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    Whole30 approved almond milk?

    Oh my goodness... I just bought a Blendtec this week on Amazon, and a 3lb bag of raw almonds from Sam's Club (9 cups!). I soaked 1 cup of the almonds last night, and this morning rinsed off all the bad stuff that had risen. Dumped it in the blender with 4 cups of water and a vanilla bean, pressed the nifty "Whole Juice" button, and 45 secs later I had a rich, creamy almond milk. I also bought a nut sack to strain it through (saving the almond meal for something else) and popped some in my morning iced coffee. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Totally different from the Califia Unsweetened Almond Milk I'm used to... this is just fresher AND sweeter. Although I'm over 2 weeks into my Whole30 now and WOW is everything super sweet. I used to add a date or two to my salads, but it's just too much now. Thinking about trying a chocolate almond milk, essentially just adding a couple of tablespoons of cacao powder to the blend, or maybe some cacao nibs for a bit of crunch. I can't believe how good this stuff is. I'll never buy packaged almond milk again. This was my first use of the Blendtec. Tonight, I'm going to cook up some cauliflower and add it into the blender with some of my chicken bone broth and press the "Soup" button. Creamy cauliflower soup! I have some Whole30 compliant ham to add to that too...
  2. netdirector

    Good Karma Flax Milk

    I'm guessing most of the ingredients are there to help thicken the milk, and make it more palitable for people drinking a full glass. I was only using a couple tablespoons as a creamer for my coffee. I just switched to Trader Joe's Coconut Cream, and whipped it up with some cocoa powder. Comes out like a cocoa cool whip, and blends and thickens fantastically in my coffee. I read some posts here that take issue with the cellulose they use to thicken it, but boy is it good. I've made coconut butter before, and I have some unsweetened coconut flakes I need to use up. I'll probably make my own next and try to avoid the store bought products altogether. All that said, I'm on my 5th day and feeling great! Fat Tuesday might need to be a "work at home" day for me though... they're doing a HUGE lunch spread at work and mentally I'll just feel deprived. First year I'm missing Paczki Day! There's just no way to make a Whole30 compliant paczki that isn't a full-blown "orgy with your pants on"...
  3. netdirector

    Good Karma Flax Milk

    Hello! New to Whole30 (on my 2nd day) but have been on and off Paleo/Primal for the last few years. One of my favorite drinks, especially in my iced coffee, is Good Karma's Unsweetened Flax Milk . I've a few pretty strong negatives on Flax here (I was a big fan of Flax Oil too, but now I'm all about the Coconut) so was wondering if this product is even compliant. I don't use much, but it does provide a nice dose of Omega 3's along with it's creamy goodness. This is the ingredient list, they've just recently stopped using carrageenan. Filtered water, cold-pressed flax oil, tapioca starch, tricalcium phosphate, sunflower lecithin, natural flavors, sea salt, gellan gum, xanthan gum, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, vitamin B12. ​ I'm going to try the canned coconut milk in my coffee next, and I'm thinking about buying a nut sack to make my own almond milk, but in the meantime this is really easy and convenient. Any thoughts? Anyone else try this? Thanks!