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  1. Background: I’ve done two whole30s before, originally 3 years ago to heal a leaky gut and it has worked wonders. I’ve eaten mostly paleo then, until about the last six months when I started consistently adding grains back into my diet. As a marathon runner, this felt great. I definitely noticed that I had more energy. The problem was with more grains came more sugar and more stomach problems associated with running. Needing to scale back, I went whole30 again. I’m feeling really discouraged. I’m noticing some good effects (better sleep, and just feeling better mentally knowing I’m putting all nutrient dense clean foods into my body) but I am SO. BLOATED. It’s so uncomfortable to the point of feeling my stomach is distended. I feel like it’s preventing me from knowing when I’m full and when I’m actually hungry. I’m also definitely more tired, especially in the afternoons. I’m positive I am eating enough, and I’m trying to get a good amount of carbohydrates in there. I’ve tried taking digestive enzymes but those haven’t helped. Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on? I don’t want to throw in the towel on whole30 but I’m really struggling. Thanks!
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    Day 21 and ready to quit

    @SugarcubeOD Thanks for your response. I didn't write down the quantities of what I ate, but after looking at my notes from past whole30s and thinking about it again, I'm pretty sure its a FODMAP intolerance, specifically to fructans! I've had a lot of broccoli, garlic, onion, pistachios, dates, and grapefruit seltzer (double whammy), and had trouble with FODMAPs and specifically fructans in the past, too. Could it be that whole30 brings out my fructan sensitivity? If so, why and how? I love all of these foods and don't want to have to give them up, but it's looking like I'm going to have to...
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    Runner starting Jan 2nd - looking for support group

    Nice!! I ran 12.5 today and am dealing with some serious runner. Trying not to consume every quick accessible food I have (already had 2 small apples, some nut butter, some pistachios) before I make dinner. Not easy!
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    Runner starting Jan 2nd - looking for support group

    @jenrunsaustin today was definitely a “hangover” for me too. Ended up walking for an hour on the treadmill this morning instead of running! The snacking while working thing was/is an issue for me too. I used to snack much more often before I did a few whole30s and tried to stick to 3 structured meals. Now I get the urge to snack, but same as you, I know it’s just a procrastination thing. So timely - this weekend I realized that was happening, and thought maybe I just like to keep something busy (i.e. maybe I just like chewing gum or having a mint because it’s a constant fidget). I bought some silly putty (lol, how actually silly) and have been playing with it in my hands while doing work on the computer, and I think it’s satiating that need to fidget and helping my concentration. I wonder if that might help you too? Breaking the habit of wanting to munch is hard! BTW - I created an Instagram account to hold me accountable if you’re interested :) @Chroniclesofa20somethjng
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    Runner starting Jan 2nd - looking for support group

    Welcome @GraceMelodie I have never heard of this Run the Edge thing before, thanks for sharing @jenrunsaustin!! I adore the Goucher family so I will definitely look into that.
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    Runner starting Jan 2nd - looking for support group

    I've done RX Bars or a scoop of nut butter in a pinch. Honestly, a scoop of nut butter takes the edge off at all times of day!
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    Runner starting Jan 2nd - looking for support group

    Also a runner! Goal is to start tomorrow. I've done one "true" whole30 before, a few smaller ones (7 day, 28 day, 14 day) thrown in there over the past few years as well. Wanting to do a true whole 30 the right way this month, and I suspect it might jolt my system! I've been pretty paleo over the past 3 years but have really slid away from that the past 6 months (eating peanut butter on toast right as we speak!) The first time I did a whole30 I was pretty lethargic or apathetic toward running during the first 2 weeks, so hoping to avoid that but we'll see. I do want to BQ at some point this year, but I have yet to commit to any races this year except for a half marathon in a couple of weeks. Other than that, I want to try to run 2019 miles in 2019, so just keeping the mileage up. I need people to hold me accountable so I'm so happy to have found this thread!
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    Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    I'm not quite up to the reintroduction stage yet, but thinking about it. I'm wondering if I should do a separate reintroduction day for corn products, specifically, apart from other non-gluten grains? I've suspected that corn is an issue, and I know other people have allergies specific to corn. Has anyone tried this?