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    Severe Abdominal Pain

    Hi! My husband and I are almost done with our reintroduction process, tomorrow we reintroduce grains/gluten/wheat. Which means that almost 2 days ago, on Tuesday (it is Thursday night) we reintroduced dairy, and we did it to the nines. Now, 2 nights later, related or not I do not know, after eating dinner of hamburger, squash & green beans I am writhing with abdominal pain that is very new to me. If it's 'just gas' it doesn't feel like any other gas I've had before. Both times I've taken pepto bismol and have felt much better, but still not 100% within the hour. This pain is very similar to how I felt the entire day and night that we reintroduced non-gluten grains last week. Like I said, this is abnormal to me. I'm wondering if anyone else had similar reactions or could explain why this would come out of nowhere tonight. Also, just for reference, if after reintroduction you choose to have foods that have made me feel not that great, does it ever get better or should I expect for my body always to react so severely (which I understand is probably how it's supposed to react, the whole shin guard analogy, I get it.) Kate