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  1. Sugarcube, I think you're right. Which is unfortunate in a way for me, as I was trying to use Salmon to keep my food costs a tad lower. Oh well, I realized my grocery bill was going to go up on W30.
  2. Let me ask a different way. I am paying $7 a pound for 80/20 Grass-fed organic beef. While I could pay $2.49 a pound for grain fed beef, I understand the difference and am willing (at least some of the time) to pay the extra cost. With the Salmon, Island Sun is $1 a can, Chicken of the Sea is $1,79 where I am. I'm having a frustration factor with trying to determine if that extra 80c is worth it per can to avoid the yeast if 99.99 percent of people are not likely to be effected. Yet, I like to try to stay within the lines of the program. I'm an overly black-and-white person som
  3. Thank you ladyshanny. I did read that post. It was from 2012, and Melissa said "But for now..." when giving her advice, as it seemed like the science of the situation was still unsure. Was just seeing if there was any further info on it. I guess I'm still not sure if I should just eat the salmon or not
  4. I bought 10 cans of Island Sun Salmon, and they have yeast extract. I'd like to eat the Salmon, as it's a low cost source of protein compared to the 7 dollars a pound for my grass fed beef. Not sure how much I trust the Island Sun label, as their nutritional info seems extremely out of wack. What's the current line on this? Should I just eat it, or should I buy a different brand of Salmon and save this for after Whole 30?