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    Marathon Training

    Hello! I am going to be training for a marathon (date: Oct. 6th) and am curious about how to proceed if I do another round or two before then? In the past the only way I was successful was carrying carrots, apples, bananas, nuts and larabars with me - I teach water aerobics, HiiT, and treadmill classes at our local Y. When I am in my training/running season along with classes I notice that I have to eat ALOT. (Also was training for half marathons at the time) If I eat the recommended 3 daily meals, plus a pre and a post (4th) meal. I'm still ravenous. Now, in the past I have just drank more water or some tea or tried to distract myself. But it has proven very difficult and I notice my performance is well "meh" along with I don't get tigerblood - I'm usually more like a saber tooth tiger. Anyone who has experience or insight? - I have played with portion sizes but wasn't quite sure if that was appropriate or in the spirit of W30. Also, my husband would be grateful because he is not keen on a grocery bill of $150 (or over) for 2 people for 7-10 days worth of meals - or that I eat his portions. THANK YOU!
  2. AliciaV08

    Running a challenge group

    I tried searching the group without much luck. I have had a few people approach me about leading a group. I've done this once successfully so I know it can be tough for some people and easier for others but beyond that... I'm wondering how best I can lead them?
  3. AliciaV08

    Starting February 1st!

    Hello all, My husband and I started Feb. 1st. One of the things that confuses me is the "mayo" thing. I realize it's not a big deal to everyone else but mayo in any other instance would be a big no-no anyways as it's just too much fat, chemicals and unnecessary. I'm curious why the authors push to avoid recreating anything that would normally be a treat or lead you away from the whole foods? To me mayo is a condiment many take advantage of yet don't understand how bad it can be? I can't remake pancakes, creamer or a dessert? But I can remake a fatty, overused (imo) condiment that does not contribute enough nutritional value when bought off the shelf. I feel it falls in the same category as trying to remake pancakes or creamers. As I said, I don't normally eat mayo (I use avocado instead) and I'm curious. Thanks for the feedback.