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  1. emilyelowe

    Columbus Whole30ers?

    Agreed! I feel like a lot of the healthier restaurants are also super vegan/vegetarian focused too. Yes, we love the farmers market! Have you found a good place to source meat? I am really stressing about meat lately. We do our grocery shopping at fresh thyme and they have some good options but we just can’t afford to buy it that way. I’d really like to find a butcher or farm where we could buy like half an animal. It’s me, my husband, and our 6 month old.
  2. emilyelowe

    Oatmeal re-intro group?

    This seems like a silly question, but I should do oats like oatmeal on a non-gluten grain day right? I thought yet but then read something today that said most oats aren’t certified gluten free because they’re processed in facilities with gluten but I’m assuming that wouldn’t be enough to muck up my results. I don’t even particularly like oatmeal but want to reintroduce it and potentially see if it improves my breastmilk supply. I’ve had negative reactions to homemade lactation cookies prior to this W30 but wasn’t sure if it was the oatmeal or the brewers yeast. I guess it would be ideal to do alone but I’m doing a pretty quick re-intro before a trip, so I don’t have time! The only other non gluten grain I’m interested about is rice so I guess I could do a W7 or W14 after my trip and then do rice maybe? Thoughts appreciated! Thanks!
  3. emilyelowe

    Columbus Whole30ers?

    Oh my gosh, yay! Hi @Lindseydalton, we live in Worthington! I haven’t found any go-to places for paleo style eats yet but I did have a delicious pork chop at Hoof Hearted today and I like to get the chicken sandwich sans bun and cheese at Northstar. Haha, not sure if that is helpful! Have you found any good places up here?
  4. Hello W30 forum community! I am looking for ways to support my desire for a healthy lifestyle by surrounding myself with a healthy, like-minded community. I have incredible family and friends, but most just don’t quite embrace the FFF concept quite as I do. I just thought I’d toss this out here just in case - are there any current or alum Whole30ers in the Columbus, OH area? I searched the forum for “Columbus,” and found some posts but nothing that might bring us all together. I thought maybe we could trade meals or have some kind of ongoing thread to encourage each other to stay on track in our specific community. I promise I’m not weird or creepy! We’ll see! Thanks!
  5. emilyelowe

    Just Need Encouragement

    Yes! I am trying to convince my hubby to try it because there is a promo right now from the Do The Thing podcast! Thanks!
  6. emilyelowe

    Sleep Issues

    Thanks for the tips, all! Last night was MUCH better so hopefully we are on our way out of this phase! @Pandora Black Paper books are the best! You should definitely try it sometime.
  7. emilyelowe

    Mini Meals

    Thank you both! This is my plan for tomorrow : - Aim for closer to 100 oz of water (I’m about 112 lbs) - I have been having headaches also so maybe this will help that too. - Have a full breakfast first thing rather than starting with a mini meal. - Larger overall meals. - Potential mini meals if I find that I need them will be chicken with a cauliflower/coconut cream sauce or HB eggs with guacamole. We will see how that goes! @EmilyK Thank you so much for that encouragement! It’s like God knows exactly when I need to hear these things, and that is EXACTLY where my head has been the last few days. You are so right. I so appreciate the kind words - I needed them.
  8. emilyelowe

    Mini Meals

    @EmilyK: Today is Day 7. My baby is 5.5 months old and I would LIKE to breastfeed full time but I have yet to be able to satisfy him so he usually gets one bottle of formula per day at bedtime. Those are great meal ideas, @ladyshanny! I've been struggling with that, so thank you! Yes, I am really working on the water. I started like really paying attention yesterday and did a bit better. My goal today is at least 75 ounces! (I am not a big person, so that feels like A LOT).
  9. emilyelowe

