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    Do NOT take ibuprofen on an empty stomach!
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    I went to Trader Joe's for some Chomp jerky today, and you're not kidding. Super expensive. But at least I have some for tomorrow. 
    I will try making my own though! 
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    alvastarr got a reaction from TFrank in Day 15. Suddenly so tired.   
    It's been a couple of days like today: this afternoon, I felt great. I thought, is it the Tiger Blood, or am I just reeaaaly excited about my new haircut?
    Then a sudden slump of exhaustion, 3-4 hours after lunch. I got out all kinds of craft supplies and am now headed to a nap without even picking them up. (I will before bed, but so tired right now.)
    I eat pretty much on template. About 4.5 to 6 hours between meals. Really truly not hungry between. 
    The only time I'm hungry when it's not time to eat is right before bed. I've given in to this a couple of times when I thought I'd be too hungry to sleep well. On plan, of course. 
    I know I'm only halfway, but is it normal to still be having these slumps in energy? 
    Today's food so far is attached from my "Ate" app. 

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    Hi there, and welcome!
    I recommend keeping a food diary or journal. The Whole30 Day by Day is a great book to help you track all of your meals, your non-scale victories (NSV's), energy and sleep levels, etc. This way, you can go back and review what you've eaten each day and see how you've felt along the way.
    I hope this helps. Best of luck on your Whole30 journey!
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    alvastarr got a reaction from ashleyparik in Starting 7/22!   
    I'm starting today too! We are on the same path.
    good luck!