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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from bbuoy10 in Ready (or not), Get Set, GO! My whole30   
    Thanks @bbuoy10 I tried to post on your wall but got an error message so don't know if it went through! Im starting over today (my grandmother died this past weekend so i completely lost focus) but Im starting a new blog "No more excuses" and would love for you to follow! Im so sorry about your fracture and hope that heals soon!! seems like you've been doing  great job with meal prep though! 
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from bbuoy10 in New log for 9/12 start   
    Seems like you've been doing a good job with meal prep! Im starting over tomorrow :/ was in a bit of a rut for a couple of days due to my grandmother's passing and so I wasn't eating well. But I need to start to get a healthy relationship with food again. Im sorry about your fracture seems like we've both had a couple tough days. Just remember that you can do it! 
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from MeadowLily in You have been issued a warning. Before you can post again, you must acknowledge the warning. Still   
    Hello! I am having the same message! For some reason it is not letting me upload pictures of my meals? and it says to contact you guys! thanks  
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to bbuoy10 in New log for 9/12 start   
    Thanks, @margaretlogan7! I'm trying. 
    Day 3
    Breakfast--Two giant slices of my breakfast casserole again. I have one more serving of this left, so I took out a few slices of frittata that I had in the freezer to tide me over until I cook another casserole (probably one with the Aidell's chicken and apple sausage this time) on Sunday.
    Lunch--Another serving of my rosemary chicken and potatoes. I love this dish so much. Obviously, when I find a recipe I like, I can eat it every day. I also had a snack pack of kalamata olives. 
    Dinner--My last chicken thigh covered in the remainder of my meat sauce. Time to cook! I have a yummy looking paprika and olive chicken recipe that I'm going to try tomorrow.  I would've made some kale, but today has been a long day and I'm still feeling lethargic. 
    I found out that what I thought was a sprain in my foot is actually a fracture, so I won't be doing much exercise over the next month or two. I hope my diet helps me heal faster and at least not put on any weight while I sit around doing next to nothing. 
    I had black coffee again this morning, and it did NOT agree with my stomach at all. I need to cut it out. I'm not even a big fan of coffee. I think it's more of a social thing.   
    Water intake today was approximately 72 ounces. I would drink more, but it's too close to bedtime. :-)
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to jmcbn in Ready (or not), Get Set, GO! My whole30   
    Hey margaret  - this won't actually kill your cravings. Fruit contains naturally occuring sugars which actually feed your cravings, especially when eaten on it's own in the way you describe here with the berries, and the apple earlier in the day. If you have a craving that won't pass with a distraction technique reach for some fat - some olives, or a spoonful of macnut or coconut oil for instance...

    Good luck!
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to bbuoy10 in New log for 9/12 start   
    I decided yesterday to start over from Day 1 (which will be tomorrow, September 20, since I accidentally ate egg salad with dijon mustard that had wine as an ingredient this afternoon) and stick with the program per the rules. I know this is going to be extremely hard for me, so I decided to list out my non-scale reasons for doing the program. I don't want to focus solely on the weight loss.
    My energy levels are extremely, extremely low. Way too low for someone younger than 85. My digestive system is, um, not taking too kindly to the way I've been eating and drinking. This seems to be getting much worse as time goes on.   There are things I want to do that I'm currently unable to do, or at least do without a ton of difficulty. To paraphrase another W30-er, I want my reality to finally match my vision of who I want to be. For example, I like participating in races and have recently discovered that I also like hiking. Each has been a constant struggle for me, and I want to move past that. I know my weight is a problem, but the food I eat and all of the alcohol I drink aren't helping my performance--or weight. My concentration isn't great, and I don't feel as sharp or productive as I would like. That's all I can think of for now, but I'll probably come up with more reasons.
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to bbuoy10 in September 20th Whole30: ready (or not), get set, GO!   
    Hi! I just replied to a thread that you commented on (two people with 9/19 start dates) when I noticed that you were starting today. That was before I saw this thread. I'm starting today, too. So you've completed a Whole30 in the past? I've tried several times but didn't make it.
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from Colleenor in September 20th Whole30: ready (or not), get set, GO!   
    Hi forum family, 
    After my 22nd birthday, and going off of the Whole30 eating guidelines, I felt gross and was having issues with food. I also have PCOS and eating Whole30 compliant has been helping me with my hormones and overall wellbeing. Starting tomorrow, because today I had fish sticks and spinach fries <3, I will resume adhering to eating clean and will begin my next Whole30. I would LOVE people to join and we could support each other on this journey! 
    Cant wait! 
    ready (or not), get set, GO! 
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from bbuoy10 in Today is the day (9/19/2016) starting my 1st Whole30   
    I am starting today, 09/20, so one day behind you both. but would love to hold each other accountable and give support! 
    @Colleenor do you like the real plans?
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from devinelizabeth in Starting February 29th   
    Also starting my whole 30 today!! Happy Leap Day everyone. Good luck! 
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from Jenny B in Starting Feb. 21   
    Thanks for the words of encouragement Jenny B! Unfortunately there is a definite need to start over, however I know that I can do it. I have gone ahead and prepped for the upcoming week so I should be ready for the first couple days. 
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to Jenny B in Starting Feb. 21   
    Hi ladies!  I started my second round of Whole30 on Sunday, as well (21st). My husband is actully doing it with me this time.  Although, he is just more concerned about sugar intake than anything else. 
    Day 4 is going pretty well. I don't really feel the kill all things, but I don't think I felt that the first time around either. I am more sleep than anything.  I am keeping a food log and overall well being log. I feel like that helps keep me accountable to myself.  I walk my dog every day (around a mile and a half).  I will through in the real exercise next week probably. I am trying to to push myself to do too much all it once. I tend to crash if I do that! 
