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  1. Short Story: does anyone know what’s in Chipotle’s Barbacoa that makes it non-compliant? Their site has their ingredients listed in a general sense, not by dish and I’m not sure if it’s the rice bran oil (thinking - and hoping - it’s this) or potentially soy beans. Long Story: I was re-introducing GF grains today and thought I’d just get white rice and corn tortillas at Chipotle rather than buying a whole box or bag of those items, knowing I likely wouldn’t use them. Not only did I accidentally order Barbacoa instead of Carnitas (where is the carne asada when you need it, amirite!?!)
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I am no longer breastfeeding, he weaned himself around 9 months, making this transition even more important! I'd love other ideas on good sources of calcium, fat, and protein to give him!
  3. I'm not sure if this would be better on the HMHB site, but I'm not a member so I was hoping I could start here. I'm not currently on a W30, but have done quite a few and live a mostly Paleo life style. My husband is a little less paleo, as his responses to the non-compliant foods weren't as significant as mine. From everything I've learned about Dairy, specifically, from doing the W30 and removing it from my life for the most part, I just don't feel comfortable giving it to my son on a regular basis. However, he will be 1 in two weeks and I am super nervous about the transition off of fo
  4. This was super helpful! This would apply to using coconut milk in mashed potatoes, too, correct? So if I use a half a can of coconut milk in 4 servings of potatoes, I should still add ghee or something when I actually eat a single serving of aforementioned potatoes. Yes?
  5. @LindsayO I've also used it on fruit, which of course you need to be careful with, or in Life After Whole30 Grain Free "cereal," like paleo running momma's.
  6. Reintroduction Day 7: Whole30 Pre Breakfast Snack: half LARABAR Breakfast: sausage, sweet potatoes, berries, coconut butter Snack: half EPIC bar Lunch: romaine, beef, avocado, dressing Feeling very bloated and gassy. Also craving. I did not set myself up for success on this trip and am really feeling like a failure.
  7. Reintroduction, Day 6: Rice breakfast: sweet potatoes, eggs, avocado, berries, coconut butter lunch: chipotle salad with white rice. Felt really full. Dinner: at home taco salad. Had some trail mix also, probably feeding the sugar dragon. Headache. Slept well.
  8. I think gluten + dairy (or maybe just dairy) are not good for my physical or emotional health.
  9. Tried a new place for lunch trying to be healthy and paleo - total dud. Ended up getting a ham and cheese scone from Northstar so we’re back to gluten + dairy. It was delicious and wonderful and worth the eating experience (I even sat down to really take it in) but possibly not the mental impact. I think especially during reintroduction I have this mindset that if I can only have it today - I must have all of it! I hope Food Freedom doesn’t look like that. Terrible dining out experience for dinner also but I at least stated compliant. Eating out just isn’t going to be as easy or cheap as
  10. Reintroduction Day 5: Whole30 Slept OK. Storms. Woke up with slight headache and not terribly hungry. Sign if dysregulation? Also kind of felt hungover, which reminded me that has happened with previous gluten/dairy combos. Was tossing and turning and then had to get up at 7 because Noah was up. Breakfast: sweet potatoes, 3 eggs, avocado, strawberries, raspberries, coconut butter. Slightly negative bathroom experience.
  11. Starting to feel some bloating and digestive distress too.
  12. Update: had cookie after dinner too. Had carrots with dinner so that was good. Worth noting my throat started hurting when I woke up from nap also. Took Emergency-C.
  13. Reintroduction Day 4: Dairy Birthday Party Day Slept well and woke up at 7 am - no alarm, no baby - despite late night last night. Not sure if this is good or bad. Breakfast: sweet potato hash, 3 eggs, avocado. No dairy. Lunch: taco salad, added a little cheese. It was good but the salad would have been good either way. Felt fine after. Little while later... Skillet cookie (dairy and gluten). Wasn’t worth it but Jacob made it special and was excited and then disappointed about how it turned out so I felt like I should eat it. I’m OK with this decision. I ate
  14. 11 p.m. update: Dinner was DELICIOUS. Also had some berries and coconut butter while pumping. Hopefully that will get me through the night. SO. TIRED.
  15. I am @ladyshanny! I usually have a morning or afternoon snack (depending on when/if I am hungry) but maybe it needs to be bigger. Thanks!