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  1. Do I need to start over?

    Thank you missmary and bep0819. I plan to "add" 6 days to my W30, actually I plan to just keep going on until something is truly "worth it". I've done this twice before and I know exactly which foods are problematic, therefore I don't plan to do the "reintroduction phase" again. Now it's about 10 days since my accidental dairy and sugar exposure. I've looked at it as a learning experience and I don't need to beat myself up over it. Life happens, it's how you respond to it that matters. Thanks again guys!
  2. Daily emails

    Oh thanks Miss Mary!
  3. Daily emails

    This is my 3rd Whole 30 and when I signed up for the day emails, I opted for the "repeat" emails for $4.95, since I've paid the full price before. If I were to sign up with the regular emails (for first timers) would I find different material? I was looking forward to the emphasis on the Whole9 factors and I wonder if the daily emails have different material in them this year. Thanks, Renee
  4. Do I need to start over?

    I'm super careful with my food, it just gets weird with family gatherings as I don't want to get super picky and seem ungrateful about the food I am served (I already am picky, in their eyes). I learned a valuable lesson that I should make sure and eat before-hand. It happened to be an awkward, unusual situation and I learned from it now. I'm just so bummed about this as all my efforts seem wasted now, and it wasn't even by choice. I would have chosen something that I really love, like a cappuccino or something, if I was going to "derail". Thanks for the feedback.
  5. I was with family this morning for breakfast that wasn't cooked by me and was lead to believe that the food was "whole30 friendly", but realized about halfway through my meal that the sausage had sugar and cheese in it! Also, the eggs were cooked in butter, not ghee. Ugh, I'm a bit disheartened as I am on day 6 and was feeling so proud of myself, and strong. I did not finish eating the sausage on my plate (had about approx 1/4 of a link), but I ate the 2 eggs, cooked in butter. My question is do I need to re-start my W30 now because of these "exposures"? Thank you in advance for any input. I appreciate it.
  6. Bloat. HELP.

    I totally broke out on one side of my face too! Crazy!! And the bloat, my goodness - mine started after only a couple days in and I'm still experiencing it, but to a lesser degree. Hang in there! This is my 2nd W30 and the bloat totally went away, toward the end of the 30 days and after my period.
  7. Starting 11/26 - 30 days 'till Christmas

    Stefr817 I have been putting (full fat) coconut milk, organic canned pumpkin (from whole foods), and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg every morning during my Whole30. I finished one week ago and I still look forward to my "pumpkin spiced coffee" in the mornings.
  8. Thank you for your response. Perhaps I need to give it more time before that particular inflammation goes away. Good luck to you in your post Whole30/New Whole9 life!
  9. Thanks for your response Tom. I did have inflammation in my fingers (and also my ankles and general bloating) before the Whole30. My diet is different in that I'm eating sweet potatoes or yams very often since I've started this program. Also, I've been eating Applegate Organics Chicken Apple sausages most days with my eggs and vegetables for breakfast. Before Whole30 I only had eggs for breakfast. The other different ingredients I've had daily are coconut milk and pumpkin in my coffee. I don't have inflamed ankles anymore or any other bloating issues, so that's great, just the puffy fingers.
  10. I completed my 30 days yesterday with great results in how my clothes fit, clearer skin and nice, even energy levels. I also just feel happier in general. During the 30 days I had a problem with bloated breasts that would not go away for a few weeks, but that has subsided. The thing that I was hoping would also go away is the inflammation in my fingers every morning. It seems to subside as the day goes on, but I really thought this would have stopped happening by day 31. I've been Whole30 compliant this whole time, but after considering everything I consume, I realized that there is a tiny amount of maltodextrin in a vitamin and mineral complex supplement that I take every day in my water. Could this trace amount of maltodextrin be the culprit?? I figured that the benefit of all the minerals and vitamins would outweigh the tiny amount of sugar in the mixture. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.