    Good luck to everyone on their journey!
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to Jenny B in Starting Feb. 21   
    Just remember that it was just one meal. Don't beat yourself up over it. Glad you are still going to stick with it. This is a learning experience, so just take that one meal as a learning experience. How much cheese was it? Was it enough to warrant starting on Day 1? Only you can make that determination. Good luck to you! Just keep moving forward and finish what you wanted to start!
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to MD2 in Starting Feb. 21   
    Just checking in to see how you are both doing. I had a few struggles yesterday - Sunday is the day family meets for brunch. The boys - husbands and grown sons -  play golf. First thing my future daughter in law did was order a fresh basket of homemade bread. Naturally she was sitting next to me and I could smell how good it really was -  I did manage to avoid it. The second challenge was when my tea came at the end of the meal - it was organic, caffeine free chamomile but Whole 30 means no sugar - not even sugar substitute - which is my go to in hot or cold tea. I missed it terribly and could barely swallow the tea - but I did not succumb to the dragon - so yeah for me. The third challenge at the end of the day was craving an Oreo. I haven't had a double stuffed oreo since Christmas but wanted one last night. Instead I went up to bed early - 8:30 PM and watched a little TV.
    Day one was a success for me - how did you both do?
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from I'veGotThis in Starting Feb. 21   
    Today is also day 0 for me! I am also starting tomorrow if you would like to hold each other accountable you got this! 
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from Danananda in WholeLent 2016 - starting February 10th.   
    I have to start over last night I gave in to the pizza that was sitting in our kitchen I will be starting the Whole 30 tomorrow! And stocking up today 30 days from today is Tuesday March 22nd, so I will still be able to finish my Whole30 before lent is over! 
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from Danananda in WholeLent 2016 - starting February 10th.   
    Also starting my Whole30 for lent!! Good luck to you all!
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from Danananda in WholeLent 2016 - starting February 10th.   
    Also starting my Whole30 for lent!! Good luck to you all!
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to abrown5540 in WholeLent 2016 - starting February 10th.   
    You must have been reading my mind. I just posted on Facebook that I was going to tackle Whole 30 for Lent and I'm in the process of not forming a group but building a Facebook page to chronicle the event - I'm delighted that you are doing this too - we can cross pollinate!!  
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from praxisproject in Too much fat leading to weigh gain?   
    Thank you! I have seen the meal template and thought that I was following up, but clearly not! I will try to follow it more when I am building my meals. I just don't know if my stomach can hold all that food haha! I felt very stuffed after my dinner tonight. But after reading your post, I am relieved that my fat intake is fine. I will work on increasing protein and veggies. 
    As for the late wake-up, that is abnormal for me. I was just a tired college student needing her rest and a morning to sleep in. 
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    margaretlogan7 got a reaction from amumadeb in Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, Unsweeted, Original   
    Ingredients: almondmilk, calcium carbonate, sea salt, potassium citrate, sunflower lecithin, gellan gum, natural flavors, vitamin A palmate, vitamin D2, D-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E) 
    I put maybe two tbsp into my coffee this morning, and now I'm nervous that I messed up my Whole30! Please this compliant? 
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to ShannonM816 in Margaret's first Whole30 log   
    I saw your post asking about eating too much fat, so I looked around to see if you have a food log to get a better idea of how much you're eating. Normally, we don't moderate logs, but since you asked, I hope it's okay that I comment here.
    First, please let go of counting calories. That's completely counter to what we want you to do with Whole30.
    Next, if you're coming from a background of restricting calories or fat or carbs or whatever, there is a chance that initially as you start eating this way, you might gain a little bit of weight. It's okay, really. You're not going to blow up like the girl in Willy Wonka that they had to roll out of the room, but you might gain a little bit -- this is temporary. Your body is just getting used to having more food, and may hold onto things for a while until it's sure you're not going to go back to restricting. This is one reason the rules say no weighing -- we want you to give yourself time to get used to eating this way, and give your body time to adjust, and if you were to step on a scale at a time when your weight was up a little, you might freak out and go back to restricting things, and we don't want you to do that.
    For your meals, try to make all of them meet the meal template. People often get hung up on the protein and fat in this way of eating, but the truth is, when you're doing it right, you're going to be eating way more vegetables than protein or fat. 1-3 cups of vegetables at every meal, even breakfast, and it's best to aim for the high side of that range. Protein is 1-2 palm-sized portions (length, width, and height of your palm), or if eggs are your only protein source, as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand. Fat is 1-2 thumb-sized portions, or a heaping handful or two of coconut flakes or olives, or half to a whole avocado, or a small, closed handful of nuts. You may be a little over that recommendation, but I don't think you're eating obscene amounts of fat or anything. Just keep making sure you're eating at least the minimum amounts of everything at your meals and try not to worry about it.
    If you are truly hungry between meals -- the test for that is usually, could you eat something bland like steamed fish and broccoli? -- then definitely eat, but try to make it a mini meal of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three. Something like sunflower seeds on their own are really easy to over eat without even realizing it, and while we want you to eat if you're hungry, we wouldn't encourage you to eat mindlessly.
    The one thing I'd encourage you to do is try to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up each day. If you can't finish a whole breakfast at that point, eat as much of it as you can, and go back and finish it when you're able to. Eating within an hour of waking helps with hormones and cortisol levels, and ultimately, getting that all straightened out will help with sleep and give you more energy throughout the day. Ideally, you'll eat within an hour of waking up, and then your meals will keep you satisfied 4-5 hours, so you'll be unlikely to need to snack between meals.
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    margaretlogan7 reacted to Tom Denham in Margaret's first Whole30 log   
    Your breakfast was too light. Eat whole eggs, don't bother with whites. The best part of the nutrition is in the eggs. 
    How much to eat