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  1. Hi, Simple Question: I didn’t meet all of my goals, including around weight loss, and some NSVs just started to appear on Day 29 and 30. Should I keep going? Detailed Question: This is one of many Whole30s for me and it was VERY much needed after holidays and my husband’s 30th birthday, which we celebrated the entire month of January. Unfortunately, it also led right into a vacation. (Day 30 was 2/28, we left for vaca 2/29, it is now 3/11). With this in mind, and my previous experience, I decided to Slow Roll it. This has actually been going fairly well psychologically. I’m making good deliberate choices, paying attention to and documenting my reactions, and still feel in control of my food choices, even during some stressful situations over the past week. However, my body is less than stellar. I feel like I’m already putting back on the 4 pounds I lost, don’t feel as great in my clothes, skin is less than stellar, my bloating is back, digestion is off, hormone-related pain is back, etc. Because I’ve had various things throughout the Slow Roll, though, I’m not sure what’s causing it specifically or if it’s just the perfect storm. (And I swear, I didn’t have some crazy Carb-a-Palooza on vacation - I’ve never eaten so thoughtfully and nutritiously on a vacation in my life, but I feel like all that hard work has gotten me nowhere). I know it’s ultimately my choice, but any recommendations or experience around going back to a very strict W30 or W14 with a Fast Track Re-Intro vs. eating mostly W30 minus the added sugar rule to see if that’s enough to get me feeling great again vs. continue with the Slow Roll, this is normal? I have two key struggles here: 1. I have another vacation coming up in a few weeks and I really want to look and feel great but I went into this last one right off a W30 which I think make me extra sensitive to eating out and was kind of a bummer. So not sure I want to do that again. 2. I really just want to eat W30 all the time but can’t seem to figure out how to do that in the real world, particularly with eating out. I really need help processing all of this, so I’m grateful for this forum, especially if you made it all the way to the end, hah!
  2. emilyelowe

    Weekly In-Law Dinner

    @littleg This was so helpful and encouraging, thank you! That’s a good point that when I’m exercising food freedom, I can be flexible where I need to be and you’re probably right, if I brought an extra veggie it seems unlikely anyone would throw a fit. Sometimes I do bring avocado or mayo since they are pretty fat-phobic still. I guess I’ll just test some things out and see how it goes as I start to figure out my food freedom. I struggle with “the talk,” because typically my reactions to foods during reintroduction aren’t so extreme that anything is totally off limits, so it’s hard to explain the nuances to other people (I don’t really have it totally figured out myself). As I reflect, I think this is probably where I really need to start - with what I want FF to look like. I really struggle with translating reintroduction into RL. Thanks so much for the suggestions and for helping me think through that!
  3. emilyelowe

    Weekly In-Law Dinner

    Hello! I’m half way through my 7th? Whole30 and reading FFF again (#myfoodfreedom book club!). I know a lot about the program and know that it works and I’m really feeling ready and motivated to find Food Freedom this time. There is one key thing I am worried about: We eat one dinner with my in-laws every week. My in-laws have also done the program but really didn’t understand/adopt the spirit of the program, so don’t really seem to understand the idea that I want to change the way I eat. They continue to be shocked by the amount of avocado I eat (“so much fat”) and the only compliant veggie options appear to be a baked potato and boiled carrots. When my husband and I are on a Whole30, they’re always considerate and make a compliant (though generally less than exciting) meal. I’ve offered to bring a side/help and they almost always decline. They also generally don’t let us know what we’re eating prior to our arrival, at least not in any detail. My Point: I’m struggling with how to handle this in my Food Freedom. If I bring something extra/a side, they’ll be offended for sure. If I avoid the things that don’t work me that are on the table without saying anything, I’ll likely just end up eating meat. I’m wondering if I should go to dinner, see how the meal goes each week, and try to keep it small if it doesn’t align with my needs and then eat the lacking portions at home? But then I’m not really following the template at each sitting + eating dinner later than normal. But if I eat a mini meal before I go, I might end up over-eating if what they’re having works for me. It’s not just about being compliant either, I have to be careful about the amount of starchy veg I eat for example, too. We do host the meal every few weeks, so those will be easy and an opportunity to show them how we actually eat but old habits die hard. I can enjoy the meal experience with the company alone, I’m just concerned about actually meeting my nutritional needs that doesn’t make every Monday morning a disaster and a half. I know FFF has advice on basically just “having the talk,” but I’m not confident it’s going to help, even with the best intentions. They are also feeding my brother and sister in law and their two small children, who mostly follow a SAD diet. Has anyone had any experience with something similar? Any specific advice for my situation? I appreciate you, thanks!
  4. emilyelowe

