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  1. I think any attempts at eating healthier are better than eating what they normally eat. It seems like there are so many paleo-police out there. Who cares if someone eats clean during the week and then eats whatever they want on the weekend? For five out of seven days they put good food into their bodies. Surely that has to be better than eating pizza and pasta for all seven days. Don't let it get to you. Be happy that you have inspired them to change they way they eat, even if it's just a little.
  2. Tips for trips

    I agree! It's so east to maintain healthy eating habits when you're prepared!
  3. I drank alcohol and my stomach still hurts!

    I don't think any alcohol is considered the best to drink. I think it's like the Hartwig's sugar=sugar=sugar. Alcohol=alcohol=alcohol. There is no nutritional value to it any way you slice it. I wouldn't overdo it on the wine or any other alcoholic beverage because you don't know how your body is going to react right after and the next day. Best of luck to you!
  4. Do I really have to eat some veggies raw?

    It's completely up to you. A veggie is a veggie whether it's cooked or raw! Good luck!
  5. Starting whole30

    Good luck! I found that reading up on these new behaviors helped solidify what I was doing and why! It Starts With Food helped me get through some tough times and motivated me to stick with it!
  6. I've had high cholesterol for years now (my dad has it too). I was so excited to see the results! Even though my HDL decreased a tiny bit my LDL dropped significantly! My triglyceride and VLDL levels have increased - need to see about lowering them but otherwise I'm happy! July 2012 Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol PLASMA 3.2 HDL Cholesterol PLASMA 78 mg/dL LDL Cholesterol PLASMA 146 (H) mg/dL Cholesterol PLASMA 249 (H) < i> mg/dL Triglyceride PLASMA 127 mg/dL VLDL Cholesterol PLASMA 25 mg/dL December 2012 Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol PLASMA 3.0 HDL Cholesterol PLASMA 75 mg/dL LDL Cholesterol PLASMA 115 (H) mg/dL Cholesterol PLASMA 224 (H) < i> mg/dL Triglyceride PLASMA 171 (H) mg/dL VLDL Cholesterol PLASMA 34 mg/dL
  7. Thanksgiving (or other holiday) success??

    Robin, I started my Whole30 on November 8th and wanted to stay on track as much as possible during Thanksgiving even though it is my favorite time of the year to entertain. My husband was in town visting, and he brought a house guest. I made Whole30 or paleo compliant and non-compliant foods so we could all enjoy the meal. Prior to Thanksgiving I also planned any off-roading that would occur, and it was very minimal. Oven roasted turkey (Whole30) Sweet potato casserole (paleo) Mashed potatoes Stuffing Gravy Cranberry sauce (paleo) Dinner rolls Chocolate mousse tarts (paleo) Cheesecake White wine I had turkey with cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, a couple of chocolate mousse tarts (all paleo or Whole30) and for my off-roading I enjoyed a glass of wine and a sliver of cheesecake. It was great!