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  1. regina_phalange

    WholeLent 2016 - starting February 10th.

    I just completed my first Whole 30 yesterday (I still CANNOT believe I actually did it). I saw the Whole Lent idea and think it is great! I plan on using this week just to test out non-gluten grains and dairy but will be ready to dive in again for Lent. I am excited to do it with all of you!
  2. regina_phalange

    Starting 1/4/16

    Day 28 (we are so close!!). I am craving cottage cheese so bad! I am honestly afraid of day 31. I'm afraid even a bite of dairy or grains will bring back my binge habit...especially since it is not a calorie counting lifestyle. I am planning on doing the fast track re-intro, but I am really nervous. Thanks those who gave the encouraging words. They were sorely needed.
  3. regina_phalange

    Starting 1/4/16

    Hi all, This is my first time posting (although I have been reading a lot of them). It is Day 23 (whaatt??) and I have hit a wall! I feel so meh...I can't think of anything I want to eat and I just feel down which is so weird because I am so proud of myself for making it this far! I just need a couple words of encouragement. I am doing the Whole 30 with my sister but she isn't taking it 100% seriously and doesn't have the food addiction that I struggle with so she isn't exactly a support I can count on. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated! Good luck on our last week!