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  1. My First Whole30!

    Welcome to the Whole 30! I've done one Whole 30, and we're just starting another one. Something that helped me keep going was taking a close up of my face every few days. The little differences I could see between even a few days really helped me be more motivated to keep going. Between week 1 and week 2, it was incredible how much my face changed just from being so much less puffy! My other tip is to really, really encourage you to not think of it as just 30 days--factor in the reintroduction time, too. We screwed reintroduction up last time largely because I was just so focused on getting to Day 31, and the result is that while we felt and looked a lot better while doing the W30, we didn't learn which foods were affecting us the in the worst ways. Good luck! I really think this is a very worth while venture!
  2. Pregnant mamas starting a Whole30 around 1/1

    I'll try the magnesium! I tried B6 the first time, and it didn't help a ton, but I was having twins and Zofran was really the only thing that touched the morning sickness that time, so I should probably try it again. I was thinking maybe something like sweet or white potatoes might help. I felt relatively good this morning, so I had a smoothie with fruit, greens, and almond butter. It didn't make me queasy, so I'll keep that in my rotation. Well, I'm prepared to give myself a lot of grace and if I have to go Whole 30-ish instead of strict Whole 30, I'll do it and not worry about it. I just still have baby weight from my previous kiddos and I'm heavier than I should be, so while I obviously won't try to lose weight this pregnancy, I would reeeeeaaally like to try to focus on just eating good whole foods. Hopefully, that will keep my weight gain to a minimum and set me up for better post-partum habits, which has really kicked my behind in the past. Hope you have an outside baby soon! Those last few days/weeks are so hard!
  3. Pregnant mamas starting a Whole30 around 1/1

    I'd like to join. We are gearing up to start this week. I'm 7 weeks right now and in the throws of morning sickness and food aversions. This is our third pregnancy, so I need ideas of what might help since I know this will last for several more weeks. I usually rely on things like crackers and white carbs generally in the morning to help tamp down the nausea, but obviously that is out. Is there anything you've found that's a fairly reliable way to keep the morning sickness at bay?
  4. Smoothies are a No No

    I'm a little late on this thread, but in case anyone else needs ideas.... My not-quite 3 year olds who are in a veggie hating phase LOVE them some "chicken poppers" - which have several cups of blended zucchini in them. I couldn't find ground chicken at our store, so I used turkey and they were great. Here's a link:
  5. Trip two days after Whole 30 ends

    Thanks! I just got a list of meals everyone is planning and it looks like if I relax on added sugar in ingredients (like sausage) and legumes, I should be able to avoid anything else by subbing in a salad for a couple of meals. If it causes problems and I can't identify which thing is the issue, I should be able to go back to Whole 30 for a couple of days and then reintroduce the legumes to see if they are the problem, right? I'm pretty sure I can avoid dairy and all grains based on the planned menu.
  6. Tell me about your success following a slow start

    Thanks! No health issues for either of us. I think we are doing everything "right." I've read through the rules and the recommendations several times, and we are doing it all to the best of my knowledge. Like I said, we were eating terrible, so I know it may take a while. I'm not particularly discouraged or anything, I just thought it would be nice to hear some stories of people that it took a little longer to get to the "good" stuff.
  7. Tell me about your success following a slow start

    We are halfway through Whole 30 after realizing that our eating habits were just a hot mess. We're happy enough doing it, the food is yummy, we are both looking less puffy and bloated, but neither my husband nor I have felt any increased energy, better sleep, better skin, etc. We feel basically the same as we always have--no really strong negative effects but no really strong positives, either. I've read it can take a while to really feel the benefits. We're proud that we're making better choices, and we're definitely going to keep going. But... I'd love to hear from people who have had success (both NSV and weight loss) but that it took longer than the suggested timeline to really start feeling the major benefits. If you ended up doing a longer period of time (Whole 45, 60, etc.) I'd love to hear more details about when you started feeling the benefits. Please brag on yourself (and encourage me in the process)!
  8. Trip two days after Whole 30 ends

