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  1. Hah, so I am back (and day 25, whoo!). Further update on ovary status: roughly a week after finishing my period, I've started up the PMS symptoms again - cramping and bloating all came back. I think my body is confused...
  2. Hi everyone, just wanted to update for sake of those who might check in here with the same problem. I ended up getting my period a few days ago after much more painful cramping than normal. It also seems much heavier too, but no idea if that's the Plan B or Whole30. I can also tell I'm still bloated and am hoping that'll go away once my period stops, as normal. The good news is that my appetite has *really* reined itself back - whew.
  3. Oh, I definitely meant "diet" in terms of "system of eating", not "way to lose weight". I know, my username doesn't help, but it's actually a really lame and nerdy reference that's a sarcastic personal reminder to NOT think of this as dieting. The broth (still unskimmed, so had a lot of fat probably) combined with protein satisfied me pretty well actually, but soup usually does that for me. Otherwise I think my packed lunches would've been in trouble! Very interesting, I'll definitely have a look through some threads here, thanks for the help. I've been getting all the "signs" lik
  4. I could kill 10 plates of fish and broccoli right now! So yes now I'm drinking some turkey broth (and eating some of the turkey that made it). Thanks for the encouragement. I made the mistake of peeping at the scale (hoping the bloat was just in my mind) and it wasn't good, so I've been disappointed in my body and doubting the diet. I've always struggled with keeping hormones balanced and am VERY sensitive to hormones. I couldn't take hormonal contraceptives because of the side effects...until the necessity of Plan B, ugh. Never again. Are there any particular links/threads where
  5. Hi! I don't really want to start my own thread, but I made an account just to post about this. I'm on Day 10 and I'm feeling so wonky. My body is insanely bloated, I've had dull but strong cramps and I've been a PMSing mess in general. This has been going on throughout but really peaked a few days ago. Right now I'm still bloated, but it's more like that I usually am in the week or so before my period. I'm also ravenous (as in, genuine stomach pangs hungry), despite eating a massive lunch and dinner today. Thing is, I also had to take a Plan B 2 days before I started this. So now I'm won