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  1. @Tiffy Squidwell…. Sadly, despite doing countless whole30s I have never nailed the reintro. I always mess it up. So I have never done one right. Major fail. I only know that eggs give me headaches. I’m oblivious to all other food items. Except I also wake up with a headache if I drink a soda too close to bedtime. That however is knowledge I obtained without the Whole30. Did Melissa introduce a plant based Whole30 because she now is against meat? Or just because it was for popular demand? I seen that it happened but didn’t read up on it.
  2. I am literally the worst at reintro. I mess it up every time. bad bad bad weekend. Plans…. Heading back to Whole30 for an unknown amount of time. Maybe two weeks, maybe 30 days, maybe longer. Then I REALLY need to do a proper reintro. Good luck to all of you Rikki
  3. I don’t know what I was thinking…. Clearly I was in a post Night Shift fog and NOT thinking. A co-worker and I grabbed breakfast together on our way home from the hospital. I made the decision that I would intro gluten/flour. So I got a breakfast sandwich that was grilled chicken on a biscuit. No cheese. No sauce. Nothing else. Just chicken and a biscuit. I didn’t even add egg because I already know those can give me headaches. I felt good about my decision. Enjoyed breakfast and the company. Went to bed feeling fine. Woke up this afternoon to head back to work and sudden
  4. Congrats on the blood pressure and weight loss!! That’s awesome!!
  5. Still no reintro for me yet. I am now thinking I might skip the ice cream, aka dairy reintro, and go for sushi on Monday instead. Pretty sure doing sushi I can trial rice but keep everything else out? I will just need to be mindful of any breaded shrimp in the mix of the sushi rolls. Thoughts? I honeslty don’t know too much about what’s in Sushi. I just know I enjoy eating it
  6. Glad I didn’t reintro anything other than sugar yesterday. I woke go with a wicked headache which was right on course with my typical period headaches. They tend to peek on day two or three. Sooo yup if I had eaten anything other than sugar, even knowing my headache cycles I would t have triple questioned the food. reintro should be able to start in another two days or so. For now I have a bunch of meat in the Sous Vide cooker and veggies ready to go too. Meal prep made easy. Gonna lay off the sugar again too. Just because I can. @Aliem999 sorry you got
  7. I did not stop and get me an icecream today as I had planned. Since I am still having menstrual cramps I didn’t want to question any discomfort. I did have a little sugar though in the way of a bite sized unreal brand coconut chocolate bar. The ingredients are not too crazy and it was pretty good …. Organic Coconut, Organic Cassava Syrup, Dark Chocolate (Chocolate Liquor, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla) didn’t seem to upset my gut. So we shall see how I feel tomorrow. Hoping my cramps go away soon. I really want ice cream.
  8. I actually started my period today. Tomorrow is day 31 and I was just thinking….. maybe I should extend it until I wake up not feeling bloated and crampy. Otherwise….. is it cramps? Or my gut doesn’t like dairy. way to screw up my plans of getting icecream tomorrow stupid body!
  9. I’m not extending because I want ice cream!! It is the only thing I have felt deprived of So Wednesday, day 31 for me, I’m getting a vanilla icecream from somewhere! I will keep it plain vanilla to test out the dairy. Won’t include any toppings or other mixings Other than that though, I don’t really have a desire to add anything back in for a while. I will most likely stay away from everything else, mostly grains and still super limited dairy in the way of an occasional ice cream, but I will be sure to do a proper reintro when I do add something else back in.
  10. CONGRATS on the dresses!!! That’s awesome!!! Obnoxiously I’m feeling extra bloated today. I can’t figure out why? My period isn’t for another week or a little longer. Didn’t add anything new to my diet?? Soooo who knows. Sadly I broke the scale rule yesterday. I joined an 8 week fitness challenge at my gym and I had to weigh in on their equipment. It was an electronic scale that I had to enter a bunch of info into so I couldn’t avoid looking at the numbers. I am down 10lbs though sooo YAY!!!
