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  1. January 13th (day after husband's birthday) my second Whole 30!
  2. Bethie Annie

    April Whole 30 group

    Starting April 1st! My daughter and I both did the Whole 30 in January, she lost 12lbs, myself 7lbs. So many wonderful changes, posted my Day 31 on the forum, looking back I have to wonder why I fell so completely off the wagon when I felt so good. Definitely need a re-start!
  3. Bethie Annie

    Giving up wine for W30

    You should be proud. I feel very much the same way about alcohol. I was sure I wouldn't be able to go without my wine, everything else I could do without. And yes, going off Whole 30, I was fearful that I would go back to indulging every day again. I have made a promise to only drink on Sat, and Sun. This is even tough to do at times. Once I have one glass of wine, I usually have two. Congrats to you, it's hard to even admit!
  4. Bethie Annie

    Giving up wine for W30

    I love, love, loved wine. I could drink a bottle without any problem and my re-intro choice was Red wine. I had wine on Friday and Saturday (even though I felt awful on Saturday-headache) But since Saturday I have no cravings for wine, really weird! I wanted to kill someone for wine the first 10 days of Whole 30. So, Reece, you might surprise yourself and not really love it the way you did pre-whole 30
  5. Bethie Annie

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    How did everyone do with re-intro? I had my wine, didn't taste as good as I remembered. Indulged in some sugary stuff and bread. Back to feeling bloated I guess I better get back on the Whole 30 & see if I can correct this.
  6. Bethie Annie

    Giving up wine for W30

    I'm going to start from Day 1 tomorrow and re-read all my Whole 30 Dailys and be completely compliant again, except for occasional wine on weekends. I hope this works. Sometimes the second time around on a "diet" it's not as easy.
  7. Bethie Annie

