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  1. @maktak I have found that when I reintroduced dairy, my seasonal allergies returned like gangbusters. I had to take claritin for 2 days. Not sure if your itchiness could be a latent allergy, that surfaces when our immune system is stimulated by foods that react that way for us. For me, Dairy isn't worth it. I'm happy not having allergies most of the year. Knowing I CAN have it, and it's not completely harmful....but a real irritant...makes me put it in the ONLY occasionally category. And I'm ok with that. But at least I know the consequences. Oh @MeadowLily - You totally GET the whole idea behind my post. When on Whole30 I read so many people saying "when I'm off this and can have" or "the week after I complete I have a wedding, vacation or? and want to eat "normally". And I really wanted people to think, yes, on paper you can now eat all the things. But SHOULD you? You are now smarter, more in tune with your body. So take that information and go forth and be healthy. For me now, Whole30 is normal.... and I know the foods that harm me. Or don't allow me to live the most healthy life, I can. I love the way I feel. I still have energy, sleep well and am virtually pain free. I've still been able to eliminate the 4 medications I had to take previously. I know not everyone feels the same magic. But there was definitely something to learn from our Whole30 I do find my relationship with food is better, as well. That's definitely harder. I do use the checklist to check the "worth it" level of what I want. And I do try to see if it's just a craving or am I really hungry. One thing I have found, and can rejoice in, is that if I do eat something loaded with sugar. my leptin kicks in big time and says "OK that is ENOUGH!". Normally if there was a bag of reeses peanut butter cups, I'd eat 5 or 10 before I knew it. Now if I have something like that...and if I take my time (no wolfing it down, that is against the "rules") I am done at one and pretty much do not care to have anything sweet for days on end. That's something new for me. I was pretty sure my Leptin had up and gone. Never to return. Nope.... she's back and rockin' it like a champ. For that I am eternally grateful. I do know I will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep from becoming leptin and insulin resistant again. But I'm up to the task. Plus I am still losing weight while eating foods I like, a lot! Treated myself to Nom, Nom Paleo cookbook and Well Fed 1 cookbooks. Has anyone else noticed their leptin coming back to pay them a visit? Or is she still pretty shy?
  2. azcoolmom

    Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!

    Love reading everyone's posts on this journey. Of course we had to choose reducing stress on tax month.... but maybe it's a good test. Over and over we're all saying and seeing the same thing. Just take on ONE THING at a time. We have been coached for years to learn to multi-taxk and we've learned well... so when people want more it becomes multi-tasks, and then LOTS of multi-tasks. I've find it's more about being kind to myself. No one has yet died when I've said, I won't get to that until late this afternoon or tomorrow. As a matter of fact, it keeps down the phone calls of "did you get it done yet". They already know it's not on my radar. I can't say I've been successful everyday. The husband got snapped at a couple times when I was on over load. But overall... I've found it's a lot easier to be kind to myself, so I can be kind to others. A deep breath and "I'm only going to work on this for right now. Nothing else should distract me when I do this" and wow, I am so much more productive. Stress is almost at a minimum...but I feel I have made a good start and plan to try to live my life this way going forward. Sugar is not my friend when reducing stress, though coffee has no impact. I've been drinking it since I was an air traffic controller in the 70's so it's actually my calming morning ritual. Often I go out on my deck, overlook out mountain valley and enjoy that warm cup in my hands as I slip into my day. But sugar is a no go zone. It's no longer a food with no brakes...something sweet and my leptin kicks in big time. But it then increases my heart rate and that seems to generate adrenaline or something. I'm sure Melissa would know the sciency explanation for this, but it mimics stress. Ugh. But sometimes it's delicious...just maybe not "worth it". Hope you're all enjoying a stress free time. If not, go find one... quick! Just kidding. Tomorrow is tax day for me. Got everything together tonight so I am ready to tackle my "one thing". Be kind to yourselves, truly. That's the key.
  3. azcoolmom

    Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!

