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  1. I took herbals - Atrantil. Google Dr. Pimental, the pioneer of SIBO testing, about what to eat during treatment. He has some curious advice about not restricting diet overly while doing it because it makes the bacteria hide inside biofilms. He says, you want the bacteria to come out and play. Good luck. It sounds like you've been through H*ll.
  2. I was diagnosed with SIBO-C after a breath test at my Gastro's office in October of 2016. After researching the failure rate of antibiotics (70% recurrence), I chose to go the herbal route. For diet, I went with the Perfect Health Diet (Jaminet). Three months later I got the all-clear from my Gastro. I say diet, but PHD isn't a diet so much as a way of life (whole foods, grass-fed, grain-free, sugar-free), which I continued to follow even after the all-clear. I make bone broth in batches and turn it into soups, which are my daily lunch. I don't eat breakfast. I practice intermittent fasting - meaning from 8pm to 1pm the next day I don't eat anything. This encourages something called autophagy, which is the body's natural way of ridding itself of the endotoxins produced by the bad bugs in our gut. It also boosts the immune system, which anyone with gut issues needs. For dinner I eat salmon four nights a week. (This is at the suggestion of my Rheumatologist and is really helping my joints. It also helped with constipation and dry eye.) The other nights I usually prepare some chicken recipe, because DH doesn't eat red meat. On fridays we used to celebrate with a GF pizza night, but now that I'm on W30 we do Chipotle takeout. I'm back on the W30 forums because like many people who try to eat clean, I fell off the wagon from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and started letting myself have cheese, wine, and stupidly even allowed some sugar. This earned me the return of some of my old symptoms, so I'm here for a restart. This is my third W30 and this is Day 6 for me. I'm sleeping better, having regular BMs, and so far no terrible W30 side effects - which surprises me after all my feasting.