    Post Whole 30 Weigh in and Thoughts

    MamaDrew I wouldn't stress about the weight, I think the body fat % is so much more important. I'm sure your clothes fit differently too, which is always a bonus! The wine thing is an issue...I drank my bottle of red pretty regularly, as well, and I don't want to fall back into that trap. I'm going to try very hard to only indulge on weekends and mix in my Seltzer water between wines. The wine is what I am most frightened of, so maybe I will be a little more conscious of it. I had a piece of 80% chocolate a little while ago and although I was dying to have some during the Whole 30,much to my delight, it didn't do much for me. Enjoy dinner!!
  8. February 1, 2013 Whole 30 Day 31 So here I am day 31.... Excited and Scared! Here's my story I have tried Paleo and a million other diets. My drinking never changed, still had my red wine. I would fall off "the diet" because I would lose the clarity, and drive (wine relaxation). I've never been terribly overweight because I either worked out like a mad woman, stuck my finger down my throat on occasion (gross, I know), took Psylum capsules after eating a heavy get the picture. I came across the Whole 30 link a few months back and thought..No way can I do that. So I pushed it aside. In December I came across it again, this time I thought..maybe I can. I figured after pigging out and alcohol during the holidays I'd be good and ready by January 2nd. So I prepared and prepared. I froze Emergency ground chicken and beef protein packets in 2 cup portions (little did my husband know, at the time, he was going to be in on this too) in little baggies. I made bone broth and did the same (2 cup portions, chicken and beef). I stared purchasing things like Ghee and stopped purchasing things that were not allowed. Revamped my kitchen cabinets, nothing but Whole 30 compliant foods to be found. I stashed flour, sugar, honey, agave etc in basement. I was gearing up. All the wine was gone and although I don't really drink liquor, that was literally locked up. My next step was to recruit friends and family to go along for the ride. My husband, my daughter and a friend of mine, who has always been health conscious, were on board.. Whoop, Whoop, I was ready! Day 1 (January 2nd) Easy day, we were all so excited! Fast forward to Day 10, not so much fun anymore Struggling with sugar cravings and wine withdrawal (didn't help that it was hubby's birthday and we were going out to dinner) Made it through though. Most of the time things went well, tried a lot of new recipes from and Saved the ones we loved (most of them) and pitched the others. I am surprised and happy to find myself at Day 31. I believe Whole 30 worked because I had a clear rules to follow & a start and finish date ("30 days, No problem! People suffer a lot worse for longer than 30 days!") All of my cohorts made it as well and are pleased with the results. My husband can't keep his pants from falling off without a belt. He has lost 15# My daughter lost a total of 12# but is extending her Whole 30 with a goal of 120#s. My friend feels wonderful, her back is pain free, she has lost weight (she didn't really need to) but is thrilled with her pain free back. Wow! And here is my story These are the issues I had pre-Whole 30 Stomach always feels full and bloated (it lays next to me in bed) Tired mid afternoon My nails are splitting, weak and soft Skin is dry and I have an issue of dark patches with small flat warts along my jawline that recently reared their ugly heads during the holidays (I had been treating them with a very low dose of Retinol for over a year without results). Over the holidays they became inflamed (They are a virus, so I'm guessing between the bad eating and the alcohol my body had too much to deal with and put the virus on the back burner) I wanted to post a before photo but don't know how My eyes and skin look tired and dull I don't sleep well My thighs look enormous! My hair is thin and a little dry and frizzy Mental clarity is not good, I can't think of names that I deal with every day, they escape me. I am slow thinking, cloudy, I can't get my thoughts straight (like a hangover!!) My clothes, especially my jeans, are tight and uncomfortable (I have a new pair of Lucky jeans I don't want to try on because I know they will be tight,I bought the size I always buy without trying them on. Measurements...12/3/2012 Mind you this was prior to the Holidays, which I was un-restricted (knowing that I was starting the Whole 30 on January 2nd). So these measurements may not be accurate, I may have been even Bigger by Jan 2nd! Age 53 ht 5:4" wt 130# Waist 28" Abs (navel) 30" Hips 37.5" Thigh Rt 17.5" Lt 17.75" Calf Rt 12.5" Lt 12.5" Lean body mass 73.08 So now here I am at Day 31 Drum roll .... Still age 53 (damn, I was hoping to be younger) ht 5:4" (and taller) Wt 123# (--7#s) Waist 26" (--2 inches) Abs (navel) 29" (--1 inch) Hips 36.5 (--1 inch) Thigh Rt 17" (--1/2", Lt 17" (--1/2") My skin is vibrant all of the virus has disappeared! Not even a hint and the brown has faded to the point of unnoticeable unless you look close My hair is still thin, but it's never been thick and its shiny, not dry My nails are still thin, oh well, they were never great either, maybe they will improve as I continue to eat Whole 30 style Mental Clarity.. Yep, Got it! I've been avoiding the jeans, wearing sweats and waiting for this day.. They fit again! Yeah!!! I am sooo happy! Thinking back to the beginning...I dreamt of Day 31...hmmm what was I going to eat/drink on my first day back to "life".Today I'm afraid... I don't want to go back to that life, that eating. I feel too good and I know I can continue and possibly feel even better. I've decide to stick with the eating plan and try re-introducing red wine (just a little, mind you). I've read posts where you have a raging hangover the next day, I haven't had a hangover in years! Pre-Whole 30 I could polish off a bottle of red without a blink of an eye and function just fine (at least I thought) the next day. I have discovered that I am a lot "smarter" without red wine, dairy, grains etc..hmmm I think clearly! I feel terrific, lots of energy, My face problem is virtually gone!! Things I will do differently Take Pictures of meals and label with appropriate recipe Keep a journal of feelings etc along with meals Things I was not good at Eating within the hour on days off avoiding fruit during sugar cravings avoiding coffee during sugar cravings
  9. Bethie Annie

    Giving up wine for W30

    Will I no longer be a sugar burner after I re-introduce wine?? Help, I want to stay a sugar burner, but really would like to re-introduce wine
  10. Bethie Annie

    Freaking out about end of 1st Whole30

    Yes!! Thursday is day 30 for me too, I'm going to try to stick with the eating and only re-introduce wine. My other craving is for sugar on occasion. I'm afraid if I have any, I'll be back on the Sugar train. Also a little nervous that the wine will loosen my will power. Very, very nervous!
  11. Bethie Annie

    I drank alcohol and my stomach still hurts!

    So, if I re-introduce wine on my first night off.....I won't be in fat burning mode anymore??
  12. Bethie Annie

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Me too, still craving day 28, worried about what I'll do after Day 30
  13. Bethie Annie

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Day 27 ...Sugar cravings and hot flashes... What's up with that??
  14. Bethie Annie

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Did your work out! It was a barn burner. Thanks. Burpees with jumps, kb swings, Skaters, Thrusters