    Just Need Encouragement

    This is super helpful, thank you for taking the time to do this! And your analogy is SUPER helpful and definitely lends perspective. How did you find a butcher? I've always thought that going to a butcher would end up either being more expensive or have me buying more than I needed but perhaps not. Do you remove fat from roasts if you don't get them from a high quality source?
  10. I've seen lots of recommendations to incorporate mini meals or a fourth meal into your day if you are doing a Whole30 while breastfeeding (which I am). Because I don't find myself particularly hungry on the Whole30 usually, I'm just kind of having my mini meals based on when I'm able/in intervals between my main meals. I am already a low-supplier so I'm super nervous to under-eat but I'm also afraid that I'm not really training my body to use fat if I'm feeding it every couple hours because of the mini meals (even if they are a good combo of protein, fat, and carb). Any suggestions? Maybe I shouldn't include any carbs in the mini meals to help with blood sugar? Or maybe I should try to do a larger fourth meal rather than two mini meals? When have people found success in having this extra meal? It's also a little tricky because I usually have a mini meal essentially first thing in the morning in order to nurse my son/get to work before actually cooking/warming breakfast. Here's what today will probably look like, I would love to hear where you think I should make tweaks. I am feeling like this schedule looks too much like a SAD day because I am eating all the time, which is not what I ultimately want. 5:30 a.m. Mini meal of nuts, apples, coconut milk, coconut butter. 7:30 a.m. Breakfast - carnitas, sweet potatoes, avocado. 10 a.m. Mini meal: banana, coconut butter, HB egg. 12 p.m. Lunch: chicken bacon ranch salad (greens + shredded chicken + bacon + mayo + dressing). 3/4 p.m. Mini meal: strawberries, HB egg. 6 p.m. Dinner: Probably a taco salad? Beef, peppers, onions, lettuce, avocado. Should I cut out the fruit and just do fat and protein? Should I just have bigger main meals and only have the mini meals if I'm actually feeling hungry? Thanks!
  11. emilyelowe

    Just Need Encouragement

    I’m currently doing my 7th Whole30 and am reading ISWF again to get motivated. It’s working in that the reminder of why we make these choices is super powerful and I can’t wait to do a proper re-introduction (I tried to Slow Roll my last few re-intros: #FAIL). However, I’m finding the recommendations on sourcing meats super overwhelming. I’m doing this W30 because we’re going to start feeding my son solid foods soon and I wanted to be in a good place nutritionally as a family, but I also started working part-time with the birth of my son, so it really doesn’t feel like we can afford to buy local, grass fed, pastured, or organic meats. So now I’m sitting here thinking my good intentions are actually going to poison my little man! I feel like a bit of a poser taking the time and effort to eat “healthy,” without being able to go all the way to sourcing my meat. We eat a lot of chicken breasts, thighs, ground beef, and ground chicken so I think it’s easy to avoid much of the fat there? I can certainly remove fat from steaks and pork roasts to avoid those toxins. I’m not sure what to do about eggs, which we eat a ton of. Ugh! Any recommendations on the best cuts of meat, less expensive places to buy meats, buying in bulk, etc. would be appreciated. Also, a little love and encouragement wouldn’t hurt either, LOL. Thank you!
  12. emilyelowe

    Sleep Issues

    I’m on Day 6 and have been sleeping REALLY poorly the last few days (which wasn’t a problem for me previously). I was expecting to get up to pee a time or two (this isn’t my first W30) but my sleep has been very light and I’m having trouble falling back to sleep after waking. I just toss and turn. This is super unusual for me, I am a great sleeper and it has never happened on a W30 before. Is this typical? Have others had this experience? How long did it/does it usually last? I also have two HUGE pimples on my FACE, which is also super unusual. I have no idea what could be causing either of these things! Suggestions, insights, and general encouragement appreciated.
  13. emilyelowe

    Visiting Austin TX!

    My family and I will be in Austin TX for my 30th birthday (June) right after my current Whole30 and reintroduction. Any recommendations on places I should check out to practice Food Freedom? I imagine I’ll be eating largely paleo. Thanks!
  14. emilyelowe

    BF, Supply, and coconut milk

    I think I’m struggling to eat enough and drink enough water because my hands are always full, haha! That’s why I was wondering if I should maybe consider something additional because I’m finding it very difficult. I feel fine but I am worried about supply. Thanks for clarifying!
  15. I’ve seen some posts about sipping coconut milk to keep up your fat intake while breastfeeding. Are we talking the full fat kind in the can, the “lite,” kind in the can, or the stuff in the carton? Any recommendations on compliant options, where to find, how much to drink, etc. appreciated. Love, a panicked mama