    Loving this month-by-month journey and sharing it with all of you! Sleep month definitely had it's ups and downs and I learned a lot. Sugar definitely impacts my sleep...and my resting heart rate. I have far more control of my sleep patterns than I had imagined. It's given me confidence to manage stress in a similar fashion. Sometimes increasing my awareness of what my role is, has helped. Like with sleep...I found a routine that worked before bed. Today I had numerous tasks and employers wanting my services all at once (I freelance & telecommute). I had a moment of panic (the old thought process "how am I going to get all this done")but realized I only needed to do one thing at a time. Tackled & completed the first thing (a big project building a website), then went outside for a walk. It was easy to finish that one project when I knew that when I finished I was going for a walk and not onto the next thing. Tomorrow is another day...and more will get done...but for the moment, think I'll go look and see if I can see the Northern Lights from my house tonight. Wishing you all a stress free weekend!
  4. Nearly 60 days past whole30... and yes, the magic continues. I've been riding my bike, and even took her off-road on vacation, but found that all the vacation foods I looked forward to came with strings attached. Oddly enough,I kept thinking they're not significant enough to be "worth it". Feeling this good, being able to stop 4 different medications, and having a healthy resting heart rate IS worth it. The biggest thing I've noticed, is food no longer controls me. The "reward" part of my thinking is no longer connected to food. I'm still trying to decide if this is from completing whole30 successfully and breaking the cycle in that 30 days, or if it's because the foods I used to reward myself in the past, can harm me and I'm not willing to go there. As Melissa says...this is the BEST science experiment, because it's uniquely ours! How is your experiment going??
  5. azcoolmom

    Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!

    Wow, February is almost personal development goals are not quite habits yet, so will be works in progress, as we March into March. Fortunately they do intertwine well. Sorry you had a sad goodbye visit @whole Christina and a cold I had a cold also this week, and how quickly I wanted old favorite comfort foods. Fortunately I was able to stay on path, and it was so rewarding to see my immune system take charge and make short work of this cold. Hope everyone is doing well!
  6. Faced a challenge this week, with a yukky cold. It is funny how ingrained our old habits are. I immediately wanted all my old comfort foods. Thankfully I had gotten far enough along to see that those would only be temporary comfort & leave me struggling, later. I did indulge only in some lemon & honey, one time. The sore throat just wouldn't give me any relief, and I was too miserable to think outside the box. I made lovely chicken bone broth & zoodles and it went with me to work, as well. Amazingly, my cold symptoms lasted only 4-5 days. A friend had made orange juice,pineapple and banana popsicles, with a squeeze of lemon juice and I think that will be my next "go to" item for sore throat in future. They were amazing. I've definitely switched from "fast track" to slow roll on my reintro. I did fast track dairy and non gluten grains and that was ok, though white rice made my heart race, like a pure sugar fix. Fast tracking legumes was not ok and am proceeding more slowly now. I'm very happy with where I am. Essentially whole30 most of the time. Enjoying finding new ways to prepare foods I love and that don't hurt me. I don't miss dairy, like I thought I would. Knowing I can have it, if the occasion arises and it's significant or delicious or "worth it", makes it pretty easy. But knowing if I go back to my old habits, all the benefits I'm enjoying today could be gone...makes this part of the journey so meaningful. I mean seriously! If my immune system is sooo happy that it knocked this cold flat in a few days, who am I to argue? How are your reintros going? What challenges have new foods given you? Which ones ARE worth it? And what post Whole30 benefits are you enjoying?
  7. @Steger ...I think that's been one of my greatest challenges...eating after dinner. On Whole30, I could say "you can't". So it was easy. Riding my bike, on a celebratory weekend, it was something I really wanted and did it. Quickly I realized I didn't sleep well and the resting heart rate, I was so delighted to see lowered on Whole30, crept up. So you're right, just distracting isn't going to work, and saying "I can't" isn't really addressing it either. Riding our bike is about having choices, whole30 is making the best ones. You've given me new motivation to say I won't eat after dinner. It harms me and my body and undoes the good I've done! And @Xandra, until whole30 I never realized I had replaced sleep with sugar and dealt with stress and anxiety with it. You're right. I feel sooo good now. I can't go back. You all encourage me every day. I've had 60 years to learn the old habits...the path to unlearn is with the people that truly understand the power of whole30. I also haven't done gluten grains yet, on my reintroduction. I may, at some point, but not ready yet. Part of me feels it could open the door to all the "baked goods" and worse, but part of me says I don't miss it, so am not ready to mess with success. Anyone who's done gluten, did you fast track (3 meals) or slow roll...have a bit & then wait to see what happened?
  8. azcoolmom

    Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!

