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  1. Thank you so much Shannon that was all really helpful. I checked on it today and it seems like it's doing really well so I'm going to leave it in the closet but I will take off a layer or two of the coffee filters. I think I have like 4 on there . I'm so excited to start my first batch Thanks again!
  2. Thank you for all the pointers!! I have started growing my own scoby! I'm super excited about it. I used a mason jar with 3.5 cups of black tea, 1/4th cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of gt's organic raw kombucha (unflavored) and tried to get the little baby scoby from my kombucha in there too (it was very small) Covered it with a few coffee filters and rubber banned it. Question: should I use only one filter? As I saw someone mention that it needs to breathe ? Also my jar is pretty much filled to the very top. Should I poor some out or is this ok? The only other container I have is about a 3 gallo
  3. That's what I was thinking. Just wanted to confirm, thank you! So does it only need to be fermented twice if you are adding juice or sugar after the first fermentation? Also, I have a bunch of mason jars, would those work?
  4. So after doing some research for starter kits online they all have sugar. Is it always necessary to add sugar when making your own kombucha? Or is adding sugar a personal preference? Also they are averaging around 55$. Is that sound about right cost wise?
  5. So I love kombucha but yes it is pricy and adds up quick, Especialy when I drink an average of 4 a week. I would LOVE to make my own. Any recommendations on where to start??