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    LindaC reacted to BabyBear in Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020   
    Day 30... someone pinch me! I am shocked that the end of Whole 30 is here, and I’m on the threshold of my Food Freedom!
    6:45 up with baby alarm.  It was tempting to just change him and go back to bed, but I think I shall stay up and give myself the gift of loving movement (exercise).
    7:20 Exercise: 30 min Beach Body Post Natal Yoga.  
    My exercise this morning did not feel as daunting as when I first did that work out at the beginning of the month.  I would say that is an NSV.  
    8:15 M1 - 2 eggs with salt and pepper and basil, cooked in bacon grease, topped with a little W30 Ketchup, 2 sausage links, blackberries and 1/2 handful of pistachios. 
    Breakfast was tasty, but I couldn’t finish the handful of pistachios because I was full.  It’s encouraging that I’m beginning to feel in tune with my body, and being able to leave food on the plate when I am full is also a huge NSV.  I have always been the one to finish off every bit of food left whether on my plate or someone else’s.  I love food and my brain definitely seeks the reward that food brings.  But I am learning to appreciate more than just that thrill when the food hits the taste buds.  I’m learning to appreciate all aspects, the look, smell, texture, even chewing.  Learning to be mindful of the whole experience rather than just gulping it all down in search of the next tongue thrill.  
    Today is Day 30… I am so proud of me for making it this far.  Every time I considered doing a whole 30 the 30 days was so daunting… it was hard to even think about doing.  I just wasn’t ready.  It took me a long time to be ready, really ready to fully commit no looking back, when that happened I was able to do this with a positive attitude and no desire to slip even with all the non compliant foods in the kitchen for the rest of the family.  Ha I even made my husband his cookies, and was completely satisfied in the experience of making them and seeing him light up when he saw the counter full of cookies.  Now I am beginning to think about what my food freedom will look like, feel like, even taste like.  Condiments are a weakness and a way that loads of sugar sneaks into my diet.  I know my food freedom is going to include the new condiments without sugar that I have learned to make and appreciate.  I am excited and nervous about re-intro of the unknown foods.  Ive mapped out the order I’m going to do re-intro.  Non gluten grains, legumes and soy, Dairy, gluten.  I’m going to continue leaving out sugar especially at home, and only have some when I REALLY want it.  
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    LindaC reacted to BabyBear in Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020   
    Day 28 and I’m feeling great.
    5:55 got up changed baby, went back to bed
    9:30 baby alarm went off again.  It was nice to sleep in a little.  Now to get the day going.
    I made the boys oatmeal for breakfast, and had to be mindful not to taste it to test hotness while I was feeding the baby. 
    10:00 M1: Pederson sausage links and a mixed green salad with the “chick-fil-a” dipping sauce as a dressing.  
    I intended to make an egg, but ended up being satisfied with the sausage.  Getting work done = baby destroying most of the house
    4:00 M2: venison sheet pan fajitas.  With avocado, tomatoes in lettuce leaf wraps.  
    These were delicious and the boys helped me make them this time which was a nice surprise.  I enjoy cooking with them and watching them develop their kitchen skills.
    After we cleaned up I decided to make another mess.  My hubby has been having a frustrating day and nothing has seem to go his way.  So I decided to make his favorite (mine too) no bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookie.  Talk about being mindful!  I had to really pay attention to not lick the fingertips or clean off the peanut butter spoon with my tongue.  I tossed a towel over my shoulder like I used to do in my commercial kitchen days so that my hand went up to the towel to wipe off rather than my mouth.  They turned out beautifully.  I hope they make him smile when he comes home, he could use a smile today!  I think I’ll go make him a “would you be my valentine card” to put with them.  It’s never to early to ask right?
    My 11 yr DS saw the cookies and asked in an overly excited tone, “does this mean you are done with your diet?”  To which I answered no.  He then proceeded to drill me, did you eat any? Did you taste it? Did you lick the spoon? All were answered with No.  He then gave me a huge hug and said “Mom, I’m so proud of you!”  
    My hubby did indeed smile when he saw the cookies and also asked if this means the diet thing is over.  I told him no it means I love you.  He even liked my card I made.  After sending the kids to bed we spent our evening snuggling on the couch catching up on some of our shows we enjoy watching together. My brain immediately wanted a snack when I brought my hubby his milk and cookies, but I asked my questions and determined I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t need it to enjoy our time together. It’s been a long day but a good one.