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    Hey Everyone,
    I will also be starting the Whole30 on November 6 (crazy busy week of travel and making a wedding cake….so it will be best to start afterwards.
    This is my second Whole 30 (or maybe technically my 4th? i don't know how to define the other). I started my first Whole30 in February of 2016 and quickly noticed how amazing I felt both physically and mentally. Because I felt so good and have struggled with my weight and PCOS for pretty much all my life I continued on for 90 days in total (thats why I'm not sure if i count this as my 4th, but it doesn't matter lol). It was amazing!! I had a new zest for life, lots of energy, better moods and outlook. My anxiety was under control and I had lost 30lbs!! Unfortunately over the next year a lot of stress was piled on and I went back to eating sugar to deal with it.  Things have been especially stressful recently and my anxiety is back in full force. I have also put my weight back on and have 0 motivation to get myself to the gym. This is why I have decided that it is time to get back on the Whole30. Back following something that I know works for me. 
    I really can't wait to get back on track. I participated in the Forum for my first 30 days last time and found it to be a great way to stay accountable. I looks forward to being on this journey with you all and sharing some recipes too!
    I have some friends who have said they were interested in the Whole30, but I am unsure if they will follow through. I completed my Whole90 solo last time, so I am not too concerned.
    Time for me to start meal planning!
    Lets do this everyone!!!!