    In a case of extremely poor planning (though I probably would have done it anyway because I felt like there was no "perfect" time), my Whole 30 will be ending two days before I leave on a trip with my extended family. To keep the costs down, we will be cooking a lot at the house we are staying and everyone is in charge of different meals. I'll be driving 8 hours to get there, so while I could take or buy some food there, it has to be able to travel well and I can't take up a ton of space in the refrigerator since all the food for 10 people will be there. I really wanted to try to do reintro the right way, but I'm not sure how to manage this trip. I thought I would take some bags of salad and some chicken if I can to sub in for some meals, but I'm not sure I can avoid everything. Should I just eat as compliant as possible through the trip, do a week or so of completely compliant Whole 30 when I'm back home, and then do reintro? Or blow reintro and do another full Whole 30 and reintro after that one? I'm fine with staying on Whole 30 for another stretch. We are planning on at least doing a mostly compliant diet anyway.
  9. Starting on Monday January 25th!!!!!

    So have any of you experienced the "boundless energy" that they describe in the timeline for days 12-15? I know it's just a loose guideline and I'm still hoping it kicks in soon, but so far neither my husband nor I have experienced the "bad" side effects to the degree described nor have we experienced the "good" ones. We were eating completely crappy before this, so maybe it will just take longer to see all of the benefits.
  10. Starting on Monday January 25th!!!!!

    Congrats! I would want to eat, too. Especially all the white carbs in the world since that is apparently the only thing my body will allow during the first trimester. Think about how healthy you will be during your pregnancy if you keep up clean eating! If we have another one someday, I'm determined to eat clean and stay active. It's been a few days since I've been on here, so a little update: We are marching along one day at a time. We haven't seen any massive benefits yet, but we also haven't had any horrible side effects of the "detox" part of it. I am basically floating with pride though. Food is my bestie, and I am still in shock that we've made good choices about what to put in our bodies for over a week and that it hasn't even really felt like a sacrifice. Some take aways right now for me are: (1) I definitely eat reflexively without even thinking about it. I've had a piece of something in my mouth 2-3 times without even realizing it and then spit it out. (2) Preparation and a plan is key! I took the advice I read somewhere to meal plan for the first two weeks before you start, and I'm so glad I did. This weekend was not the best (especially Sunday, more on that later), and I barely made it through without caving even having a plan. So, Sunday. Oh, Sunday, you were almost the death of my Whole 30. Some not-food-related stuff happened, and I was so stressed and upset and I just wanted to hide in my bed, cry, and then drink a whole bottle of wine. It was ugly, and I told my husband that I was over it and just wanted to eat whatever and drink. I knew that it was absolutely just because I was so upset and that it was all about the unhealthy, emotional relationship I have with food, but if he had waivered at all, I probably would have shoved a tortilla in my face. Thank goodness, he's committed to this, too (and not quite as dramatic as me!). Anyway, I went to bed that night still feeling over this whole thing. BUT, the next morning I woke up and I was glowing with pride. I honestly don't think I've ever gone through a crisis without totally drowning myself in food. It's my go to, and I didn't do that. I really felt like it was the first major hit to the unhealthy way I view food and turning it back into what it is: fuel for my body. As much as I really want to lose weight, have more energy, and sleep better, the feeling of empowerment and pride at not caving on Sunday was maybe the best thing that wll happen this whole 30 days. We shall see.
  11. Starting on Monday January 25th!!!!!

    I just found these forums, so I'm a couple days late, but I'd love to join in. First day was fine. Second day I had a little headache off and on, but no symptoms as bad as I was expecting. Today, I'm tired and grumpy, but otherwise okay. I'm glad to know my body is reacting to the changes we are making and hoping for good things to come. I'd love to hear what made each of you decide to do Whole 30 now. Is this everyone's first time doing it? As for us...We have not quite 3-year old twins and a just turned 1-year old, so life has been really chaotic for the last few years. We've developed terrible eating habits and haven't made our health a priority. I'm still carrying a lot of baby weight that needs to go away at some point, too. We decided to do Whole 30 to jump start our trip back to the land of healthy eating. Of course, weight loss would be lovely, but I'm also hoping for more energy and better sleep for me and for my husband's digrstive issues and allergies to improve.