    Suggestions for Lame Meals

    These are all super helpful, everyone! Thank you! I've got a couple options with my situation yesterday - parts getting hocked off to the hubby, part can be used for another recipe, and another part can probably be thrown into a hash with eggs. You are the best! My next question is: If I'm CONSTANTLY looking forward to my next meal does that mean (a) I'm still hungry?, (b) I'm a food addict , or (c) I'm just a really good cook? I think I'm struggling a bit with portion sizes because a lot of what I make are one pot/slow cooker meals so I have more trouble following the meal template. I will probably need to poke around and see if there are some other posts about that, too. Thanks, all!
  5. emilyelowe

    Suggestions for Lame Meals

    Thanks for making me feel less crazy and dramatic, guys! Agreed that after waiting a bit for the full feeling to really set in and distracting myself (like I would with any other craving), it became easier to just move on. I may just treat myself to a sparkling water for powering through, though! Haha.
  6. Hi team, I'm on my 7th? Whole30 and have gotten pretty good at finding and making compliant meals. Thus, my expectations are pretty high for every delicious, nutritious bite. So, when a recipe just totally tanks, I end up feeling really disappointed after my meal time. This immediately triggers me to want something else, which (1) is probably not necessary caloric-ly (?) and (2) is almost always a craving for something sweet and (3) might be more of a psychological response to disappointment than a physical response to satiety or hunger. (I don't particularly want steamed chicken and broccoli, either, though I do think I would like it more than what I just ate). It just reminds me of that feeling I used to get when I ate junk where I was full but never satisfied. How do you typically handle a meal or recipe that doesn't meet your expectations? Do you finish it? Trash it and start over? It just seems like, when you're only eating meals 3 times a day, it should be precious and delicious and wonderful and it's like I just wasted my lunch-time chance. Today I was home for lunch so I could have just decided to eat something else after the first bite was lame, but that feels wasteful. So I powered through and finished it but now I'm sitting here thinking about all the delicious food I have in the fridge and could be eating. And it's not like I only want something sweet - I kind of want a sweet potato and BBQ'ed chicken, . Would love to hear others thoughts and experiences with this, and confirmation that I am not ridiculously dramatic.
  7. Also, trying to remember what I should consider starchy. Any potato and most of the fall squashes, right? (acorn, butternut, etc). But summer (tube/oblong-shaped?) squashes like zucchini, yellow squash, spaghetti squash, etc. would not be starchy. I need some sort of squash rule - like, if it can stand up, it's starchy and if it can't, it's not, or something. What about fruit? Bananas are obviously starchy, but what about peaches or strawberries? (frozen this time of year, of course). Sorry... just trying to think through what I have prepped at home and the answer is basically: SWEET POTATOES. *facepalm* Thanks for your time! I don't have another place to bounce this off of right now.
  8. Thanks @SugarcubeOD! It’s nice to be back. That clarifies, thanks. I need some recipes that DON’T have sweet potatoes in them! Haha!
  9. Hello! During my last W30, my BMs became pretty annoying, small, and irregular. The wonderful W30 forum moderators helped me figure out it was likely from overdoing it on white potatoes (I had them almost every day) but by the time we figured it out, I wasn’t able to eliminate them consistently enough during the rest of that W30 to see positive improvement. As I prepare for my pre-Thanksgiving W21 (starting today!), I’m planning to avoid white potatoes almost entirely. I’m wondering though if there are other things I should avoid if white potatoes give me this kind of trouble or if it’s unique to white potatoes. Do sweet potatoes have the same side effects? Are there other W30 foods I should maybe try to avoid? My greatest struggles are around digestion - I’ve struggled with constipation, hemorrhoids, and bloating for years. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks! Emily
  10. emilyelowe

    TOM Cravings

    Hi Whole30 ladies. I wasn't sure where to post this because it's a lady thing but also a Life After Whole30/Food Freedom/Staying On Track thing. So here I am. The cravings for all things sweet are UNREAL leading up to and during my period, particularly for chocolate. I've found some higher quality ingredient cookies and chocolate that don't seem to mess me up too bad, but it's like I can't stop at one. And even when I manage to stop at one per sitting, I find myself having something every day for the entire week of my period. And THAT eventually messes me up. Plus, to me, it seems like eating well only 21 out of 28 days is not really quite the standard I am looking for, but my "worth it,"-o-meter doesn't seem to work right during this particular time of the month. Plus, these one cookies are found are ALWAYS worth it in the moment - they are so stinking good. Every. Single. Bite. Eyes closed, romantic and everything. But then a couple days in or after my period is over I look back and am like, "Wtf just happened?" Does anyone else have this struggle? Any suggestions? The tough love version is probably just, "Stop doing that," but I'm just wondering if I'm alone in this and if maybe I'm just not learning what I'm hoping to learn from my Whole30s at all. I've done 5 and they seem to have very little impact on my Sugar Dragon long-term, but according to FFF, I can't just keep going to the Whole30 every time I look at my week and go "Oops." I JUST WANT THE CYCLE TO END. To be clear: I'm looking for ways to KILL THE EVIL SUGAR DRAGON FROM HELL, not prop up my sweet tooth with healthy alternatives. Thanks.
  11. emilyelowe

