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  1. Tom Denham thank you! Do you think it would be safe to eventually reintroduce coffee once things are balanced out?
  2. Some background info: I am a holistic nutrition student and have always ate very well and focus on high quality foods (grass fed, organic, local), but my diet did contain whole grains and some legumes (always soaked). Back in September I went off of birth control as I didn't want to keep messing with my hormones. Within 2.5 weeks I gained about 30 pounds, no exaggeration. I have always worn the same size jeans so emotionally it has been kind of rough, but also just frustrating because of my knowledge in health and nutrition. I was vegan for about 6 years and then reintroduced eggs for about a year after that, and have added meat back into my diet as of October - I feel like the low cholesterol from my veganism has also played a part. I haven't had my hormones tested as I believe I can correct this through food, and frankly it is expensive. I have been fed up with feeling uncomfortable with my body in its current state and just feeling OFF, so I just started Whole30 in hopes of figuring out what my body doesn't agree with and also as a way to hopefully kickstart the process of balancing my hormones. I 100% think that a paleo template will help with this. I am currently on Day 5 and have lost a TON of bloating in my stomach that I didnt even really realize was mostly bloating.. wish i had taken measurements just to show how much the bloating decreased in such a short time. I know my adrenals are taxed and that caffeine is far from the best thing for that... I don't need coffee, but I enjoy a cup as part of my morning ritual and I don't really want to give it up. Any tips on how you did give coffee up, or your thoughts on whether it made an impact would be appreciated. Any general tips for hormone balance that have helped you would also be appreciated! Thanks in advance.