    I've been working my way through reintroduction and am so happy to find how well I do without training wheels! It's empowering to realize I call the shots on what I will "allow" food to do to me. We had an anniversary weekend away and I was able to make so many good choices. Like @Saree_Maree said about not feeling it has to be all or nothing... I had a lovely orange creme martini and it was significant, delicious and worth it! It's so easy to go back on track when you know how good you feel, but going off road is also part of the journey! Learning how to drive the bike off road and get back on the a true skill. I'm excited to work on some "personal growth" areas. More focus now on yoga and mindfulness. I'm also brushing up on my foreign language skills, which I've let wane, for lack of use. This Whole9 challenge is a perfect segue from my Whole 30 completion and reintroductions. I'm going to take some of the suggestions for chamomile tea and make it a requirement. A cup of tea is one of my mindfulness practices, that I have been working on. Too often I barely unplug before heading off to bed. Good reminders and I sure appreciate all of you!
  9. azcoolmom

    let myself down AGAIN

    You're being really hard on yourself! It's ok. You admitted that it was "obsessive food behavior" that motivated you to undertake a whole30. It sounds like by not eating enough, you never really dealt with it. You just went the other way. I'm a terrible "scale addict" and I recognize what drives us. An 18 lb loss is a LOT in one month. You'd definitely feel tiger blood and deal with the stress food causes if you follow Tom's advice and eat lots. One of my favorite whole30 memes was the one that said that 1200 calories is a recommended amount, and it says "is that breakfast or what?" & "it's not a diet people". You're more than halfway there. You've got the tools. You'll rock your next whole30...when you're ready!
  10. The training wheels are totally off. I've been riding my bike through reintroduction and I'm learning much! Thanks to ISWF, I've known what to watch for and avoiding pitfalls. This weekend, we went away for our anniversary. The hubs was concerned about whether I would find things I "could eat", at the various restaurants we've gone to. I did have a celebratory drink...and it was significant, delicious and worth it And it's been great finding things I can eat everywhere we've gone. Admittedly there has been sugar in some reintroduced foods...but that sugar Dragon knows better than to show his face. I feel great and will probably do 4-5 days of whole30 to be sure nothing goes amiss. But I feel well prepared and, oh so in control. It's pretty empowering to know I'm calling the shots now on what I will allow food to do to me. I hope you're all enjoying your bike rides and are finding ways to carry on and still feel great. What challenges have you overcome?
  11. azcoolmom

    Jan. 18, 2016 Start Date

    I started a new thread about reintroduction, but I tried peanut butter as my first reintro item. I love peanut butter, eaten it for years, never an issue. I had it on a compliant wrap and within an hour was horribly congested, sore throat and then digestive issues. Wow. Very eye opening. It's gone now...but am really glad to be Whole30 the next 2 days to recover. Now I see why I had to take allergy meds & use an inhaler (surely it wasn't something I ate?!) LOL!
  12. Still riding my bike through reintroduction. Today & tomorrow are "back to Whole30" days -which I'm happy about. Yup. Happy. If you'd have told me, a month ago, that I'd be happy about being back on plan after 30 days...I'd have laughed. After my peanut butter debacle set me back, there's comfort in riding my bike back into the safety of foods that don't harm me. Wow...there...I said it. Foods that harm me. Without this program, I might have never found out which foods harm me. As a matter of fact, I started this to prove it WASN'T food that was the root of any of my problems. I have a powerful autoimmune disease-Ankylosing Spondylitis. It can fuse my spine, take my eyesight and damage my heart, lungs and kidneys. Other than that one thing, I'm in excellent health. Perfect cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides. I was going to prove, because all those factors were so perfect, there was no way any foods were causing this. I was wrong. What was your main driving factor for starting or completing your Whole30?
  13. Day 31! It's been on our minds, if not for the whole 30 days...definitely for the last week. Over the last 30 days we found comfort in knowing what foods were "allowed". Many of us felt huge change in our lives. We liked how we felt. I lost over 9 lb, was able to stop 4 different medications, I've been able to workout longer & harder than I have in many years. I completed my Whole30 like a champ! So now I can eat "anything", or can I? I decided I liked the guidance, so started with the sample fast track reintroduction -found here on the website I started with peanut butter on a paleo wrap. I love peanut butter. Been eating it for years! Within an hour, I was horribly congested, sore throat, and miserable. Won't even go into the digestive issues... so peanut butter quickly went to the "it's not worth it" pile. I'm anxious to hear about other's adventures with foods being reintroduced. What are your "not worth it" foods? Were they things you enjoyed previously? Are you replacing them with something more compliant? I'd love to hear stories of everyone's bike ride!
  14. azcoolmom

    Peanut butter reaction

    Day 1 of reintroduction & had 2 tbsp of peanut butter on a compliant wrap. Less than an hour, throat scratchy, nose running, chest congested, feel like JUNK. Peanut butter = definitely NOT worth it!!!
  15. azcoolmom

    Jan. 18, 2016 Start Date

    Day 30!!!! We did it!! This was a great journey and am so excited to continue the best, healthy journey of my life! The learning experience will continue, and I can see which foods aren't my friends. Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories, uncertainties and for our knowing moderators, that have kept us on track! I feel like @darnell707, a little afraid to reintroduce, but grateful for the knowledge I'll gain...and I'm in control now!