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  1. mego

    Day 31 - The Good and the Not-So-Good

    I agree! You should be proud of a 7 lb weight loss! That's huge!
  2. Awesome! I am curious because I have the same problem, what kind of changes did you make to go from snacking a lot to eating three square meals a day? I just finished my Whole30 and snacking and grazing on fruits and nuts was the biggest downfall of my program.
  3. mego

    almond milk, almond butter

    What you want to avoid is the carageenan! I bought a carton of Almond Breeze only to discover like 5 minutes after I bought it that carageenan is a no-no ingredient on the Whole30. Canned coconut milk is usually your safest bet for a milk substitute that doesn't have nasty ingredients.
  4. mego

    non-dairy creamer for coffee?

    I find that a spoonful or two of light canned coconut milk (I keep it in the fridge after I open it), plus several shakes of ground cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice does the trick and it does not taste coconutty. I love almond milk but only learned about the carageenan thing like 5 minutes AFTER I bought Almond Breeze at the grocery store...doh. I don't know what to do with it now. Such a waste. Oh well, at least I'm set in my coconut milk ways!
  5. mego

    Starting 11/12

    I started 11/12 as well! Only mishap is that I woke up in the middle of the morning at 4am last night, otherwise I've been doing ok!
  6. mego

    YEAH! :) Day 3 No Calorie counting!

    That's what I do! I take a photo of everything I eat and drink on my iPhone (I don't write anything down), and then at the end of the day I assess what I ate and give myself a gold star.