was not terribly hungry, so it was not too bad, but an evening with circulating servers offering wine and delicious-looking finger food from sweet potato potstickers (I did not think that peeling off the outside would look too cool!) to little felafels with raita and some kind of artichoke and cheese thing - none of it was tempting! I did have two asparagus spears without dipping them in the sauce offered. They were just lightly steamed and delicious, so that and about a gallon of sparkling water had to hold me until I got home and beat the world record for making a veggies and squid green curry. It was wonderful. I must say I am looking forward to that glass of wine on Sunday, but none of the off-plan foods have power! have a good one ----
  7. whatmeworry

    Jan 2016 Start Date - Calling all over 50 folks!

    Oh Dear. That sounds really scary when in the same sentence as Pilates. Breathe!!!
  8. whatmeworry

    Day 4 and want to quit

    I'm not one of the gurus or super experienced users, but I felt like you do the first week or so. Don't give up! It really gets better. I had to adjust the balance of the template and the items I chose for each until it felt better. Now it's bubbling along pretty well! You can do this!
  9. whatmeworry


    OK - tiger is back! The slow, muscle-tired days seem to be past at least for now. Looking forward to the rest of the day - 27 already - happy Mozart's 230th birthday!
  10. whatmeworry


    Day 26 down! It took me until 5:00 pm to drag my sorry carcass to the gym, but it was completely worth it. I feel great! I'll post over in troubleshooting about the pre-workout that made (I think) the difference. sleep tight!
  11. whatmeworry


    Oh where oh where has my tiger blood gone? Oh where oh where can it be? (whiny little child voice) Just feeling sooo slooow today. Feeling fine, brain clear, just no physical get up and go. Need to go do a work out anyhow - maybe moving more will help. I'm usually the energizer bunny type, so this is almost like the first week revisited. I have to say I am looking forward to working up to a slightly wider diet with less meat in it soon. I will go to legumes as my first re-intro and hope that they still make my body as happy as they used to. No soy (no way!) but lentils especially are on my wish list at the moment. I certainly feel leaner, even though I have not really gotten much smaller (didn't want to) - feels good! Just need my usual crazy energy back. Please?
  12. whatmeworry


    And day 24 done! Nice day catching up on things, watching my two crazy guys (husband and 19-year-old son) play baseball in the livingroom with a piece of firewood as a bat and a squishy stress ball - they played all 9 innings, had some really weird rules going, and just cracked me (and themselves) up! Sillies. It was a good antidote to yesterday's emergency water pump replacement. Got to spend some time with my daughter and our horses, and now have to get packed up for the week at work in town. Sigh. have a great night!
  13. whatmeworry

    Jan 2016 Start Date - Calling all over 50 folks!

    Well, I turned 62 on day 18, and now completed day 22. Feeling good! Mellow, positive, and not as stressed as usual, even though I have just as much to do. My insides have figured this all out a bit better, and I'm less tired so exercising more again. I don't get sore! That is a really fun benefit. Keep it up, everyone!
  14. whatmeworry


    Well, day 22 has been quiet, but busy. I had to get through an interview by skype - luckily an interview as the outgoing person in my position - and while that was going on, my DH discovered that our water was out (doing the dishes, he was! soon he wasn't. no water was happening). The pump that is at the bottom of our 360-foot deep artesian well seems to have died. Fun repairs tomorrow... Then it was dentist time - some work on a tooth that lost a shard just before the holidays - and that was just a great time. But dinner was all planned and easy to put together, while buckets of pond water were heating on the wood cook stove so I could do dishes. Should I say that it sucked pond water? In any case, all is well - plenty of energy and evenness of mood to deal with it! I only wanted a stiff drink about four times! Took a herbal liquorice spice tea instead. Jackie_15 - I am sure you will get a great answer from the moderators. They are super helpful and I hope you start feeling better soon. You're doing the right thing by bringing it here!
  15. whatmeworry


    A slightly difficult but great day 21! Exercise was harder and I felt more tired - I think I really need to do the PWO and not think I don't need it. I do. sauna, shower, dinner, and now a movie with DH. Ahhhhhh.