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  1. Thank you both for your fast responses. I really appreciate it. I think I will take Shannon's advice and keep going and try to add the 3 days on at the end, at least make sure I don't add sulfites until after that time. With the grapes - does that mean I shouldn't have fresh ones either? (I'm pretty sure bloom is right too!!) We were only making a nut and dried fruit mix for emergencies - hard to find bars over here that are whole 30 compliant. Thanks again
  2. Thanks Chris. When I have read about restarting the program it is normally talking about deliberate slip ups - milkshakes, slice of pizza etc. My husband is doing this with me and I don't know if he will start it again?? He has found these first 3 days hard already. Are these sulfites as bad as that? I will ensure we don't make this mistake again.
  3. Just hoping I don't need to start again.....I didn't realise preservative numbers 220-228 contain sulphur. I had a few dried apricots and when I thought to double check I found out it was sulphur!!! Can someone help me on this?