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  1. Oh thank you BabyBear! Not a rock star but I don't really want to start over. His first thought was to use spaghetti squash but then really wanted the angel hair pasta and it's my sister-in-law's favorite food (seriously! she passed on the pie to have two helpings of pasta and scallops!) I was happy with the scallops and big salad -ok- if I'm honest it was not at all easy but I figured I've made it this far so I've got to try hard to get the next two weeks done. He's away next week so I'm on my own and there will be less temptation in the house. And yes, my husband is a really awesome guy
  2. Terra, the soup is so delicious! I had some for m2 today. Even without the orzo that is usually in it! Had personal training this morning-and the knee held up just fine! A few twinges while on the rowing machine, but nothing too bad. Now for the hard part. For company dinner tonight, my husband found an angel hair pasta recipe he wants to make along with the scallops. It sounds so good, but I'm making the big salad so I'll be content with that. I made a Swedish Apple Pie for their dessert. It isn't big so leftover's won't be a problem-my husband will have any leftover for breakf
  3. Off to another good start. M1 1/2 baked sweet potato with sauteed vegetables and two poached eggs. M2 chicken lemon soup (without the orzo but plenty of lemon!) and an apple with almond butter. M3 will be pork meatballs with more of the sauteed vegetables I made yesterday. Preparation is key! Back to workout tomorrow. Hopefully, the knee holds up!
  4. Thanks Terra, I feel quite good but not yet any NSV's. At least nothing I can pinpoint. Monday, I had a cortisone shot in my knee but it's starting to feel better and I can walk without limping so I expect to be more active now and feel better just from that! We are having sauteed scallops with a big salad and some vegetable of some sort for Valentine's Day. I'll also make a dessert for company and husband but not sure what yet. And they will all have wine while I have sparkling water. Made my pork meatballs today along with roasted carrots and sauteed onions,mushrooms a
  5. Whew! Came close again last night, but I persevered! Had a call from a friend to meet up at a new pub in town for a drink and appetizers. Three couples, and of the six of us there, four had poutine--that big old mound of french fries with gravy and cheese curds with chicken. I stuck to my sparkling water and hamburger (tomato, lettuce, onion with no bun or cheese) with french fries. Technically the fries not the best choice, but virtue only goes so far! M1 today poached eggs over sauteed spinach and onion and Canadian bacon. Should not be any pitfalls or road blocks today. Next
  6. Sort of a SWYPO breakfast. Ok, if I'm being honest, it was. Had an old banana I needed to use so I made egg/banana "pancakes" with a bit of almond flour. Topped with chopped apple and a dollop of almond butter. I say sort of because I don't like pancakes at all so this wasn't used to replace something I like or normally eat. But I hate to see food go to waste and it's really too icy out there in my backyard to make a trip to the compost! How's that for rationalization! Now it's off to make a very large amount of sauteed vegetables and pork meatballs. And you gotta love a husband who is
  7. Real day 10. Going well after the first few slip-ups. Grocery shopped yesterday for the week ahead. Husband made our favorite pan fried cod last night and had with roasted carrots and mushrooms. M1 today was two poached eggs over sauteed spinach and canadian bacon. Eating out tonight but that will be easy-salad with grilled chicken and compliant dressing. Tomorrow is cooking day.
  8. Good for you! I did my first WH30 several years ago for 90 days and it was a success. Although about 21 days in I discovered my Yogi bedtime tea had stevia which is not allowed. So for the rest of the time, no bedtime tea with stevia! It isn't hard to eat this way but it does take planning. In the beginning, it seemed like I was in the kitchen ALL THE TIME! But after a bit, it smoothed out when I found the recipes I liked and could prepare quantities of food. I always had on hand some items that could be prepared in a hurry or for those nights when my husband wanted pizza. Think ap
  9. Thanks BabyBear! I did eat a compliant snack before we left but we left too early for a full meal. Fortunately, the salad although boring with just mixed greens, tomatoes and cucumbers was huge and with oil and vinegar, it was enough until I got home. I won't lie though, watching them eat my favorite pizza was not that easy, but I know there will be more pizza in my future should I want it. On to today! M1 poached eggs over half baked potato and then to the grocery store to stock up for the week. Hmmm, what delightful wh30 recipes shall I cook this week!
  10. Well today will present a bit of a challenge. In addition to not feeling well at all (I think it could be a reaction to the chemo cream I am putting on a spot of skin cancer). My oldest grandchild just had her 16th birthday. Mike and I take each of our grandchildren out for lunch or dinner to the place of their choice and out for their gift. Of course, as luck would have it, she has chosen to go to her favorite pizza place. That wouldn't be too bad except they only serve pizza and salad and the worst salad at that! Just mixed greens and tomato or a Caesar salad. Nothing wrong with a cha
  11. It's going well. One slip a week ago so started over. Met some friends at an event and they invited us to join them for dinner at an Italian restaurant. We did and I succumbed to a glass of wine and eggplant Parmesan without the pasta. It was a choice I made but now back on track (again!). Making some of my favorite recipes from the last WH30 I did. It should stick this time. Went to a photography opening exhibit last night and there were all sorts of goodies and wine but all I had were a few cashews. Yay me! Got home and had a few pieces of cooked shrimp and a cup of Golden Cauliflow
  12. Day 2. M1 same as day 1 minus the baked potato. God, how I love that Best Braised Cabbage! So yummy. Yesterday I made our favorite chicken curried soup recipe substituting home made Worcestershire sauce for bottled. Had for lunch and dinner and will have it again today. I knew once I started this journey again, I would get into it quickly. And with no travel plans in the works for the next month or so, there should be no obstacles other than crazy food cravings. I can tell that the sugar craving is diminishing so that is good.
  13. And now for the real day one. Meal 1 off to a good start! Two poached eggs over 1/2 baked potato and some of nomnom paleo's best braised cabbage. This cabbage recipe was a big part of the reason I loved doing my first round of wh30!
  14. Several years ago did the WH30 for about 90 days and felt great. Sadly, did not do the reintroduction correctly and slowly but surely, went back to some old habits especially over the last holiday season. Back at it again. Today was day 1 and I already had a failure although I am not really counting it as a complete failure. My husband had made a wonderful chicken and fennel soup with egg noodles. Well, I could not bear to see it go to waste, so I had it for lunch today. Everything else has gone well as far as eating. I did not eat any of the awesome mac and cheese leftovers that I had