  11. I’m still around and definitely with you all on the food boredom!!! Plus boredom in general with being in quarantine for covid has made it even worse. I know two things about myself without a doubt ….. I am an emotional eater and a bored eater. So the fact that I have stuck with this whole thing while being out with covid is amazing!! I am not exactly sure how i will work my reintroduction just yet. I feel like sugars have already been reintroduced with the cold meds and cough drops I used on the worst days of my covid but I’m trying really hard to not count those against me. I do th
  12. What do you ladies think I should do? I did take both DayQuil once and Nyquil once yesterday which are pure sugar, and I know Melisa said it was okay to do in that article I found, but now I feel like I cheated the plan. Do I still keep going and claim I completed a Whole30 at the end? Or do I just accept defeat with being sick? The meds and cough drops are the only things that don’t fit but still. Thanks in advance oh and other update … I am feeling okay overall today. I was up about every two hours overnight with wicked coughing fits but my sore throat is a bit better. I do s
  13. Well Shyte. The hospital made me retest yesterday and my covid came back positive. So much for me getting to feel the tigers blood since it coincides with me getting covid. Lame
  14. Too funny. After my post last night about not touching my comfort foods while sick…. This was the daily Whole30 text I received. It's Day 17, and by now, you've hit a bump or two. You've been anxious, lonely, or scared, and tempted to comfort yourself with something sweet and instantly gratifying (AKA numbing). A gentle reminder from me (and from Past You, who came to the Whole30 in part for this specific reason): Food won't make it better. It won't make it easier. It won't make you happier. It doesn't fill the hole. It doesn't fix what's wrong. Connection, support, love, and reass
  15. Can I just pat myself on the back for a second I am a HUGE comfort eater!! Being sick is one of those times I WANT/NEED comfort food!! I don’t have an appetite right now per say but I have killer cravings and habits calling to me big time!! I want sugary sprite, I want cold ice cream, I want warm, homemade, thick noodled, chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers. I want my dads chocolate chip cookies and I want my grandma to bring me orange popsicles. I want all of those things to make me feel better! And you know what….. I haven’t touched any of them. I’m in my emotionally weak pl
  16. As for the MSG thing. It seems in all the years I have been aware of the Whole30, very minimal changes have ever been made. She started labeling Lara bars and Rx bars as only partially compliant aka emergency food only because they are easily food without breaks for most people and easily trigger the sugar dragon. She also totally nixed plantain chips which honeslty made me sad because I love plantain chips and homemeade guacamole. As for add ins. I think MSG and white potatoes are all I have ever seen her add back in as okay. Anywho. It appears things are not don
  17. I tried the one I had. It was a “glucose syrup” or something on the ingredients list. It didn’t do anything more than chomping on the ice did. So I will stick to the ice at this point. I work in a hospital and hafta go back to work tomorrow so I’m currently sitting in an instacare for a rapid strep and covid test. As long as it’s not covid I will go to work. I’m 99% sure it’s not but I need to play it safe. I’m so over covid. I wish we could just go back to ignoring our colds My goal for today is to eat something. I haven’t eaten in about 24 hours. Worst case scenario I will
  18. I found this on the Whole30 page….. And if it’s a matter of taking the Nyquil and sleeping through the night, or sticking to the Whole30 and being miserable, well… sweet dreams. (We’re pretty sure no one sips Nyquil for the sugar hit.) nowhere in the article does it say you need to start over either. I think I will try one lozenge and if it works miracles I will sneak another one or two in until I can get to the store to find sugar free ones. there hasta be sugar free ones. The article also listed some herbal teas and stuff that are approved. So I will look for those.
  19. My throat is not happy this morning. Being sick is stupid. What are your thoughts on throat lozenges with sugar in them? I’m currently sucking on ice and it’s just not cutting it. I have two different kinds but of course both have sugar. I mean it’s not like I’m popping Candy. They are menthol and don’t taste good at all even with the added sugar I feel like there should be an exception for these things but at the same time I’m betting there isn’t. I’m guessing I need to stick to the ice.
  20. Well shyte. I’m sick. My youngest was sick last week. Covid negative. I now have the same symptoms he did. Yay me!! No wonder I have felt so run down. This stupid thing was brewing. I tend to not take care of myself when I’m sick though. I mean I’m a mom. So today I still cleaned the whole house. Toilets and all. Meal prepped a little bit of meat and fed my family. I didn’t eat much at all today but I’m ready for tomorrow if my appetite is back. Now I’m lying in bed praying my body isn’t too angry tomorrow. hahaha. I just proofread my post. I promise I washed my hands betwe
  21. I signed up for daily Whole30 text messages when I started. They are promoted as being daily encouragement from Melissa herself. Of course they are computer/auto generated but they are nice to get. The one today made me laugh and feel better about life. If you don’t get them, here it is. “Whole30 Day 14! Hey, are you doing the PERFECT Whole30? No? Good, because it DOESN'T EXIST. Not every meal will be a colorful rainbow. Snacks will happen. Over-eating almond butter might happen. If you're me, microwaving Whole30 Approved hot dogs and eating them with my bare hands happens like once a we
  22. I finally made it to the store!!!! I didn’t get any actual cooking done today but I will do a bunch tomorrow. Tonight for dinner I just ate one of the approved primal kitchen frozen meals. It was actually pretty good! A bit on the spicy side for me but still good. I do have to say though that if I was ever in a place where I was starving I might need to add some extra veggies to it. The serving is pretty small. But I can’t complain with the fact that it was super easy after a day of not having energy to do much of anything.
  23. Day 13 for me and I am TIRED!!! No energy and no desire to do anything. It could be because I worked out twice on Thursday and my multiple sclerosis is mad, or it’s because I need to be eating more but I am not hungry. My appetite is nearly non existent. Heading to the grocery store here in a few and I’m going to meal prep better this week. My goal is to really work on three meals a day that are in line with the template instead of just randomly eating approved foods. No feed back from me on the possible swypo items that have been discussed because I myself have searched an
  24. I know smoothies are not encouraged, but when I still havent made it to the store…. It was my go to for breakfast today. Fruit (strawberries and banana) veggies (a handful of kale and spinach) healthy fat (almond butter) and protein (collagen powder) all blended into a thick smoothie. Now to get to the store!! Breakfast is the hardest for me. What are your favorite NO EGG breakfasts??
  25. I really wanna get on a scale. I feel so much lighter already but I know in the grand scheme of things that’s not important. It’s still a hard mindset to change.