    The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues

    @Jim4884 - that is so awesome that you aren't feeling tempted! I am definitely still struggling with sweets. I think I've had something sweet every day since Whole30 ended, which is probably not super wise. That stops the rest of this week! I can relate to the not feeling "right," too. I (surprisingly) didn't have any super crazy reactions even with introducing multiple off-plan things at once but I just didn't feel stellar, either. That sounds like a rough reintroduction @Delicacious! So sorry! I got dizziness/nausea for the first time during reintroduction this weekend, too. I had alcohol (but not enough to make me feel sick) and then a gyro ("street meat,") and I think the gyro tried to kill me. I went from feeling totally normal to feeling like I had the flu and was going to die in like 1 minute. Ugh! No more of that for me - if I don't know exactly what's in it, I am NOT eating it! I was pretty proud of myself Friday - I was thoughtful at the restaurant with friends and considered what I REALLY wanted. Normally, the (fried) buffalo chicken sandwich would have been an obvious choice but in the moment I didn't WANT that, so I decided to go with a salad. I ended up pretty happy with my choice, though I do wish one of my friends had offered me a bite of their sandwich. Saturday also went well as I started with a compliant breakfast, had a good workout, and splurged thoughtfully at brunch/lunch. Brunch/lunch probably did have a little too much gluten and dairy, though, as my stomach felt a little crampy later that day. I took some compliant snacks to the beer fest to reduce the temptation of the pizza they serve the volunteers (I ended up having a few bites and saying "not worth it," which is a victory to me). As mentioned above, though, the night did not end as well as it started, as the street meat tried to kill me. I STRONGLY regret that decision. I probably wasn't even hungry. #dumb (and I don't drink beer, so all the alcohol I consumed was gluten-free) Next day started with another compliant breakfast and then waiting WAAAAYYY too long before lunch because of my friends. I tried two new things - nepalese dumplings and mochi - which were obviously off-plan but I wanted to try. I tried to balance it out with some brussel sprouts, steak/peppers/onions, and cold quinoa salad. Only downside of this meal was the dairy gave me a headache. Dinner was two more dumplings, two fried eggs, butternut squash in coconut curry sauce, and an English muffin with peanut butter and half a banana. At that point, I was just trying to survive the weekend, as I am SO TIRED. This week we're planning on making two frittatas, lamb stew, and steaks with chimmichurri and chipotle slaw, so hopefully that will keep me on track through to the weekend! Have a great week!
  12. emilyelowe

    The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues

    So sorry for the tough times, @Laurie. I, too, hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel, soon. Perhaps doing a mass Whole30 like the September Whole30 will help keep you motivated.
  13. emilyelowe

    Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    Thanks for the commiseration and recommendation, Amy! Glad I'm not the only one.
  14. emilyelowe

    Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    Congrats @Delicacious! Love those NSVs. I started a Reintroduction forum thing for us here. The mods don't like it when we talk about off-plan things over here as it confuses other members.
  15. Hello Dragon Slayers! i.e. @Delicacious only it seems... I'm planning to do a Slow Roll reintroduction due to my social schedule over the next couple weeks, so my posts on here will likely be weird or maybe not at all. I did purposely do gluten yesterday, though, as I didn't get to it after my last Whole30. It didn't go as terribly as I expected, especially considering that I REALLY loaded up. The biggest thing I noticed was that I was getting hungry really fast despite feeling full after my meal. So I feel like the bread items were taking up space in my tummy that normally would have been room for more complex, satiating things that would hold me over between meals. I also went to bed feeling a little nauseated but I stayed up WAY later than usual and had like 1.5 Cheryl's cookies, which is A LOT of sugar, so it seems that was more likely the sugar. I ate a template breakfast this morning and am trying to stay on track today since we have friends in town this weekend and I only want to go off track if it's really worth it. I am excited to not have to ask about sugar in the hot sauce I plan on eating out tonight though! Excited to hear about other Reintroduction journeys!