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  1. susanmcg

    Reintroducing sugar?

    Thank you! Very helpful.. but very sad that I am having no ill effects, including mood. Maybe if I had -more- of these items (one fb member said she had the same thing happen but when she ate lots of dairy.. felt baaad). So i'm hopeful I'll get sick at some point lol.
  2. susanmcg

    Reintroducing sugar?

    Putting sugar in black coffee, hot tea or iced tea, on berries or a baked apple.. would not be an accurate test? No, I don't think Ive had any non-physical reactions. I guess I'll decide what to do knowing the W30 diet generally regards grains, sugar, dairy etc as unhealthy. Melissa did say many things banned on the diet are not universally bad.. but did not elaborate. I still think the book or site should directly address sugar in the reintroduction section. It just sort of felt.. left out. Thanks.
  3. susanmcg

    Reintroducing sugar?

    One more point about reintro: I am nearly finished and have had near zero ill effects.. the book advises paying close attention to how you feel, so you can evaluate how much of this you want to keep in your diet, if any... but I dont recall any advice on what to do if you are fine with it all. Eliminating these things I guess has to be all intellectual.. not physical. I was hoping to be sick lol!
  4. susanmcg

    Reintroducing sugar?

    I am in the midst of reintroduction, going in the same order as the book, starting with wine on day 1, and am seeing little to nothing about reintroducing sugar. Posting on a facebook reintro page, folks are saying we are not supposed to re-intro sugar.. that it should be eliminated.. some say we are on our own on this one, and most just talk about the drawbacks of sugar. The book and website talk a length throughout about sugar, cravings, and not awakening your sugar dragon, but I am curious that with such a huge topic, why it is not -directly- addressed, even if to say you advise we never have it again.. Maybe Ive missed it?