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  1. mrstrudo

    Whole30 bloggers mostly Whole30 compliant recipes and recipe reviews!
  2. mrstrudo

    First time Crossfit

    I am going to try my very first crossfit class this saturday. Eeeek! I'm hoping I don't hate it because I'll be on day 5 of my W30 so I might not be feeling optimal. I called to book my first visit and they were exceedingly nice so I hope that carries over into the class. They also said just to come to any class instead of the fundamentals class so I'm a bit scared. Yikes.
  3. mrstrudo

    Well Fed Pad Thai

    Well Fed is the best cookbook ever.
  4. mrstrudo

    How can I order in an Indian restaurant?

    Can you get eggplant Bhuna? At my favourite Indian place the Bhuna is just eggplant, ghee, tomato and spice. And it's delicious. I also had a Chicken Tikka Masala on my last Whole30 but now I'm having a duh moment in realizing the chicken was likely marinated in yogurt. If it's a small place you'd likely have success in just talking to them, explaining that you have a dairy, gluten and legume intolerance and ask if they could make you a veggie and meat curry.
  5. mrstrudo

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    I'm really happy to see this thread! I find a general chat thread is nice to keep tabs on others who are in the same boat as you without going into the full detail of a daily log This is my 3rd Whole30 and I feel bound and determined to actually finish this one. My previous two were more like a Whole29 and a Whole18! I also just signed up to take my first ever CrossFit class this saturday. I'm scared, but excited!! A good excuse to make some sweet potato hash... so long as I work hard enough to earn a recovery meal
  6. mrstrudo


    I love babaganoush! If you have a high speed blender like a Vitamix you can just use sesame seeds instead of tahini. I'm also a huge fan of an Indian eggplant dish calls Baingan Bharta. I'm still trying to find a great recipe that comes close to the deliciousness of my local Indian restaurant. Something like this should get you started: Eggplant boats are fun too: Skip the cheese on top!
  7. mrstrudo

    Breakfast Ideas without Eggs

    I pack my breakfast to eat at work on weekdays and since I've learned to think outside the SAD box for breakfast I've found my choices quite varied. I usually pack a bag full of food and decide what I feel like eating for meal one and meal two at the time. I do love eggs, but here are some non-egg ideas: Some ideas: pure wraps with homemade mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato sliced veggies with homemade dips (babaganoush, homemade mayo, roasted red pepper dip) tuna salad in half bell peppers sliced chicken, turkey, or beef. just as is. I love me some meat. chopped veggies mixed with guacamole, meat optional. Homemade veggie soup!
  8. mrstrudo

    Shelf life of coconut aminos

    Unsure, but I have a bottle in my fridge that I opened in June. Last time I opened it I saw mould floating on top.
  9. mrstrudo

    Tummy Troubles....

    I'm having a similar problem. Lots of *ahem* bathroom trips. Now, I've always had a bit of IBS, but it seems to have jumped into overdrive lately. I'm hoping it's just the junk working its way out of my system as my gut heals. I also know that coffee irritates my "system" yet here I am still drinking it. I hope this passes soon!
  10. mrstrudo

    Convenient snacks in a pinch

    sliced veggies or cut up fruit homemade (or other paleo friendly) beef jerky dates? (just a few pieces to hold you over til you get home) apples and sunflower seed butter (the sugar free kind, not the sunbutter brand) The grocery store I frequent has deli meat that they do in house and it's just meat, no filler. Not sure if that's an option for you, but it could be! Always the possibility of ordering some sushi rolls or handrolls without rice too, if there's a local place near by guacamole and veg to dip it in.
  11. mrstrudo

    Freezer Meals

    I love freezer cooking! I've always been a big fan of it, no matter what types of food I'm choosing to eat at the moment... Some easy ones are: -meatloaf! Freeze it uncooked, or I've had success freezing cooked individual meatloaves. This one is constantly on my rotation -I always have veggies in the freezer to throw into a quick scramble with ground meat and/or eggs. Spinach, kale, shredded sweet potato, broccoli are some of my favourites. -soups, stews, curries and sauces freeze well either in large portions or in indivdual ones for lunches. and are delicious! (my blog, for full transparency sake ) - Marinated meat also is very handy. Use coconut milk, ginger, garlic and tandoori masala to make tandoori chicken. Freeze in large pieces or cubes and skewer them. Greek marinade can be made with lemon, garlic, olive oil, oregano, pepper, salt (or a pre blended spice mix).
  12. I'll be joining you in my first Whole30 beginning June 1! I've been eating paleo/primal-ish since February but I need to kick it up a notch and get strict about it. That is, cheese should not be its own food group...